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Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, Apr. 12, 1826.
S. of George, Esq., of Greenwich, Kent . Matric. Michs. 1826.
Migrated to Trinity, Apr. 5, 1827, as Joseph Kidd Walpole.
Ord. deacon ( London ) Dec. 20, 1835; ' literate .' Missionary in Madras India ,, 1836-7; at Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia , 1837-41; at Ashfield and Concord, 1842-5; at Sydney, 1846-8. Chaplain of the Defence, a hulk at Woolwich, 1857-62.
V. of Coaley, Gloucs., 1862-9. Author, Recollections...of Cambridge . Died at Wimpole Street, London , Apr. 22, 1869.
Father of George C. (1868).
( S.P.G. Records; Crockford; Clergy List; The Register, I. 508.)
Joseph kidd WALPOLE
Approx. lifespan: 1808–1869
pens. St John's College adm1826:04:12
s. of George WALPOLE, Esq. of Greenwich, Kent ,
Matric 1826:10MT:
Mig. to as Joseph Kidd WALPOLE . Trinity College 1827:04:05
Ord. deacon London 1835:12:20
' literate .'
Missionary: in Madras, India , 1836-37 ;at Bathurst, New South Wales , Australia , 1837-41 ;at Ashfield and Concord, [Australia], 1842-45 ;at Sydney, [New South Wales], Australia , 1846-48
Chapl.: the Defence a hulk Woolwich, [London], 1857-62
V.: Coaley, Gloucestershire , 1862-69
Publ.: Recollections...of CB, ???,
d. Wimpole Street, London , 1869:04:22
father of George C. WALPOLE (1868)
( S.P.G. Records; Crockford; Clergy List; The Register I. 508)