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Being too specific may exclude relevant entries. Hints for searching for women's names: 
We can accept no responsibility for your use of the system or the data contained here.
Note: for County (inc. Channel Islands, Guernsey, Jersey), Country, and College searches, use the drop-down menus, not the Text search.
The life-span range for any person may not be accurate.
If you can't find what you want with a specific name or place search, try using just the Text search (which searches for phrases, not individual words). Don't use this to search for Colleges, Counties, or Countries.
Text searches can also be of the form   aaa AND bbb NOT ccc   (meaning [aaa AND bbb] NOT ccc),
or   aaa OR bbb NOT ccc   (meaning [aaa OR bbb] NOT ccc), and the NOT part may be omitted.

Beware! Search results which refer to "previous" or "next" or "above" or "below" refer to earlier or later entries
in the original complete source, not the previous or next found entry. Results are not in strict alphabetical or date order.

See suggestions and notes at the bottom of this page.

Person's Name
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almost anywhere, including name and placename

Restrict search to date range [very approximate]
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Max number of results to display:     

Wild signs

    .     a single uncertain letter

    ?    zero or one of the preceding letter or   .

    *   zero or more of the preceding letter or   .

    +   one or more of the preceding letter or   .

Counties: Not all places have known counties. These groupings are made automatically:
  London / Middlesex;     Sussex / E. Sussex, W. Sussex
  Yorks. / E. Riding, W. Riding, N. Riding;    Lothian / E. Lothian, W. Lothian, Mid-Lothian
  Glamorgan / W. Glamorgan, S. Glamorgan, Mid-Glamorgan
County and Country searching may not find all instances.
Date Range: Searching is done within the lifespan of a person (not for a particular event). Because many birth and death dates are approximate, an extra 10 years is allowed at each end of a person's life (for pre-1752 men, 100 years before and after their admission date may have been used).
Hyphenated and multiple-word surnames: Search for an entry that contains the less common part of the name.
Accented letters: Don't put accented letters in your searches; accented letters in the data are automatically matched to unaccented letters in your search. So, searching for surname Muller will find Müller as well.
Non-letters in searches: Only use letters, digits, hyphen, apostrophe, and the 'wild signs' in searches; other characters may cause errors or unexpected results.

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