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Adm. pens. (age 19) at PEMBROKE, Sept. 21, 1877. [5th] s. of the Rev. Arthur (1842), V. of St Paul's, Tranmere, deceased (and Sarah Wakefield). B. [Oct. 24, 1858], at Dingle Bank, near Liverpool. [School, Clifton College.] Matric. Michs. 1877; B.A. 1881; Winchester Reading prize, 1882; M.A. 1884.
D.D., Lambeth, 1919.
Ord. deacon (Durham), 1881; priest, 1882; C. of Auckland, Co. Durham, 1881-5. P.C. of St John, Sunderland, 1885-91.
V. of St Helens, Lancashire , 1891-1904.
Hon. Canon of Liverpool, 1898-1906.
V. of Great Yarmouth, 1904-12.
Hon. Canon of Norwich, 1906-12.
Select Preacher at Cambridge, 1912.
R. of Birmingham, 1912-19.
Hon. Canon of Birmingham, 1912-19.
V. of St Mary-in-the-Marsh, Norwich, 1919-27.
Dean of Norwich, 1919-27.
Married, July 27, 1887, Ruth Agnes, dau. of J. D. Sim, C.S.I., and had issue.
Author, History of the Parish Church of Great Yarmouth . Died Sept. 22, 1927.
Brother of Alfred H. (1878), Arthur (1869) and the next.
( Crockford ; Burke, L.G.; Who was Who; The Times, Sept. 23, 1927.)
John Wakefield WILLINK
Approx. lifespan: 1858–1927
pens. aged 19 Pembroke College adm1877:09:21
5th s. of Rev. Arthur WILLINK (1842) V.: St Paul's, Tranmere, [Cheshire], deceased (and Sarah WAKEFIELD )
b. 1858:10:24 Dingle Bank near Liverpool, [Lancashire],
Sch: Clifton College Clifton, [Somerset],
Matric 1877:10MT:
BA 1881
Winchester Reading Prize 1882
MA 1884
DD Lambeth: 1919
Ord. deacon Durham 1881
Ord. priest 1882
C.: Auckland, Co. Durham , 1881-85
P.C.: St John, Sunderland, [Co. Durham], 1885-91
V.: St Helens, Lancashire , 1891-1904
Hon. Canon of: Liverpool, [Lancashire], 1898-1906
V.: Great Yarmouth, [Norfolk], 1904-12
Hon. Canon of: Norwich, [Norfolk], 1906-12
Select Preacher: CB, [Cambridgeshire], 1912
R.: Birmingham, [Warwickshire], 1912-19
Hon. Canon of: Birmingham, [Warwickshire], 1912-19
V.: St Mary-in-the-Marsh, Norwich, [Norfolk], 1919-27
Dean of Norwich, [Norfolk], 1919-27
m. 1887:07:27 Ruth Agnes SIM dau. of J. D. SIM CSI and had issue.
Publ.: History of the Parish Church of Great Yarmouth
d. 1927:09:22
brother of Alfred H. WILLINK (1878)
brother of Arthur WILLINK (1869)
brother of William Edward WILLINK (1878)
( Crockford ; Burke, L.G.; Who was Who; The Times 1927:09:23)