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WALKER, The Rev.
SAMUEL SHARP. Adm. pens. at CORPUS CHRISTI, Oct. 14, 1863. [At London University; B.A. 1849; M.A. 1882.] Of Lancashire . Matric. Michs. 1863; B.A. 1868; M.A. 1871.
Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1854; priest, 1855; C. of H. Trinity, Oswestry, Shropshire , 1858-9. C. of St Andreas, Isle of Man , 1860-2. V. of St Stophen's, Sulby, 1863.
C. of Tempsford, Bedfordshire , 1868.
C. of Redruth, Cornwall , 1869-71.
C. of Lannarth, 1871-2. C. of Ferring, Sussex , 1872-84.
Married and had issue.
Latterly of Lindfield, Hayward's Heath.
Disappears from Crockford, 1896. (Boase, Collect.
Cornub.; Clergy List
Rev. Samuel Sharp WALKER
Approx. lifespan: 1845–1894
pens. Corpus Christi College adm1863:10:14
At Sch: London University London, [London],
BA 1849
MA 1882
Of Lancashire ,
Matric 1863:10MT:
BA 1868
MA 1871
Ord. deacon Manchester 1854
Ord. priest 1855
C.: H. Trinity, Oswestry, Shropshire , 1858-59
C.: St Andreas, Isle of Man , 1860-62
V.: St Stophen's, Sulby, [Isle of Man], 1863
C.: Tempsford, Bedfordshire , 1868
C.: Redruth, Cornwall , 1869-71
C.: Lannarth, [Cornwall], 1871-72
C.: Ferring, Sussex , 1872-84
m. and had issue.
Latterly of Lindfield, Hayward's Heath, [Sussex],
d. Disappears from Crockford 1896
(Boase, Collect. Cornub.; Clergy List )
[add:] d. by 27 Apr. 1894[:add]
[add:]Bequeathed £5 to Corpus Christi College for the purchase of a book or books for a candidate for the Classical Tripos 'who best unites the two qualifications of poverty and scholarship in his own person. This legacy is intended to be a small token of gratitude for help and countenance afforded to myself and that more especially by the Master when I was struggling to keep my college terms.' (Chapter Book 8, pp. 2278)[:add]
[add:](ESL-G, 2014)[:add]