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Adm. Fell.-Com. at ST JOHN'S, June 29, 1816. [Eldest] s. of the Hon. George (1776) (and the Hon. Theresa Parker, dau. of Baron Baringdon). [B. Jan. 26, 1800.] School, Christ's Hospital.
Matric. Michs. 1816; M.A. 1820.
In the Diplomatic Service; attaché at St Petersburg, 1820-3. Commissioner of Customs, 1824-33.
Succeeded his uncle, John Charles (next), as 4th Earl of Clarendon, Dec. 22, 1838.
Ambassador at Madrid, 1833-9. Lord Privy Seal, 1839-41.
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1840-1 and 1864-5. President of the Board of Trade, 1846-7. Lord Lieutenant of Ireland , 1847-52.
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1853-8, 1865-6 and 1868-70.
British Plenipotentiary at the Congress of Paris, 1856.
G.C.B. 1837; P.C. 1840; K.G. 1849.
Married, June 4, 1839, Lady Katherine, dau. of James Walter, 1st Earl of Verulam, and widow of John Forster Barham, of Stockbridge, Hampshire . Died June 27, 1870. 'A tall, thin, handsome, aristocratic-looking person.' Father of Edward H. V. (1862, sub Hyde); brother of Thomas H. (1817) and Charles P. (1820). (Burke, P. and B.; D.N.B. )
George William Frederick VILLIERS
Approx. lifespan: 1800–1870
Fell.-Com. St John's College adm1816:06:29
Eldest s. of Hon. George PARKER (1776) (and Hon. Theresa BARINGDON dau. of Baron – BARINGDON )
b. 1800:01:26
Sch: Christ's Hospital
Matric 1816:10MT:
MA 1820
In: Diplomatic Service
attaché St Petersburg, [Russia], 1820-23
Commissioner of: : Customs 1824-33
Succeeded his uncle Hon. John Charles VILLIERS (1774) as 4th Earl of Clarendon 1838:12:22
Ambassador at: Madrid, [Spain], 1833-39
Lord Privy Seal: 1839-41
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: 1840-1, and 1864-5
President of: : Board of Trade 1846-47
Lord Lieutenant of: Ireland , 1847-52
Sec. of State: for Foreign Affairs 1853-8, 1865-6, and 1868-70
British Plenipotentiary at the Congress of Paris, [France], 1856
GCB 1837
P.C. 1840
K.G. 1849
m. 1839:06:04 Lady Katherine WALTER WALTER BARHAM dau. of James WALTER 1st Earl of Verulam, and widow of John Forster BARHAM of Stockbridge, Hampshire ,
d. 1870:06:27
'A tall, thin, handsome, aristocratic-looking person.'
father of Edward H. V. VILLIERS (1862) sub Hyde
brother of Thomas H. VILLIERS (1817)
brother of Charles P. VILLIERS (1820)
(Burke, P. and B.; D.N.B. )