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Pashley, Robert.
Adm. pens. (age 19) at TRINITY, May 3, 1825.
S. of Robert [of Hull].
B. [Sept. 4, 1805], at Hull.
School, Mansfield, Notts.
Matric. Michs. 1825; Scholar, 1828; B.A. 1829; M.A. 1832.
Fellow, 1830.
Toured Greece, Asia Minor and Crete in 1833.
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Apr. 19, 1825; at the Inner Temple, June 16, 1837.
Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1837.
Practised on the Northern Circuit.
Q.C., July 8, 1851; Bencher, Nov. 1851.
Assistant Judge, Middlesex Sessions, 1856-9. Author, Travels in Crete and a pamphlet on pauperism.
Died May 1, 1859, at 16, Manchester Square, London.
Father of the next.
(Boase, VI. 1374; Law Lists; Inns of Court; D.N.B., which gives place of birth as York.)
Approx. lifespan: 1805–1859
pens. aged 19 Trinity College adm1825:05:03
s. of Robert PASHLEY of Hull, [East Riding of Yorkshire],
b. Hull, [East Riding of Yorkshire], 1805:09:04
Sch: Mansfield School Mansfield, Nottinghamshire ,
Matric 1825:10MT:
Scholar 1828
BA 1829
MA 1832
Fellow 1830 . Toured, Greece , Asia Minor , and Crete, [Greece], in1833
Adm. Lincoln's Inn: 1825:04:19
at Inner Temple 1837:06:16
Called to the Bar: 1837:11:17
Practised on: : Northern Circuit
Q.C.: 1851:07:08
Bencher: 1851:11
Assistant Judge: Middlesex Sessions, [Middlesex], 1856-59
Publ.: Travels in Crete and a pamphlet on pauperism.
d. 16 Manchester Square, London , 1859:05:01
father of Robert Edmund PASHLEY (1876)
( Boase, VI. 1374; Law Lists; Inns of Court ; D.N.B., which gives Place of birth as York, [Yorkshire], .)