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Maltby, Edward.
Adm. pens.
(age 17) at PEMBROKE, June 26, 1787.
4th s. of Henry (sic) [George in D.N.B. and Misc.
Gen. et Her.
] [master-weaver, and a Presbyterian deacon] of Norwich.
B. in Norwich, Apr. 6, 1770.
Schools, Norwich and Winchester.
Scholar, 1787; Matric. Michs. 1788; Craven Scholar, 1790; Browne medal, 1790 and 1791; 1st Chancellor's medal, 1792; B.A. (8th Wrangler) 1792; M.A. 1794, per Lit. Reg.; B.D. 1801; D.D. 1806.
F.R.S., 1824.
F.S.A. A Senator of London University.
V. of Holbeach, Lincs., 1794-1831.
V. of Buckden, Hunts., 1794-1823.
V. of Leighton Buzzard.
Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, 1824-33.
of Lincoln.
Allowed Grant of Arms, 1829.
Bishop of Chichester, 1831-6; of Durham, 1836-56.
Author, Lexicon Graeco-prosodiacum, Sermons, etc.
Died July 3, 1859, in London.
Father of Frederick W. (1828), Henry J. (1831) and the next.
Act Book; Clergy List; Misc.
Gen. et Her.
, 2nd Ser., I. 81; D.N.B.; Macdonald, Historical Notes of the Parish of Holbeach, 181, 182; Canon E. B. Liddon, Life of Pusey, 19 ff.)
Approx. lifespan: 1770–1859
pens. aged 17 Pembroke College adm1787:06:26
4th s. of Maltby, Henry ( sic ) or George [George in D.N.B. and Misc. General et Her.][master-weaver, and a Presbyterian deacon] of Norwich, [Norfolk],
b. Norwich, [Norfolk], 1770:04:06
schools Sch: Norwich [Norfolk], and Winchester School Norwich and Winchester, [Hampshire],
Scholar 1787
Matric 1788:10MT:
Craven Scholar 1790
Browne Medal 1790, and 1791
1st Chancellor's Medal 1792
BA 8 th Wrangler 1792
MA 1794,
per Lit. Reg.
BD 1801
DD 1806
FRS 1824
A Senator of London , University.
V.: Holbeach, Lincolnshire , 1794-1831
V.: Buckden, Huntingdonshire , 1794-1823
V.: Leighton Buzzard, [Bedfordshire],
Preacher at Lincoln's Inn 1824-33
Prebendary: Lincoln [Lincolnshire], . Allowed Grant of Arms 1829
Bishop of: Chichester, [Sussex], 1831-36
of Durham, [Co. Durham], 1836-56
Publ.: Lexicon Graeco-prosodiacum, Sermons etc.
d. 1859:07:03,in London ,
father of Frederick W. MALTBY (1828)
father of Henry J. MALTBY (1831)
father of Edward Harvey MALTBY (1815)
( Cant. Act Book; Clergy List; Misc. General et Her., 2nd Ser., I. 81; D.N.B. ; Macdonald, Historical Notes of the Parish of Holbeach, 181, 182; Canon E. B. Liddon, Life of Pusey, 19 ff.)
[add:]Married (1) Mary HERVEY dau. of – HERVEY of Norwich, [Norfolk], [:add]
[add:]Engraving by R. Cooper from drawing by H. Edridge: CAS: F.135;[:add]
[add:]bust by Behnes, c. 1844, in Fitzwilliam Museum; Portrait at Pembroke College [:add]
[add:](Goodison: CP : 174; Atkinson 320; C.R. Hudleston)[:add]