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Leathes, Stanley.
Adm. pens.
(age 18) at JESUS, May 25, 1848.
S. of the Rev. Chaloner Stanley [Exeter College, Oxford, 1816], R. of Ellesborough, Bucks., deceased.
B. [Mar. 21, 1830], at Ellesborough.
Matric. Michs. 1848; B.A. 1852; Tyrwhitt scholar, 1853; M.A. 1855.
Hon. Fellow, 1885.
Hulsean Lecturer, 1873.
Hon. D.D., Edin., 1878.
Adm. ad eundem at Oxford, 1855.
Professor of Hebrew at King's College, London, 1863.
Bampton Lecturer at Oxford, 1874.
Warburton Lecturer at Lincoln's Inn, 1876-80.
Ord. deacon (Salisbury) 1856; priest, 1857; C. of St Martin's, Salisbury, 1856-8. C. of St Luke's, Berwick Street, London, 1858.
C. of St James's, Westminster, 1858-60.
Boyle Lecturer, 1868-70.
P.C. of St Philip's, Regent Street, 1870-80.
R. of Cliffe-at-Hoo, Kent, 1880-9. R. of Much Hadham, Herts., 1889-1900.
Member of the Old Testament revision committee, 1870-85.
of St Paul's, 1876-1900.
Married, July 6, 1858, Matilda, dau. of the Rev. John Martin Butt, R. of East Garston, Berks.
Author of numerous theological works.
Died Apr. 30, 1900, at Much Hadham rectory.
M.I. Father of the next.
(Jesus Coll.
Notes; Boase
, VI. 25; Al. Oxon.; Crockford; Who was Who, 1897-1916; D.N.B.; F. Brittain.)
Approx. lifespan: 1830–1900
pens. aged 18 Jesus College adm1848:05:25
s. of Rev. Chaloner Stanley LEATHES (1816), R.: Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire , , deceased.
b. 1830:03:21 Ellesborough, [Buckinghamshire],
Matric 1848:10MT:
BA 1852
Tyrwhitt scholar 1853
MA 1855
Hon. Fellow 1885
Hulsean Lecturer: 1873
Hon. DD, Edin. 1878
Adm ad eundem Oxford University 1855
Professor of Hebrew: Sch: King's College London , 1863
Bampton Lecturer at: : OX, [Oxfordshire], 1874
Warburton Lecturer at: : Lincoln's Inn 1876-80
Ord. deacon Salisbury 1856
Ord. priest 1857
C.: St Martin's, Salisbury, [Wiltshire], 1856-58
C.: St Luke's, Berwick Street, London , 1858
C.: St James', Westminster, [London], 1858-60
Boyle Lecturer: 1868-70
P.C.: St Philip's, Regent Street, [London], 1870-80
R.: Cliffe-at-Hoo, Kent , 1880-89
R.: Much Hadham, Hertfordshire , 1889-1900
Member of: the Old Testament revision committee 1870-85
Prebendary: St Paul's, [London], 1876-1900
m. 1858:07:06,Matilda dau. of Rev. John Martin BUTT R.: East Garston, Berkshire ,
Author of numerous theological works.
d. 1900:04:30 at Much Hadham rectory [Hertfordshire],
father of Stanley Mordaunt LEATHES (1879)
( Jesus College Notes; Boase, VI. 25; Al. Oxon.; Crockford; Who was Who 1897-1916; D.N.B. ; F. Brittain.)
[add:]The C. Chron. of 1832:05:04 reported the death of his father aged 38[:add]
[add:](P.J. Barnwell)[:add]
    Enhanced version of original printed entry     Encoded version: searched-for items red; some Appendix and Addenda included; unique identifier WLTS848S
Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, July 5, 1848; from Exeter College, Oxford, whence he had matric., May 27, 1847. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Nicholas (1818), V. of All Saints, Stamford (and Anne Priaulx). B. June 4, 1828, at St Peter Port, Guernsey . School, Stamford (Rev. F. E. Gretton). Matric. Michs. 1848; B.A. 1855; M.A. 1867.
Ord. deacon, Jan. 13, 1856; priest (Manchester) 1857; C. of Unsworth, Lancashire , 1856-7; C. of Radcliffe, 1857-9. C. of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire , 1859-67.
C. of All Saints, Stamford, 1867-74.
V. of Dunholme, Lincolnshire , 1874-6. Disappears from Crockford, 1877.
( Clergy List; Al. Oxon. )
Approx. lifespan: 1828–1876
pens. St John's College adm1848:07:05
from whence he had
Matric 1847:05:27
Eldest s. of Rev. Nicholas WALTERS (1818) V.: All Saints', Stamford, [Lincolnshire], (and Anne PRIAULX )
b. St Peter Port, Guernsey , 1828:06:04
Sch: Stamford School Stamford, [Lincolnshire], ( Rev. F. E. GRETTON )
Matric 1848:10MT:
BA 1855
MA 1867
Ord. deacon 1856:01:13
Ord. priest Manchester 1857
C.: Unsworth, Lancashire , 1856-57
C.: Radcliffe, [Lancashire], 1857-59
C.: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire , 1859-67
C.: All Saints', Stamford, [Lincolnshire], 1867-74
V.: Dunholme, Lincolnshire , 1874-76
d. Disappears from Crockford 1877
( Clergy List; Al. Oxon. )
[add:] d. 1876:01:11 at Dunholme, Lincolnshire , [:add]
[add:](P.J. Barnwell)[:add]

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