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Lamb, Horace.
Adm. sizar at TRINITY, June 12, 1867.
S. of John, of 52, Wellington Road, S. Stockport, Cheshire.
B. [Nov. 27], 1849, at Stockport.
School, Stockport Grammar, and at Owens College, Manchester.
Matric. Michs. 1868; Scholar, 1870; B.A. (2nd Wrangler and 2nd Smith's prize) 1872; M.A. 1875; Hopkins prize, 1888.
Fellow, 1872.
Hon. Sc.D. 1908.
Hon. Fellow, 1920.
Professor of Mathematics, University of Adelaide, 1876-85.
F.R.S., 1884; Royal medal, 1902; Copley medal, 1924.
Hon. F.R.S., Edin.
Professor of Pure Mathematics, Owens College, Manchester, 1885-1920.
Member of the Aeronautical Research Committee.
Hon. LL.D., Glasgow, 1899.
Rayleigh Lecturer, 1921-34.
Hon. LL.D., St Andrews, 1911.
Hon. D.Sc., Oxford, 1904; Dublin, 1908; Manchester, 1921; Sheffield, 1924.
President of the London Mathematical Society, 1902-4. De Morgan medallist, 1911.
President of the British Association, 1925.
Knighted, 1931.
Author, A Treatise on the Motion of Fluids; Infinitesimal Calculus; Dynamical Theory of Sound; Statics; Dynamics; Higher Mechanics, etc.
Died Dec. 4, 1934, at Cambridge.
(Who was Who, 1929-40; The Times, Dec. 5, 1934; Obit.
Notices, Royal Society
, I. 375.)
Horace LAMB
Approx. lifespan: 1849–1934
sizar Trinity College adm1867:06:12
s. of John LAMB of 52, Wellington Road, S. Stockport, Cheshire ,
b. Stockport, [Cheshire], 1849:[11:27]
Sch: Stockport Grammar School Stockport, [Cheshire], , and at Sch: Owens College Manchester, [Lancashire],
Matric 1868:10MT:
Scholar 1870
BA 2 nd Wrangler and 2nd Smith's prize 1872
MA 1875
Hopkins Prize 1888
Fellow 1872
Hon. ScD 1908
Hon. Fellow 1920
Professor of: Mathematics, University of Adelaide, [Australia], 1876-85
FRS 1884
Royal Medal: 1902
Copley Medal: 1924
Hon. FRS, Edin.
Professor of: Sch: Pure Mathematics, Owens College Manchester, [Lancashire], 1885-1920
Member of: the Aeronautical Research Committee
Hon.LLD Glasgow, [Scotland], 1899
Rayleigh Lecturer: 1921-34
Hon.LLD St Andrews: 1911
Hon. DSc OX, [Oxfordshire], 1904 ; Dublin, [Ireland], 1908 ; Manchester, [Lancashire], 1921 ; Sheffield, [Yorkshire], 1924
President of: : London Mathematical Society 1902-04
De Morgan Medallist: 1911
President of: : British Association 1925
Knighted 1931
Publ.: A Treatise on the Motion of Fluids; Infinitesimal Calculus; Dynamical Theory of Sound; Statics; Dynamics; Higher Mechanics etc.
d. CB, [Cambridgeshire], 1934:12:04
( Who was Who 1929-40; The Times 1934:12:05; Obit. Notices, Royal Society, I. 375)
[add:]Photograph: CAS: H.83; pencil portrait, 1927, by his son Henry, at Trinity College [:add]
[add:](C. Portraits: 58)[:add]
[add:] bur. Ascension Parish Burial Ground, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire , [:add]
[add:](Martin Packer, 2014)[:add]