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Howman, Edward John.
Adm. pens. at CORPUS CHRISTI, Dec. 26, 1814. Of Norfolk. [Only s. of the Rev.
Roger Freston (1780), of Beccles, Suffolk. School, Winchester.] Matric. Michs.
1815; B.A. 1819; M.A. 1826. Ord. deacon (Norwich) June 11, 1820; priest, June
17, 1821. R. of Boxwell, Norfolk, 1831-74. P.C. of West Dereham, 1842-70.
Married, 1822, Margaret, dau. of Nathaniel Davison, Esq., of Alnwick,
Northumberland. Author, Thoughts on the Rating Question; Collective Lessons
on the Catechism for National Schools
. Disappears from Crockford,
Edward John HOWMAN
Approx. lifespan: 1796–1874
pens. Corpus Christi College adm1814:12:26
Of Norfolk ,
Only s. of Rev. Roger FRESTON (1780) Beccles, Suffolk ,
Sch: Winchester School [Winchester], [Hampshire],
Matric. 1815:10MT:
BA 1819
MA 1826
Ord. deacon Norwich 1820:06:11
Ord. priest 1821:06:17
R.: Boxwell, Norfolk , 1831-74
P.C.: West Dereham, [Norfolk], 1842-70
m. Margaret DAVISON dau. of Nathaniel DAVISON, Esq. of Alnwick, Northumberland , 1822
Publ.: Thoughts on the Rating Question ; Collective Lessons on the Catechism for Sch: National School
d. disappears from Crockford [1876]
[add:] d. 1874:10:15 at Bexwell[:add]
[add:]Executors, the sons Edward Davison, civil engineer, and Henry Arthur, farmer[:add]
[add:]D. Palfrey:Probate[:add]
[add:]R.of Hockering, Norfolk , , in 1822[:add]
[add:]Married 1822:03:14 at Alnwick, [Northumberland], Margaret DAVISON 3rd dau. of Consul DAVISON [:add]
[add:] d. 1874:10:15, aged 78[:add]
[add:]Buried at Boxwell, [Norfolk], [:add]
[add:]C.R. Hudleston; P.J. Barnwell[:add]
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Howman, Roger Freston.
Adm. pens. (age 17) at PEMBROKE, July 14, 1780. Elder s. of the Rev. Edward
(1755), of Norwich. B. at Gissing, Norfolk. Matric. Michs. 1781; B.A. 1785.
Ord. deacon (Norwich) Sept. 25, 1785; priest, Apr. 4, 1787. R. of Hockering,
Norfolk, -1821. R. of Shipmeadow, Suffolk, 1803-32. J.P. for Suffolk. Died
Sept. 4, 1832, aged 69. Doubtless brother of Arthur E. (1781); father of
Edward J. (1814). (G. Mag., 1832, II. 579.)
Roger Freston HOWMAN
Approx. lifespan: 1763–1832
age 17 pens. Pembroke College adm1780:07:14
elder s. of Rev. Edward (1755) Norwich, [Norfolk],
b. Gissing, Norfolk ,
Matric. 1781:10MT:
BA 1785
Ord. deacon Norwich 1785:09:25
Ord. priest 1787:04:04
R.: Hockering, Norfolk , "-1821."
R.: Shipmeadow, Suffolk , 1803-32
J.P.: for Suffolk ,
age 69 d. 1832:09:04
Doubtless brother of Arthur E. HOWMAN (1781)
father ofunique identifier HWMN814EJ Edward John HOWMAN (1814)
( G. Mag . 1832, II. 579)

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