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Warden of KING'S HALL, 1467-75 .
Probably B.D. 1467/8 .
Proctor, 1454-5 .
Chaplain to Edward IV.
Preb. of St Paul's [ London ], 1468-72 .
R. of St Mary, Whitechapel [ London ], 1471-2 .
Preb. of Lincoln [ Lincolnshire ], 1471-98 .
Archdeacon of Essex , 1472-5 .
Canon of St Stephen's, Westminster [ London ], 1472-98 .
Dean of Wells [ Somerset ], 1472-98 .
Preb. of York [ Yorkshire ], 1478-85 .
Keeper of the Privy Seal, 1483 .
Died 25 Jun., 1498; buried in Wells Cathedral [ Somerset ].
Will (P.C.C.) 1498 .
( D.N.B. )
Approx. lifespan: 1449–1498
Warden of King's Hall 1467-75
Probably B.D. 1467/8
Proctor 1454-55
Chaplain to Edward IV.
Preb. of St Paul's, [London], 1468-72
R. of St Mary, Whitechapel, [London], 1471-72
Preb. of Lincoln, [Lincolnshire], 1471-98
Archdeacon of Essex , 1472-75
Canon of St Stephen's, Westminster, [London], 1472-98
Dean of Wells, [Somerset], 1472-98
Preb. of York, [Yorkshire], 1478-85
Keeper of the Privy Seal 1483
Died 1498:06:25 ; buried in Wells Cathedral, Wells, [Somerset],
Will (P.C.C.) 1498
( D.N.B. )
Approx. lifespan: 1369–1565
Updated from Venn I
Jo. Leland's statement that he first studied at Oxford, which is improved upon by Anth. Wood, who assigns him to Balliol College [Oxford], does not appear to rest on any adequate authority and was probably inferred from his studying at Ferrara at the same time as mag. John or Joseph FREE
[J. Leland, Comment. de Script. Brit. 333-4; A. Wood, Univ. of Oxf. i. 207; BRUO, ii. 837]
King's Hall, warden, app. 1467:09:30 ;
vac. 1472:12
[CPR 1467-77, pp. 32, 367]
According to Bp Bale, 'olim in collegio Jesu Cantabrigiae'
[J. Bale, Script. Illustr. Bryt. pt i, 617-18]
as Jesus College was only founded 2 yr before Gunthorpe's death, it may be assumed that Bale had no more substantial evidence in mind than his knowledge that Gunthorpe gave some books to the college.
M.A. by 1452 ;
grace for admission as B.Th. gr. 1468
[CUGBk Α, 67]
Junior Proctor of the University 1454-55
[ibid. Α, 1-3; CUA, CUR. 1.2.10-13]
Went to study the classics in Italy , , possibly at the expense of Wm Grey, lately appointed bp of Ely;
was attending the lectures of Guarino da Verona on rhetoric at Ferrara by 1460:08 ;
while there learned Greek and probably made the acquaintance of mag. John or Joseph FREE ;
left Ferrara on Guarino's death in 1460:12 ;
probably went on to Rome, returning to England after the death of his friend, Free, in 1465
[R. Weiss, Humanism in Engl., &c. 122-7, 199 (index); CPL, xi. 684; xii. 388, 501]
R. of Cley next the Sea, Norfolk , , by 1466:02 ;
vac. by 1467:05
[Reg. Lyhert, Norw., fo. 161v]
obtained pap. dispensn to hold an additional incompatible benef. 1466:02:26
[CPL, xii. 501]
r. of Ditcheat, Somerset , , adm. 7 Jan. 1466, but title disputed; re-adm. 25 Mar. 1473
[Reg. Stillington, Bath & Wells (SRS), pp. xvi, xxviii, 97-8]
can. of S. Paul's, London , , and preby of Hoxton, coll. 1468:12:30 ;
vac. by 1472:02
[Reg. Th. Kempe, Lond., fos 116, 133]
r. of S. Mary's Matfellon, Whitechapel, London , , adm. 1471:08:08 ;
vac. by 1472:12
[ibid. fos 128, 137v; Hennessy, 457]
can. and preby of S. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster, adm. 1472:02:15 ;
exch. for another preb. in the chapel 1479:04:29 ;
till death
[CPR 1467-77, p. 306; 1476-85, p. 154; Hennessy, 455]
preby of Wenlakesbarn, in S. Paul's, coll. 1472:02:22 ;
vac. by 1472:10
[Reg. Th. Kempe, fos 132v, 136]
can. of Sarum, [Wiltshire], and preby of N. Alton, coll. 1472:04:05
[Reg. Beauchamp, Sarum, i, fo. 165; W.H. Jones, Fasti Eccl. Sarisb. 353]
archd. of Essex , , coll. 1472:10:03 ;
exch. 1478:05
[Reg. Th. Kempe, fos 136v, 166v]
can. and preby of Wells, vac. 1472:12 ;
dean of Wells, el. 1472:12:18 ;
till death
[Reg. Stillington, 96, 215 (index); Regg. King and Hadrian, Bath & Wells (SRS), 206 (index); Cal. MSS. of D. & C. Wells (HMC), ii. 791 (index); le Neve, Bath & Wells, 5; Dunbartonshire , article by C.L. Kingsford]
preby of Laughton en le Morthen, in York, coll. 1478:05:15 ;
till death
[Reg. L. Bothe, York xxii, fo. 245v; Reg. Rotherham, York xxiii, fo. 109v; York D. & C. Acta Capital. 1427-1504, fos 162v, 215v]
dean of the chapel of the kg's Household by 1481:11 ;
and, on its establishment, of the kg's free chapel of S. Peter's within the Tower of London , , 1483:02:28 ;
vac. by 1483:05
[CPR 1476-85, pp. 250, 341, 348]
preby of Bitton, in Sarum, coll. 1492:10:04 ;
till death
[Reg. J. Morton, Cant., i, fo. 184; Reg. Th. Langton, Sarum, fo. 42v]
chancellor of York, coll. 1496:01:13 ;
till death
[le Neve, Northern Prov., 10]
can. of Crediton, Devon , , and preby of Henstyll, till death
[Reg. Redman, Ex., fo. 7]
Pap. chapl. and minor penitentiary, app. 1462:01:28
[CPL, xi. 684]
Secretary and chapl. to the queen in 1467
[CPR 1467-77, pp. 32, 367]
King's almoner, app. 1468:12:09
[ibid. p. 120]
Clk of parliament, app. 1471:06:21 ;
vac. 1483:09
[A.F. Pollard, in BIHR, xv (1938), 152-5]
Keeper of the privy seal, app. 1483:01:27 ;
vac. 1485:08
[ibid. 155]
On missions to Castile, 1465-66 and 1470
[Rymer, xi, 572, 653; Scofield, i. 463]
On mission to Brittany, 1485:02
[Rymer, xii. 260]
An envoy for negotiations with the Scots at Nottingham, 1484:09
Recd a general pardon from Henry VII, 1486:02:12
[Cal. MSS. of D. & C. Wells, ii. 692-3]
On mission to the Emperor Maximilian, app. 1486:12:15
[Rymer, xii. 320]
and to Ferdinand and Isabella, app. 1488:03:10
[ibid. xii. 336]
Granted letters of fraternity by Christ Church Cath. Priory, Canterbury, 1471
[HMC, 9th Rept, Appx, pt i, 116 a]
and by the English Premonstratensian canons 1492
[Coll. Anglo-Premonstr. ed. F.A. Gasquet (CS), i. 171]
d. at Wells 1498:06:25
Buried in the cathedral;
tomb against the S. wall of the S.E. transept, where formerly stood the statue of S. Mary le Gesian. Will dated 1498:06:25 ;
proved 1498:08:26
[Med. Somt. Wills 1383-1500 (SRS), 361-2]
Built the N. side of the deanery, 1480, which is ornamented inside and out with guns, forming his rebus. Gave to the cathedral a silver gilt image of Our Lady
[Cal. MSS. of D. & C. Wells, ii. 106]
and the manor of Alverton, Somerset , , to maintain a cursal mass
[ibid. ii. 154-5]
BLO, Bodley MS. 587 (SC 2359), contains such of his works as are known to have survived: (i) Rhetorica, part only
[ibid. fos 1-46]
(ii) Dialectica, part only
[ibid. fos 46-57]
(iii) Orationes legatinae, comprising two delivered during his mission to Castile, another delivered in honour of Charles, duke of Burgundy, and a fourth, which is the address that he gave at the duke's marriage with Margaret, sister of Edward IV, at Damme, 1468:07:03
[ibid. fos 73-93]
(iv) Notes on certain words used by Latin poets
[ibid. fos 137-55, 179-90]
This MS. also contains Sinonima Ciceronis, possibly in Gunthorpe's autograph. Bp Bale also ascribes to him Carmina which he claims to have seen at Wells;
and Epistolae.
Gave to Jesus College : (i) Cumberland , MS. Ff. 6.20 ( Biblia vulgata );
(ii) Jesus College MS. 49 ( Selecta ex Augustino ), bought in London , 1484:12:20
[M.R. James, Cat. MSS. of Jesus College 78-9]
Bought from Blackfriars, Northampton: Sion Coll., Lond., Arc. L. 40.2/L. 21 (Suetonius: Einhardus). Owned: (i) Cumberland , MS. Mm.3.4 (Homer, Odyssey, in Latin transln);
(ii) Cumberland , MS. Dd.7. 1-2 (Jerome, Opera );
(iii) Corpus Christi College MS. 164 (R. Higden, Polychronicon ;
Biblia pauperum, &c. )
[M.R. James, Cat. MSS. of Corpus Christi College i. 370-4]
(iv) St John's College MS. 60 (T. Livius Frulovisius, Comoediae )
[idem, Cat. MSS. of St John's College 79-80]
(v) St John's College MS. 61 (Isocrates, Ad Nicoclem, &c.)
[ibid. 80-2]
(vi) Trinity College MS. 824 (Macrobius, De sompnio Scipionis ;
Chalcidius, Super Timaeum Platonis, bought in London , 1465 )
[idem, Cat. MSS. of Trinity College ii. 265-6]
(vii) Emmanuel College MS. 3 (Bede, Historia Anglorum ; Gerald of Wales , , Topographia Hiberniae, written for him 1481)
[idem, Cat. MSS. of Emmanuel College 3-4]
(viii) Sidney Sussex College MS. 46 (Albertus Magnus, De animalibus libri xxvi )
[idem, Cat. MSS. of Sidney Sussex College 30]
(ix) Cumberland , Inc. 3709-11 (Cicero, Paradoxa, De amicitia, De officiis, Louvain, 1483 )
[Oates, 616]
(x) Wells D. & C. Libr. (Pliny, Historia naturalis, Venice, 1472 );
(xi) Harley MS. 654 (Eutropius, Romanae historiae breviarium, &c.), obtained from mag. William CHILD
[ex inform. Dr A.G. Watson]
Gave to Michaelhouse 2 large silver gilt covered salts ( Trinity College Munts, Otryngham Bk, p. 23]

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