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Goodwin, James.
Adm. pens. at CORPUS CHRISTI,
Oct. 30, 1823.
School, Norwich. Matric.
Michs. 1824; Scholar, 1824; B.A. (12th Wrangler) 1828; M.A. 1831; B.D.
1838. Fellow, 1829-47.
Bursar and Tutor, 1842-7. Select Preacher, 1851. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Sept. 27,
1829; priest, Oct.
9, 1831. R. of Lambourne, Essex, 1846-74. Rural Dean, 1854-74. Author,
religious; contributed to J.
J. Smith's College Plate. Died Oct. 11, 1874. Father of the next;
probably brother of Philip
(1823). (Boase, v. 442; Clergy List; Crockford; The Guardian, Oct.
28, 1874.)
Approx. lifespan: 1805–1874
Tripos: Corp. Math. 1828
pens. Corpus Christi College adm1823:10:30
Sch: Norwich School [Norwich], [Norfolk],
Matric 1824:10MT:
Scholar 1824
BA 12 th Wrangler 1828
MA 1831
BD 1838
Fellow 1829-47
Bursar and Tutor: 1842-47
Select Preacher: 1851
Ord. deacon Norwich 1829:09:27
Ord. priest 1831:10:09
R.: Lambourne, Essex , 1846-74
Rural Dean: 1854-74
Publ.: religious Publ.: contributed to J. J. Smith's College Plate .
d. 1874:10:11
father of Goodwin, James (next)%
probably brother of Philip GOODWIN (1823)
Refs: Boase, v. 442 Refs: Clergy List Refs: Crockford Refs: The Guardian 1874:10:28.
[add:]1st son of James GOODWIN, of Norwich, [Norfolk], [:add]
[add:]Married 1847:08:11, Elizabeth BROWN dau. of Rev. James BROWN (1792) of St Andrew's, Norwich, [Norfolk], and Minting, Lincolnshire , [:add]
[add:](P.J. Barnwell: C. Chron. of 1847:08:28 )[:add]