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Creighton, Robert.
Scholar of TRINITY, from Westminster,
1614. S. of Thomas. B. at Dunkeld, Perthshire, 1593.
B.A. 1617-8; M.A. 1621. Fellow, 1619. Incorp. at Oxford,
1628; and (as D.D.) 1642-3. Regius Professor of Greek,
1625-39. Public Orator, 1627-39. Preb. of Lincoln, 1631.
Preb. of Wells, 1632; Treasurer, 1632. Archdeacon of Stowe,
1641. R. of Huggate, Yorks., 1641. R. of St Burian's, Cornwall,
1642. Chaplain to Charles I and Charles II. Dean of
Wells, 1660. R. of Uplowman, Devon, 1664. V. of Cheddar,
Somerset, 1665-70. Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1670-2. Died
Nov. 21, 1672. Buried in Wells Cathedral. Father of the
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Approx. lifespan: 1593–1672
Scholar of Trinity College from Westminster, [London], 1614
s. of Thomas CREIGHTON
b. at Dunkeld, Perthshire , 1593
B.A. 1617/8
M.A. 1621
Fellow 1619
Incorp. at Oxford University 1628 ; and (as D.D.) 1642/3
Regius Professor of Greek 1625-39
Public Orator 1627-39
Preb. of Lincoln, [Lincolnshire], 1631
Preb. of Wells, [Somerset], 1632 ; Treasurer 1632
Archdeacon of Stowe, [Lincolnshire], 1641
R. of Huggate, East Riding of Yorkshire , 1641
R. of St Burian's, Cornwall , 1642
Chaplain to Charles I and Charles II.
Dean of Wells, [Somerset], 1660
R. of Uplowman, Devon , 1664
V. of Cheddar, Somerset , 1665-70
Bishop of Bath and Wells, [Somerset], 1670-72
Died 1672:11:21
buried in Wells Cathedral, Wells, [Somerset],
father of Robert CREIGHTON (1655)
( D.N.B. )