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Cromwell, Henry.
Matric. pens. from MAGDALENE, Easter,
1626. Doubtless s. of Henry (1600). Of Ramsey, Hunts.
M.P. for Hunts., 1654, 1656, 1659, 1660-73. Took the name
Williams, 1660. Died Aug. 3, 1673. (A. B. Beaven.)
Approx. lifespan: 1608–1673
Matric. pens. from Magdalene College 1626:04ET:
Doubtless s. of Henry CROMWELL (1600)
Of Ramsey, Huntingdonshire ,
M.P. for Huntingdonshire , 1654, 1656, 1659, 1660-73
Took the name Henry WILLIAMS (1660)
Died 1673:08:03
(A. B. Beaven)
[app:]One so named, of Ramsey, Huntingdonshire , [:app]
[app:]married 1642:05:04 Lady Elizabeth FERES [:app]
[app:](T.P.R. Layng: Ramsey Reg.)[:app]
[add:]Compare with what the History of Parliament has:[:add]
[add:]It does not mention Magdalene College with matriculation in 1626; but does give a date of baptism 1625:06:22 .[:add]
[add:]The baptism could possibly be not as an infant, which would resolve the difficulty one way.[:add]
[add:]Venn says the father is "doubtless" Henry CROMWELL (1600) CRML600H.[:add]
[add:]The History of Parliament page has details of parents:[:add]
[add:] Henry CROMWELL of Ramsey Abbey, [Huntingdonshire], [:add]
[add:]by 2nd wife Anne DYER da. of Sir Richard DYER [:add]
[add:]of Place House, Great Staughton, [Huntingdonshire], , wid. of Sir Edward CARR 1st Bt., of Sleaford, Lincolnshire , [:add]
[add:] Sir Edward CARR 1st Bt. apparently died in 1618 .[:add]
[add:]If the mother is correctly identified, it is hard to see how Cromwell/Williams could have gone to Magdalene in 1626.[:add]
(Charles Matthews, 2016)[:add]