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Clerk, John.
B.A. 1498-9; M.A. 1502; LL.D. (Bologna).
R. of Hoathfield, Kent, 1508. Master of God's House,
Dover. R. of Portishead and of Ditchiat, Somerset, 1513. R.
of Ivychurch, Kent, and of West Tarring, Sussex, 1514. Chaplain
to Wolsey. Archdeacon of Colchester, 1519-23. Dean of
Windsor, 1519. Master of the Rolls, 1522-3. Bishop of
Bath and Wells, 1523. Much employed in embassies abroad.
Died at Dunkirk, Jan. 3, 1540-1. ( Cooper, I. 77; Newcourt,
I. 90; D.N.D. )
Approx. lifespan: 1477–1540
B.A. 1498/9
M.A. 1502
LL.D. (Bologna) [Italy],
R. of Hoathfield, Kent , 1508
Master of God's House Dover, [Kent],
R. of Portishead, [Somerset], and of Ditchiat, Somerset , 1513
R. of Ivychurch, Kent , and of West Tarring, Sussex , 1514
Chaplain to Wolsey.
Archdeacon of Colchester, [Essex], 1519-23
Dean of Windsor, [Berkshire], 1519
Master of the Rolls 1522-23
Bishop of Bath and Wells, [Somerset], 1523
Much employed in embassies abroad.
Died at Dunkirk, ???, 1540/1:01:03
( Cooper I. 77; Newcourt I. 90; D.N.D. )
Approx. lifespan: 1400–1596
Updated from Venn I
Canterbury dio.
Quest., adm. 1498:12:14 ;
Inc.A., adm. ET 1502
[CUGBk Β, i. 114, 117, 125, 166, 167, 169; ibid. Γ, 7]
D.Cn.L. of Univ. of Bologna, adm. 1510
[G.B. Parks, Engl. Traveller to Italy , , i. 474, 627]
D.C. & Cn.L. by 1516 .
Keeper of Fen chest 1502-03
[CUA, CUR. 1.2.8]
Dispensed from attendance at 2 university funerals and 2 university masses 1508-09
[CUGBk Γ, 72]
Ord. subd. 1516:03:08
[Reg. Fitzjames, Lond., fo. 171v]
R. of Rothbury, Northumberland , , adm. 1512 ;
vac. on promotion as bp
[Hist. of Northumberland xv. 319]
r. of Portishead, Somerset , , adm. 1513:09:02 ;
vac. 1519:10
[Regg. King and Hadrian, Bath & Wells (SRS), 164; Bps' Regg. 1518-59 (SRS), 9]
r. of Ivychurch, Kent , , adm. 1514:03:31 ;
vac. on promotion as bp
[Reg. Warham, fo. 353v; S. Robertson, in Arch. Cant. xiii. 458]
collated to rectory of W. Tarring, Sussex , , 1514:07, but 'vacat quia non emanavit litera'
[Reg. Warham, fo. 355 v, ex inform. Mr D. S. Chambers]
r. of Charlton, county not ascertained, adm. 1515:08
[ Dunbartonshire ]
r. of S. Molton, Devon , , adm. 1519:03:14 ;
vac. on promotion as bp
[Reg. Oldham, Ex., fo. 79v; Reg. Veysey, Ex., i, fo. 17v]
r. of Coltishall, Norfolk , , pres. by King's College 1519:05:01 ;
but not adm.
[King's College Munts, Ledger Bk i, fo. 245]
archd. of Colchester, adm. 1519:10:22 ;
vac. on promotion as bp
[le Neve, Lond., 14]
dean of S. George's Chapel, Windsor, adm. 1519:11:09 ;
vac. on promotion as bp
[S.L. Ollard, Fasti Wyndesor. 40]
bp of Bath & Wells, by pap. provn, 1523:03:26 ;
temporalities restored 1523:05:02 ;
consecrated at Rome 1523:06:06 ;
till death
[Eubel, iii. 544; LPFD Hy VIII, iii, pt ii, p. 1267; le Neve, Bath & Wells, 3; Cooper, i. 77, 533; Dunbartonshire , article by Wm Hunt; Bps' Regg. 1518-59, Bath & Wells (SRS), pp. ix-xii, 27-89]
On the staff of Cardl Bainbridge in Rome, 1514
[LPFD Hy VIII, i, pt ii, pp. 1363, 1461]
Chamberlain of the Engl. Hospice of S. Thomas the Martyr, 1514-15
[Parks, op. cit. i. 363]
Dean of the chapel royal by 1516
[LPFD Hy VIII, ii, pt i, p. 875]
Judge in Star Chamber, app. 1519
[ibid. iii, pt i, p. 196]
Master of the rolls, app. 1522:10:20 ;
vac. 1523:10:09
[Hardy, 59]
On his ambassadorial employment in Rome, 1521:04 to 1523:09, and in France , , 1526:07, and other official activities, see Dunbartonshire . The text of the oration delivered by him in papal consistory when presenting Leo X with a sumptuous copy of Henry VIII's Assertio Septem Sacramentorum, written against Luther, was included in the edition of this work printed by R. Pynson.
Fell ill at Dunkirk on returning, 1540:09, from an embassage to the duke of Cleves, poisoning being suspected. Reached his residence in Aldgate, London , , but d. there 1541:01:03
Buried in S. Botolph's, Aldgate
[J. Weever, Anct Funerall Monts, 426]
Will dated 1540:09:27 ;
proved 1541:01:17
[Medl Somt. Wills 1531-58 (SRS), 61-2]

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