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Cecill, William.
Matric. Fell.-Com. from ST JOHN'S, Michs.
1602. S. of Robert (1581), Earl of Salisbury. B. Feb. 1591.
School, Sherborne. M.A. 1605. M.A. (Oxford) 1605. Adm.
at Gray's Inn, Feb. 26, 1604-5. K.B. 1605. M.P. for Weymouth,
1610-1. Succeeded as Earl of Salisbury, 1612. K.G.
1624. Member of the Assembly of divines, 1643. Commissioner
of the Great Seal, 1646. Councillor of State, 1649.
Sat in Cromwell's 'Lower House' as M.P. for Lynn, 1649, and
for Herts., 1654, 1656. High Steward of St Albans, 1663.
Died Dec. 3, 1668. Buried at Hatfield. ( G.E.C. )
William CECILL
Approx. lifespan: 1591–1668
Matric. Fell.-Com. from St John's College 1602:10MT:
s. of Robert CECILL (1581) Earl of Salisbury.
b. 1591:02
School Sherborne, [Dorset],
M.A. 1605
M.A. (Oxford) 1605
Adm. at Gray's Inn 1604/5:02:26
K.B. 1605
M.P. for Weymouth, [Dorset], 1610-11
Succeeded as Earl of Salisbury 1612
K.G. 1624
Member of the Assembly of divines 1643
Commissioner of the Great Seal 1646
Councillor of State 1649
Sat in Cromwell's 'Lower House' as M.P. for Lynn, [Norfolk], 1649 and for Hertfordshire , 1654, 1656
High Steward of St Albans, [Hertfordshire], 1663
Died 1668:12:03
buried at Hatfield, [Hertfordshire],
( G.E.C. )
[app:]Portrait at St John's College [:app]
[app:](Atkinson, 425)[:app]