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Booth, Laurence.
B.Civ.L. and B.Can.L. S. of John, of
Barton, Lancs. Master of Pembroke, 1450-80. Chancellor
of the University, 1456-8. R. of Cottenham, Cambs., 1446-56.
Preb. of Lichfield, 1449. Preb. of St Paul's, 1449; Dean,
1456. Archdeacon of Stow, Lincs., 1452. Preb. of York,
1452. Provost of Beverley, 1453. Archdeacon of Richmond,
1454. Chancellor to Queen Margaret. Keeper of the privy
seal, 1456. Bishop of Durham, 1457. Archbishop of York,
1476-80. Died May 19, 1480. Buried at Southwell. Brother
of John, Bishop of Exeter (1457-8) and of William, Archbishop
of York. ( D.N.B. )
Laurence BOOTH
Approx. lifespan: 1432–1480
B.Civ.L. and B.Can.L.
s. of John BOOTH of Barton, Lancashire ,
Master of Pembroke College 1450-80
Chancellor of the University 1456-58
R. of Cottenham, Cambridgeshire , 1446-56
Preb. of Lichfield, [Staffordshire], 1449
Preb. of St Paul's, [London], 1449 ; Dean 1456
Archdeacon of Stow, Lincolnshire , 1452
Preb. of York, [Yorkshire], 1452
Provost of Beverley, [East Riding of Yorkshire], 1453
Archdeacon of Richmond, [North Riding of Yorkshire], 1454
Chancellor to Queen Margaret.
Keeper of the privy seal 1456
Bishop of Durham, [Co. Durham], 1457
Archbishop of York, [Yorkshire], 1476-80
Died 1480:05:19
buried at Southwell, [Nottinghamshire],
brother of John BOOTH (1457), Bishop of Exeter
brother of William BOOTH Archbishop of York.
( D.N.B. )
[add:]S. of unmarried parents; of noble birth
R. of St Mary Magdalene, Milk Street, [London],
R. of Cottenham, Cambridgeshire , [:add]

[add:]( Papal Letters. )[:add]