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Branthwaite, William.
Adm. at CLARE, Oct. 1579. S. of
John. Bapt. at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, June 13, 1563.
Matric. 1579; B.A. 1582-3; M.A. from Emmanuel, 1586;
B.D. 1593; D.D. 1598. Incorp. M.A. at Oxford, 1594.
Fellow of Emmanuel, 1585-1607. Master of Caius, by royal
mandate, Dec. 9, 1607. Vice-Chancellor, 1618-9. Died during
office, c. Jan. 1618-19. One of the revisers of the Bible. Great
benefactor to Caius College. Will proved (V.C.C.) Mar. 11,
1618-9. ( Venn, I. 196; Al. Oxon.; D.N.B. )
Approx. lifespan: 1563–1618
Adm. at Clare College 1579:10
Bapt. at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, [Norfolk], 1563:06:13
Matric. 1579
B.A. 1582/3
M.A. from Emmanuel College 1586
B.D. 1593
D.D. 1598
Incorp. M.A. at Oxford University 1594
Fellow of Emmanuel College 1585-1607
Master of Gonville & Caius College, by royal mandate 1607:12:09
Vice-Chancellor 1618-19
Died during office c1618/9:01
One of the revisers of the Bible.
Great benefactor to Gonville & Caius College
Will proved (V.C.C.) 1618/9:03:11
( Venn I. 196; Al. Oxon.; D.N.B. )
[app:]Case of Fellows against him 1616 in VCCt. VI.16 (48)[:app]
[app:][Will]: Admon. & Inv. (VCC) 1618-19 [:app]
[app:]Also benefactor to Emmanuel College [:app]
[app:]Portrait at Emmanuel College (no. 4) another at Gonville & Caius College [:app]
[app:](DMO; F.H. Stubbings: 49 Lives; Atkinson 332)[:app]