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Bramhall, John.
Adm. scholar at SIDNEY, Feb. 21, 1608-9.
S. of Peter, of Carleton, Pontefract. B. 1594. School,
Pontefract. Matric. 1609; B.A. 1612-3; M.A. 1616; B.D.
1623; D.D. 1630. R. of S. Kilvington, Yorks., 1618-33. Subdean
of Ripon, 1624. Preb. of York, 1633. Treasurer of
Dublin, 1633. Archdeacon of Meath, 1633. Bishop of Derry,
1634: forced to leave, 1641. Went abroad, 1644. Archbishop
of Armagh, 1661-3. Speaker of the Irish House
of Lords. Author of theological works. Died June 25, 1663.
( D.N.B. )
Approx. lifespan: 1594–1663
Adm. scholar at Sidney Sussex College 1608/9:02:21
s. of Peter BRAMHALL of Carleton Pontefract, [West Riding of Yorkshire],
b. 1594
School Pontefract, [West Riding of Yorkshire],
Matric. 1609
B.A. 1612/3
M.A. 1616
B.D. 1623
D.D. 1630
R. of S. Kilvington, North Riding of Yorkshire , 1618-33
Sub-dean of Ripon, [West Riding of Yorkshire], 1624
Preb. of York, [Yorkshire], 1633
Treasurer of Dublin, [Ireland], 1633
Archdeacon of Co. Meath , 1633
Bishop of Derry, [Co. Londonderry], 1634 ; forced to leave 1641
Went abroad 1644
Archbishop of Armagh, [Co. Armagh], 1661-63
Speaker of the Irish House of Lords, [Ireland],
Author of theological works.
Died 1663:06:25
( D.N.B. )
[add:]Ord. deacon (York) 1615:12 ; priest 1616:12 [:add]
[add:]R. of St Martin's, Micklegate York, [Yorkshire], 1617-18 [:add]
[add:]Preb. of Ripon, [West Riding of Yorkshire], [:add]
[add:]His son William was buried there 1629:09:20 [:add]
[add:]Married Ellen HALLEY dau. of Thomas HALLEY Town Clerk of York, [Yorkshire], [:add]
[add:](W. J. Kaye; M. H. Peacock.)[:add]
[app:]Portrait at Church House Armagh, [Co. Armagh], ; copy at Sidney Sussex College [:app]
[app:](Goodison:CCS: 145)[:app]