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Brooke, Richard England.
Adm. pens. (age 19) at CAIUS, May 9, 1840.
S. of John, Esq., of Old Walsingham, Norfolk.
B. at North Creak.
School, Walsingham (Rev. R. Leader).
Matric. Michs. 1840; Scholar, 1841-3; B.A. 1844; M.A. 1847.
Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1844; priest, 1845; C. of Kirkburton, Yorks., 1844-6. C. of Gt Coates, 1846-9. P.C. of Sowerby, 1849-52.
R. of St Luke's, Cheetham Hill, Lancs., 1852-63.
Rural Dean of Manchester, 1860-3. Hon. Canon of Manchester, 1862-73.
P.C. of St Mary's, Spring Grove, Middlesex, 1863-7. V. and Rural Dean of Hull, 1867-75.
Preb. of York, 1873-1900.
R. of the Abbey Church, Bath, 1875-95.
Rural Dean of Bath, 1877-95.
Married Harriet, dau. of William Bonner Hopkins, of Limber Grange, Lincs., 1846.
Resident at Bournemouth, 1895-1900.
Died Mar. 22, 1900, at Bournemouth.
Father of William P. (1869), Alan E. (1883) and Herbert R. (1878).
(Venn, II. 252; Hennessy.)
Richard England BROOKE
Approx. lifespan: 1821–1900
Brooke, Richard, England ,
Adm pens. aged 19 Gonville & Caius College 1840:05:09
s. of John BROOKE, Esq., of Old Walsingham, Norfolk ,
B. at North Creak, [Norfolk],
School Sch: Walsingham ( Rev. R. LEADER )
Matric 1840:10MT:
Scholar 1841-43
BA 1844
MA 1847
Ord. deacon Ripon 1844
Ord. priest 1845
C.: Kirkburton, Yorkshire , 1844-46
C.: Gt Coates, [Lincolnshire], 1846-49
P.C.: Sowerby, [Yorkshire], 1849-52
R.: St Luke's, Cheetham Hill, Lancashire , 1852-63
Rural Dean of: : Manchester, [Lancashire], 1860-63
Hon. Canon of: : Manchester, [Lancashire], 1862-73
P.C.: St Mary's, Spring Grove, Middlesex , 1863-67
V. and
Rural Dean of: : Hull, [East Riding of Yorkshire], 1867-75
Prebendary: York, [Yorkshire], 1873-1900
R.: the
Abbey Church, Bath, [Somerset], 1875-95
Rural Dean of: : Bath, [Somerset], 1877-95
m. Harriet HOPKINS dau. of William Bonner HOPKINS of Limber Grange, [Limber], Lincolnshire , 1846
Resident at Bournemouth, [Hampshire], 1895-1900
d. Bournemouth, [Hampshire], 1900:03:22
father of William P. BROOKE (1869), Alan E. (1883) and Herbert R. (1878)
( Venn, II. 252; Hennessy .)