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Bainbridge, Christopher.
Incorp. at Cambridge, 1503-4.
Of Hilton, Appleby. Provost of Queen's, Oxford, where he
was educated. Preb. of Salisbury, 1485. Preb. of Lincoln,
1496. LL.D. of Bologna. Treasurer of St Paul's, 1497.
Preb. of York, 1503. Dean of York, 1503. Master of the
Rolls, 1504. Dean of Windsor, 1505. Bishop of Durham,
1507. Archbishop of York, 1508. Ambassador to Rome,
1509. Created Cardinal, 1511. Poisoned at Rome, July 14,
1514. Buried in the English Hospital there. ( Cooper, I. 15;
D.N.B. )
Christopher BAINBRIDGE
Approx. lifespan: 1485–1514
Incorp. at Cambridge University 1503/4
Of Hilton Appleby, [Westmorland],
Provost of Queen's College [Oxford] where he was educated.
Preb. of Salisbury, [Wiltshire], 1485
Preb. of Lincoln, [Lincolnshire], 1496
LL.D. of Bologna, [Italy],
Treasurer of St Paul's, [London], 1497
Preb. of York, [Yorkshire], 1503
Dean of York, [Yorkshire], 1503
Master of the Rolls 1504
Dean of Windsor, [Berkshire], 1505
Bishop of Durham, [Co. Durham], 1507
Archbishop of York, [Yorkshire], 1508
Ambassador to Rome, [Italy], 1509
Created Cardinal 1511
d. poisoned at Rome, [Italy], 1514:07:14
buried in the English Hospital there.
( Cooper I. 15; D.N.B. )