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Beaumont, Joseph.
Adm. pens. at PETERHOUSE, Apr. 26,
1631. S. of John, of Hadleigh, Suffolk, clothier. B. there,
Mar. 13, 1615-6. School, Hadleigh. Matric. 1631; Scholar;
B.A. 1634-5; M.A. 1638; D.D. 1660 ( Lit. Reg. ). Fellow,
1636-44; ejected. R. of Kelshall, Herts., 1643. R. of Elm
and Emneth, Cambs., 1645. Chaplain to Bishop Wren,
1650; whose ward, Miss Brownrigg, he married in 1650.
Preb. of Ely, 1651. Chaplain to the King, 1660. Master
of Jesus, 1662. Master of Peterhouse, Apr. 24, 1663. R. of
Conington, Cambs., 1663. R. of Teversham, 1664. R. of
Barley, Herts., 1664-99. Regius Prof. of Divinity, and R.
of Somersham, Hunts., 1674-99. Died in College, Nov. 23,
1699. Will proved (V.C.C.) 1699. M.I. in the Chapel. Author,
Psyche, an Epic poem, etc. Father of Charles (1675) and of
John (1671) and William (1675). ( D.N.B.; T. A. Walker, 42.)
Approx. lifespan: 1615–1699
Adm. pens. at Peterhouse 1631:04:26
s. of John BEAUMONT of Hadleigh, Suffolk , clothier.
b. there 1615/6:03:13
School Hadleigh, [Suffolk],
Matric. 1631 ; Scholar;
B.A. 1634/5
M.A. 1638
D.D. 1660 ( Lit. Reg. )
Fellow 1636-44 ; ejected.
R. of Kelshall, Hertfordshire , 1643
R. of Elm and Emneth, Cambridgeshire , 1645
Chaplain to Bishop Wren 1650 ; [whose ward, Miss Brownrigg, he]
m. in 1650 Miss – BROWNRIGG
Preb. of Ely 1651
Chaplain to the King 1660
Master of Jesus College 1662
Master of Peterhouse 1663:04:24
R. of Conington, Cambridgeshire , 1663
R. of Teversham, [Cambridgeshire], 1664
R. of Barley, Hertfordshire , 1664-99
Regius Prof. of Divinity, and R. of Somersham, Huntingdonshire , 1674-99
Died in College 1699:11:23
M.I. in the Chapel.
Will proved (V.C.C.) 1699
Author, Psyche, an Epic poem etc.
father of Charles BEAUMONT (1675)
father of John BEAUMONT (1671)
father of William BEAUMONT (1675)
[add:]Ord. priest (Kilmore 1647/8:02:27 [:add]
[add:]Inc. of Barley, Hertfordshire , [:add]
( D.N.B.; T. A. Walker 42)
[app:]instituted of Teversham, [Cambridgeshire], 1664:04:11 [:app]
[app:]instituted of Barley, [Hertfordshire], 1664:06:03 [:app]
[app:]Resigned 7th prebend to assume 8th 1665:10:20 [:app]
[app:]Portrait at Peterhouse [:app]
[app:](DMO: Cumberland Add MS 2953 ff.102–3; Atkinson, 301)[:app]