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Ball, Richard.
Matric. pens. from PEMBROKE, Michs. 1623,
age 14. S. of Richard, of London, mercer. B.A. 1626-7;
M.A. 1630; B.D. 1637; D.D. 1660 ( Lit. Reg. ). Fellow, 1630.
Ord. priest (Norwich) Sept. 25, 1636. R. of Wilby and
Westerfield, 1638-43. R. of Tattingstone, Suffolk, 1643. R. of
St Mary Woolchurch, London, 1660-1661. Preb. of Ely,
1660. Preb. of Lincoln, 1660. R. of Bluntisham, Hunts.,
1662-84. Master of the Temple, 1661. Died Apr. 6, 1684;
buried in the Temple Church. Will (P.C.C.). Benefactor to
Pembroke Hall. Author, Sermons . Brother of John (1623).
Richard BALL
Approx. lifespan: 1609–1684
Matric. pens. from Pembroke College 1623:10MT: age 14.
s. of Richard BALL of London , mercer.
B.A. 1626/7
M.A. 1630
B.D. 1637
D.D. 1660 ( Lit. Reg. )
Fellow 1630
Ord. priest (Norwich) 1636:09:25
R. of Wilby and Westerfield, [Norfolk], 1638-43
R. of Tattingstone, Suffolk , 1643
R. of St Mary Woolchurch, London , 1660-1661
Preb. of Ely, [Cambridgeshire], 1660
Preb. of Lincoln, [Lincolnshire], 1660
R. of Bluntisham, Huntingdonshire , 1662-84
Master of the Temple, [London], 1661
Died 1684:04:06 ; buried in the Temple Church, [London],
Will (P.C.C.)
Benefactor to Pembroke College
Author, Sermons
brother of John BALL (1623)