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Allen, James.
Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, Feb. 2, 1874. [S. of James, of Dunedin, New Zealand.] B. Feb. 10, 1855, in New Zealand.
School, Clifton College.
Matric. Michs. 1874; B.A. 1878; M.A. 1904.
Football (rugby) 'blue.' At the Royal School of Mines.
Bessemer and Murchison Medals.
M.P. for Dunedin East, New Zealand, 1887-90; for Bruce, 1891-1920.
Chancellor of Otago University, 1909-12.
Minister of Defence, 1912-20; of Finance and External Affairs, 1919-20.
High Commissioner for the New Zealand Government in London, 1920-6. During the Great War, Col. of New Zealand Forces.
K.C.B., 1917.
Legion of Honour and Order of the Crown of Belgium.
Representative of New Zealand at the League of Nations, 1920-2. G.C.M.G., [p.37] 1926.
A member of the Legislative Council of New Zealand, 1927-. Married and had issue.
Of 'Arana,' Clyde Street, Dunedin, N.Z. Author, New Zealand and Federation; New Zealand and Naval Defence, etc.
Probably brother of Charles (1876).
(Clifton Coll. Reg.; Burke, Knightage; Who's Who in New Zealand.)
Approx. lifespan: 1855–1953
Tripos: St John's College N.S. 1877
Adm pens. St John's College 1874:02:02
s. of James ALLEN of Dunedin, New Zealand ,
b. New Zealand , 1855:02:10
Sch: Clifton College
Matric 1874:10MT:
BA 1878
MA 1904
Football (rugby) 'blue'
At: Sch: Royal School of Mines
Bessemer and Murchison Medals
M.P. for: : Dunedin East, New Zealand , 1887-90
M.P. for: : Bruce, [New Zealand], 1891-1920
Chancellor of: : Sch: Otago University [Otago], [New Zealand], 1909-12
Minister of Defence: 1912-20
Minister of Finance and External Affairs: 1919-20
High Commissioner for: : New Zealand Government in London , 1920-26
During the Great War: [1914-18]
Colonel of: : New Zealand Forces [1914-18]
KCB 1917
Legion of Honour
Order of the Crown of Belgium
Representative of New Zealand , League of Nations 1920-22
GCMG 1926
Member of: : Legislative Council of New Zealand , 1927-
m. and had issue
Of 'Arana', Clyde Street, Dunedin, New Zealand ,
Publ.: New Zealand and Federation; New Zealand and Naval Defence etc.
Probably brother of Charles ALLEN (1876)
( Clifton College Reg .; Burke, Knightage; Who's Who in New Zealand )
[add:] Football (rugby) 'blue' 1875-76 [:add]
[add:] d. 1942:07:28 [:add]
[add:](J.D. Pickles: Eagle, June 1943; W. Livingstone-Irwin)[:add]
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Allin, John.
Matric. Non-Coll.
Michs. 1874.
Adm. pens. at CHRIST'S, Oct. 9, 1876.
S. of John.
B. Jan. 2, 1844, at Tottington, Lancs.
B.A. 1878; M.A. 1890.
Ord. deacon (York) 1877; priest, 1880.
C. of Nether Hoyland, Yorks., 1877-81.
C. of Llandinam, Montgom., 1881-2. C. of Sarn, 1882-3. C. of West Kirby, Cheshire, 1883-5. C. of St Andrew's, Derby, 1885-90.
R. of Onibury, Salop, 1890-1910.
Brother of William (1882).
(Peile, II. 651.)
Approx. lifespan: 1844–1942
Matric Non-Coll. 1874:10MT:
Adm pens. Christ's College 1876:10:09
s. of John ALLIN
b. Tottington, Lancashire , 1844:01:02
BA 1878
MA 1890
Ord. deacon York 1877
Ord. priest 1880
C.: Nether Hoyland, Yorkshire , 1877-81
C.: Llandinam, Monmouthshire , 1881-82
C.: Sarn, [Monmouthshire], 1882-83
C.: West Kirby, Cheshire , 1883-85
C.: St Andrew's, Derbyshire , 1885-90
R.: Onibury, Shropshire , 1890-1910
brother of William ALLIN (1882)
( Peile, II. 651)

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