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Allan, James.
Adm. pens. at TRINITY HALL, May 10, 1788. [2nd s. of George, of Darlington, Durham (the Antiquary). Bapt. Feb. 27, 1772.] Capt., 29th Regt. of Foot.
Died unmarried May 28, 1795, in the Island of Grenada.
Brother of George (1784). (Ord, Cleveland, 499; Foster, Yorks.
Approx. lifespan: 1772–1795
Adm pens. Trinity Hall 1788:05:10
2nd s. of George ALLAN of Darlington, Co. Durham , Antiquary:
c. 1772:02:27
Captain: 29th Regiment of Foot
d. unmarried Grenada , 1795:05:28
brother of George ALLAN (1784)
(Ord, Cleveland, 499; Foster, Yorkshire Pedigrees
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Allen, Joseph.
Adm. pens. (age 17) at TRINITY, May 21, 1788.
S. of William, banker, of Manchester. [Bapt. Dec. 6, 1770, at St Anne's, Manchester.] School, Manchester (Mr Lawson). Matric. Michs. 1788; Scholar, 1790; Prizeman; B.A. (7th Wrangler) 1792; M.A. 1795; D.D. 1829.
Fellow, 1793.
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Oct. 30, 1788.
Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. 22, 1799; priest, Mar. 9, 1800.
Preb. of Westminster, 1806-34.
V. of Battersea, Surrey, 1808-29.
V. of St Bride's, London, 1829-34.
Private tutor to Lord Althorpe, 1830-4. Bishop of Bristol, 1834-6; of Ely, 1836-45.
Official Visitor of St John's, Jesus and Christ's Colleges.
Married Margaret Ashley, of Frodsham, Cheshire, 1807.
Author, Sermons. Died Mar. 20, 1845, aged 75.
Buried in Ely Cathedral.
Father of George J. (1828) and probably of Robert (1836).
(Hennessy; G. Mag., 1845, I. 541; Manchester Sch. Reg., II. 44.)
Joseph ALLEN
Approx. lifespan: 1770–1845
Tripos: Trinity College Math. 1792star
Adm pens. aged 17 Trinity College 1788:05:21
s. of William ALLEN banker of Manchester, [Lancashire],
c. St Anne's, Manchester, [Lancashire], 1770:12:06
Sch: Manchester ( Mr – LAWSON )
Matric 1788:10MT:
Scholar 1790
BA 7 th Wrangler 1792
MA 1795
DD 1829
Fellow 1793
Adm. Lincoln's Inn: 1788:10:30
Ord. deacon Norwich 1799:12:22
Ord. priest 1800:03:09
Prebendary: Westminster, [London], 1806-34
V.: Battersea, Surrey , 1808-29
V.: St Bride's, London , 1829-34
Private Tutor to: : – –, Lord Althorpe 1830-34
Bishop of: Bristol, [Somerset], 1834-36
Bishop of: Ely, [Cambridgeshire], 1836-45
Official Visitor of: St John's College
Official Visitor of: Jesus College
Official Visitor of: Christ's College
m. Margaret ASHLEY of Frodsham, Cheshire , 1807
Publ.: Sermons
d. aged 75 1845:03:20
bur. Ely Cathedral, [Ely], [Cambridgeshire],
father of George John ALLEN (1828)
probably father of Robert ALLEN (1836)
( Hennessy; G. Mag . 1845, I. 541; Manchester Sch. Reg ., II. 44)
[add:] His widow Margaret ASHLEY ALLEN d. Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, London , 1848:01:31 [:add]
[add:](P.J. Barnwell: C. Chron. 1848:02:05 )[:add]

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