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Henry HALL
Matric. sizar from TRINITY, Michs. 1620;
Scholar, 1624 ;
B.A. 1624/5 ;
M.A. 1628 ;
P.D. 1638 .
Fellow, 1627 .
V. of Kendal, Cumberland , 1640-4 .
Henry HALL
Approx. lifespan: 1602–1646
Matric. sizar from Trinity College 1620:10MT:
Scholar 1624
B.A. 1624/5
M.A. 1628
P.D. 1638
Fellow 1627
V. of Kendal, Cumberland 1640-44
[app:]C. of St Andrew the Apostle Norwich, [ Norfolk ] before presentation to Kendal, [ Westmorland ] by College member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, [ London ] [:app]
[app:] d. before 1646 [:app]
[app:](P.J. Wallis; Nightingale II, 877; Nicholson and Axon, 37–8)[:app]