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Fleming, John Ambrose.
Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, May 19, 1877.
S. of James, D.D. [and Mary Anne]. B. Nov. 29, 1849, at Lancaster.
Feb. 11, 1850.
School, University College, London, and at the Royal School of Chemistry.
(University of London) 1866; B.Sc. (London) 1870; D.Sc. (London) 1879.
Matric. Michs. 1877; Scholar, 1879; (Nat. Sci. Trip., 1st Class, 1880); B.A. 1881; M.A. 1884.
Fellow, 1883.
Hon. Fellow, 1927.
Demonstrator in Mechanics, 1880-1. Fellow of University College, London.
Assistant Master at Rossall School, 1871-2; at Cheltenham College, 1874-7. Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics at University College, Nottingham, 1881-5. Professor of Electrical Engineering at University College, London, 1885-1926.
Elected F.R.S., 1892; Hughes Gold Medal, 1910.
Faraday Medal of Inst. of E.E., 1928.
Duddel Medal of Physical Society, 1930, and Gold Medal of Inst. of Radio Engineers of New York, 1933.
Franklin Medal of Franklin Inst.
U.S.A., 1935.
Inventor of the thermionic valve.
Knighted, 1929.
Author, scientific.
Of Greenfield, Manor Road, Sidmouth, Devon, in 1939. (Burke, P. and B.; Cheltenham Coll.
Reg.; Who's Who
, 1942.)
John Ambrose FLEMING
Approx. lifespan: 1849–1945
pens. St John's College adm1877:05:19
s. of James Fleming FLEMING, DD
s. of Mary Anne].
b. Lancaster, [ Lancashire ] 1849:11:29
c. 1850:02:11
Sch: University College London , and at the Sch: Royal School of Chemistry [ London ]
Matric. ( Sch: University of London ) 1866
BSc London 1870
DSc London 1879
Matric 1877:10MT:
Scholar 1879
Nat.Sci.Trip., 1st Class(1880);
BA 1881
MA 1884
Fellow 1883
Hon. Fellow 1927
Demonstrator in Mechanics: 1880-81
Fellow of: : Sch: University College London
Assistant Master at: : Sch: Rossall School Rossall, [ Lancashire ] 1871-72 ;at Sch: Cheltenham College Cheltenham, [ Gloucestershire ] 1874-77
Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics: Sch: University College Nottingham, [ Nottinghamshire ] 1881-85
Professor of Electrical Engineering: Sch: University College London 1885-1926
Elected FRS 1892
Hughes Gold Medal: 1910
Faraday Medal of Sch: Institution of E
E. 1928
Duddel Medal of Physical Society 1930, and Gold Medal of Sch: Institution of Radio Engineers of New York, [ USA ] 1933
Franklin Medal of Sch: Franklin Institution USA 1935
Inventor of the thermionic valve.
Knighted 1929
Publ.: scientific.
Of Greenfield, Manor Road, Sidmouth, Devon in1939
(Burke, P. and B.; Cheltenham College Reg.; Who's Who 1942)
[add:] d. 1945:04:18 [:add]
[add:]Obituary in The Eagle, Sept. 1946, 391–3[:add]
[add:] WWW ; J.D. Pickles[:add]