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Machray, Robert.
Adm. pens.
at SIDNEY, July 3, 1851.
Eldest s. of Robert, advocate, of Aberdeen, deceased [and Christian Macallum]. B. there, May 17, 1831.
School, Coull (Mr Allan); afterwards at King's College, Aberdeen [M.A., and Simpson and Hutton's prizes, 1851; LL.D. 1865]. Matric. Michs. 1851; Scholar, 1851; B.A. (34th Wrangler) 1855; M.A. 1858; D.D. 1865.
Fellow, Dean, 1858.
Hon. Fellow, 1865.
Ramsden Preacher, 1865.
Hon. D.D., Oxford, 1897; Hon. D.D., Manitoba, 1883; Hon. D.D., Durham, 1888; Hon. D.C.L., Toronto, 1893.
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1855; priest, 1856.
V. of Madingley, Cambs., 1862-5. Bishop of Rupert's Land, 1865-93.
Revived and reorganized St John's College, Winnipeg.
Chancellor of the University of Manitoba, 1877.
Archbishop of Rupert's Land and Primate of All Canada, 1893-1904.
Prelate of the Order of St Michael and St George, 1893-1904.
Died, unmarried, Mar. 9, 1904, at Bishop's Court, Winnipeg.
(Crockford; D.N.B.; Who was Who; R. Machray, Life of Archbishop Machray; Dict.
of Canadian Biog
Approx. lifespan: 1831–1904
pens. Sidney Sussex College adm1851:07:03
Eldest s. of Robert MACHRAY,
Advocate of: Aberdeen, [Aberdeenshire], , deceased [and Christian Macallum].
b. there 1831:05:17
Sch: Coull School Coull, [Aberdeenshire], ( Mr – ALLAN ); afterwards at Sch: King's College Aberdeen, [Aberdeenshire], MA,
and Simpson and Hutton's prizes 1851
LLD 1865
Matric 1851:10MT:
Scholar 1851
BA 34 th Wrangler 1855
MA 1858
DD 1865
Fellow: Dean 1858
Hon. Fellow 1865
Ramsden Preacher: 1865
Hon. DD OX, [Oxfordshire], 1897
Hon. DD Manitoba , [Canada], 1883
Hon. DD Durham, [Co. Durham], 1888
Hon.DCL Toronto, [Ontario], [Canada], 1893
Ord. deacon Ely 1855
Ord. priest 1856
V.: Madingley, Cambridgeshire , 1862-65
Bishop of: Rupert's Land British Columbia , Canada , ???[-cu] [Canada], 1865-93
Rev.ived and reorganized Sch: St John's College )) St John's, Winnipeg, [Manitoba], [Canada],
Chancellor of: : University of Manitoba , [Canada], 1877
Archbishop of Rupert's Land, British Columbia , Canada , ???[-cu] [Canada], and Primate of All Canada 1893-1904
Prelate of the Order of St Michael and St George 1893-1904
d., unmarried 1904:03:09 at Bishop's, Court, Bishop's, Winnipeg, [Manitoba], [Canada],
( Crockford; D.N.B.; Who was Who ; R. Machray, Life of Archbishop MACHRAY ; Dict. of Canadian Biog .)
[add:]Portrait by W.S. Sutton at Sidney Sussex College ; Photograph: CAS: J.54[:add]
[add:]Goodison: CCS : 168[:add]