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Farish, Charles.
Adm. sizar (age 17) at TRINITY, Nov. 19, 1783. [5th] s. of James, clerk, of Carlisle. [B. Sept. 1, 1766.] Schools, [Carlisle Grammar and] Hawkshead, Lancs.
(Mr Taylor). Matric. Michs. 1784.
Migrated to Queens', Oct. 25, 1786; Scholar, 1788; B.A. (15th Wrangler) 1788; M.A. 1791; B.D. 1799.
Fellow of Queens', 1792.
Ord. deacon (Ely, Litt. dim. from Bath and Wells) May 30, 1790.
Lecturer at St Cuthberts', Carlisle, 1801-4. C. of Sawston, Cambs., 1808.
C. of Pampisford, 1809.
Died Apr. 17, 1824.
Author, poetical.
Brother of John B. (1771) and William (1774).
(Carlisle Gr. Sch. Reg., which gives '4th s. of James'; F. J. Bywaters; G. Mag., 1824, I. 572.)
Charles FARISH
Approx. lifespan: 1766–1824
sizar aged 17 Trinity College adm1783:11:19
5th s. of James FARISH, clerk, of Carlisle, [Cumberland],
b. 1766:09:01
Schools, Carlisle, [Cumberland],
and] Hawkshead, Lancashire , ( Mr – TAYLOR )
Matric 1784:10MT:
Mig. to Queens' College 1786:10:25
Scholar 1788
BA 15 th Wrangler 1788
MA 1791
BD 1799
Fellow of: : Queens' College 1792
Ord. deacon Ely, Litt. dim. from Bath and Wells 1790:05:30
Lecturer at: : St Cuthberts', Carlisle, [Cumberland], 1801-04
C.: Sawston, Cambridgeshire , 1808
C.: Pampisford, [Cambridgeshire], 1809
d. 1824:04:17
Publ.: poetical.
brother of John B. FARISH (1771) and William (1774)
( Carlisle Gr. School Reg., which gives '4th s. of James' FARISH ; F. J. Bywaters; G. Mag 1824, I. 572)
[add:]S. Taxor, 1798[:add]