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Bright, Arthur.
Matric. pens. from CHRIST'S, Nov. 1569;
B.A. 1573-4; M.A. 1576; D.D. 1589. Ord. deacon (Ely)
Dec. 21, 1576. R. of S. Swithin, London, 1583-6. R. of
Castle Camps, Cambs., 1585-90. R. of S. Botolph, Bishopsgate,
1590-1600. Preb. of S. Paul's, 1590-1618. R. of St
Martin Outwich, 1591-1600. R. of Great Wigborough,
Essex, 1600. Died there before Mar. 1618. Will (Consist. C.)
1617-8. ( Peile, I. III.)
Approx. lifespan: 1551–1618
Matric. pens. from Christ's College 1569:11
B.A. 1573/4
M.A. 1576
D.D. 1589
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1576:12:21
R. of St Swithin, London , 1583-86
R. of Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire , 1585-90
R. of S. Botolph Bishopsgate, [London], 1590-1600
Preb. of S. Paul's, [London], 1590-1618
R. of St Martin Outwich, [London], 1591-1600
R. of Great Wigborough, Essex , 1600
Died there before 1618:03
Will (Consist
C.) 1617-18
( Peile I. 111)