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Hamond, William.
Adm. pens. (age 17) at JESUS, Mar. 29, 1828. S. of the Rev. Francis [Thomas]
(1785), deceased. B. at Widford, Herts. School, Bury St Edmunds. Matric.
Michs. 1828; B.A. 1833. C. of Holdenhurst chapel, Hants., -1841-8. C. of
Fordingbridge, 1849-51. Died in 1851. (Bury Sch. Reg.; Burke,
L.G., 1862; Clergy List.)
William HAMOND
Approx. lifespan: 1810–1851
age 17 pens. Jesus College adm1828:03:29
s. ofunique identifier HMNT785FT Hamond, Francis Thomas, Rev. <qual>deceased</qual> (1785)
b. Widford, Hertfordshire ,
Sch: Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds, [Suffolk],
Matric. 1828:10MT:
BA 1833
C.: Holdenhurst chapel, Hampshire , -1841-48
C.: Fordingbridge, [Hampshire], 1849-51
d. 1851
( Bury School Reg ; Burke, L.G. 1862; Clergy List )
[add:]C. at Holdenhurst, [Hampshire], for many years[:add]
[add:] d. 1851:11:10, aged 41,at Dudley Green, London , [:add]
[add:](P.J. Barnwell)[:add]