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Green, Charles.
Adm. sizar (age 21) at TRINITY,
July 3, 1817.
S. of Charles. B. at
Havercroft, Yorks. School, Wakefield (Mr Naylor). Matric. Michs. 1817. Migrated
to Jesus, June 26,
1819, age 20 (sic); Scholar, 1820; B.A. (13th Wrangler) 1821; M.A.
1824. Fellow of
Jesus, 1824-34. Select Preacher, 1840. Ord. deacon (Ely) Nov. 7, 1824; priest,
May 29, 1825; C. of
All Saints', Cambridge, 1824. R. of Buxhall and R. of Harleston, Suffolk, 1826-
52. Disappears from
Clergy List, 1853. (Foster, Index Eccles.)
Charles GREEN
Approx. lifespan: 1796–1852
Tripos: Jes. Math. 1821
age=21 : sizar Trinity College adm1817:07:03
s. of Charles GREEN
b. Havercroft, Yorkshire
Sch: Wakefield School ( Mr – NAYLOR )
Matric 1817:10MT:
age=20 ( sic ) : Mig. to Jesus College 1819:06:26
Scholar 1820
BA 13 th Wrangler 1821
MA 1824
Fellow of: 1824-34
Select Preacher: 1840
Ord. deacon Ely 1824:11:07
Ord. priest 1825:05:29
C.: All Saints' Cambridge, [ Cambridgeshire ] 1824
R.: Buxhall, [ Suffolk ] and
R.: Harleston, Suffolk 1826-52
d. disappears from Clergy List ^ 1853
Refs: Foster, Index Eccles .
[add:] d. 1852:08:03 at Buxhall Rectory, Suffolk [:add]
[add:](P.J. Barnwell: C. Chron. )[:add]