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Cosin, Edmund.
Scholar of fellow of KING'S HALL, c. 1540. Of
Bedfordshire. B. c. 1511. B.A. 1534-5; M.A. 1540-1; B.D.
1547. Fellow of St Catharine's, c. 1540; of Trinity, 1546.
Proctor, 1545-6. Master of St Catharine's, 1554-9. Vice-Chancellor,
1558. Chaplain to Bishep Bonner. V. of Grendon,
Northants., 1538-41. R. of St Edmund's, North Lynn,
Norfolk, 1553. V. of Trumpington, Cambs., 1553. V. of Caistor,
Holy Trinity, and Oxburgh, Notfolk, 1554. R. of Fakenham,
1555. R. of Thrapland, 1555. Retired from all his preferments,
c. 1560, and lived for some time in Caius College.
Afterwards went abroad. Will (P.C.C.) 1574. ( Cooper, I. 204;
D.N.B. )
Edmund COSIN
Approx. lifespan: 1511–1574
Scholar or fellow of King's Hall c1540
Of Bedfordshire
b. c1511
B.A. 1534/5
M.A. 1540/1
B.D. 1547
Fellow of St Catharine's College c1540 ; of Trinity College 1546
Proctor 1545-46
Master of St Catharine's College 1554-59
Vice-Chancellor 1558
Chaplain to Bishop Bonner.
V. of Grendon, Northamptonshire 1538-41
R. of St Edmund's North Lynn, Norfolk 1553
V. of Trumpington, Cambridgeshire 1553
V. of Holy Trinity Caistor, [ Norfolk ] and Oxburgh, Norfolk 1554
R. of Fakenham, [ Norfolk ] 1555
R. of Thrapland, ??? 1555
Retired from all his preferments c1560 and lived for some time in Gonville & Caius College
Afterwards went abroad.
Will (P.C.C.) 1574
( Cooper I. 204; D.N.B. )