Zajicek, John Peter

1993-95     Neurology, Clinical Lectureship

Zangwill, Oliver Louis

1952        Experimental Psychology, Professorship of

Zariski, O.

1953        Rouse Ball Lecturer
1971-72     Mordell Lectureship [in Pure Mathematics]

Zeeland, Paul van

1938        Economics, Alfred Marshall Lectureship in

Zeeman, Elizabeth

1953-58     English, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1958)
1958-63     English, Lectureship in    (later Salter)

Zeeman, Erik Christopher

1955-60     Mathematics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1960)
1960-64     Mathematics, Lectureship in

Zeitlyn, Bernard Benedict

1976-79     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Zezza, Gannaro

1988-89-    Junior Research Officer: Applied Economics, Department of

Zhou, Wuzong

1993-       Chemistry, Assistant Director of Research in

Ziadeh, N. A.

1948-51     Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Arabic: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

Ziegler, Charles Hugo

1931-34     Law, Lectureship in

Ziemacki, Richard Leonard

1984-86     Senior Editors: University Press    (Associate Director, 1986)
1986-89     Associate Director: University Press    (Journals Director, 1989)
1989-93     Director: University Press    (Journals; Deputy Director, American Branch, 1993)
1993-98     (North) American Branch: Deputy Director: University Press    (and Publishing Development Director; Director of the Branch, 1998)
1998-       (North) American Branch: Director: University Press

Ziman, John Michael

1954-64     Physics, Lectureship in

Zimmerman, Reinhard

1998        Legal Science, Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professorship of

Zimmern, Ronald Leslie

1976-81     Medicine, Lectureship in
1989-90-    Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Zines, Leslie Ronald

1988-89     Commonwealth Studies, Smuts Memorial Lectureship in
1992        Legal Science, Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professorship of

Zouch, Guy de la

1380:02:28  Chancellor
1382:10:28  Chancellor    (again)
1396        Chancellor    (again)

Zouch, Thomas

1767          R Caput Senatus    T    F. 1762; MA 1764 (DD 1805)
1768          R Caput Senatus    T    F. 1762; MA 1764 (DD 1805)

Zutshi, Patrick Nigel Rajendrnath

1987-       Keeper of the Archives (from 1978 the Keeper and Assistant Keeper of the Archives were transferred to the staff of the University Library)
1987-88-    Under-Librarian: University Library    (Keeper of the University Archives)

Zweezy, Paul M.

1970-71     Economics, Alfred Marshall Lectureship in

Zygmund, A.

1954        Rouse Ball Lecturer