Yale, David

1575        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Yale, David Eryl Corbet

1952-55     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1955)
1955-69     Law, Lectureship in
1969        English Legal History, Readership in    (retired 1993)

Yale, Thomas

1552        Proctor    (declined office)    Junior

Yamanouchi, H.

1968-73     Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Japanese: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

Yamanouchi, Reiko

1973-76     Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Japanese: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

Yapp, Richard Henry

1900-05     Curator of the Herbarium: Botany Department

Yardley, John

1712          MD Caput Senatus    T    MD 1709
1713          MD Caput Senatus    T    MD 1709

Yashin, Yael Navaro-

1999-       Social Anthropology, Assistant Lectureship in

Yates, George Gilbert

1955-60     Technical Officer: Physical Chemistry, Department of    (Technical Officer in Physics, 1960)
1960-62     Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory    (Senior Technical Officer, 1964)
1964-77     Senior Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory    (Engineer in charge of electronic equipment)

Yates, James Garrett

1945-48     Engineering, Demonstrator
1948-57     Engineering, Lectureship in

Yates, John Robert Watson

1987-       Pathology, Lectureship in    (Medical Genetics, Senior Lecturer 2000)

Yates, John T.

1999-2000   Chemistry, Alexander Todd Visiting Professorship of    (R. K. Mellon Professor of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh)

Yates, Lowther

1757        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)
1759        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)
1779        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    CTH
1794        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    CTH    again
1796          DD Caput Senatus    CTH    M. 1779-98; DD 1780; Taxor 1757; VC 1779, 1794

Yau, Shing-Tung

1994        Mathematical Sciences, Rothschild Visiting Professorship at the Isaac Newton Institute for    (Professor of Mathematics at Harvard)

Yealland, Michael Frederick Truscott

1976-86     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Yelverton, Christopher, Sir

1581        University Counsel    (d. 1612)

Yelverton, Henry, Sir

1614        University Counsel    (d. 1629)

Yeo, Peter Frederick

1953-59     Taxonomy, Assistant in Research in
1959-60-    Taxonomy, Senior Assistant in Research in
1959-72     Botany, Senior Assistant in Research in    (Assistant Director of Research, 1972)
1972-93     Botany, Assistant Director of Research in    (Taxonomy)

Yeomans, Christine Mary

1974-78     Assistant Secretary: Board of Extra-Mural Studies
1974-78     Assistant Secretary: Continuing Education, Board for

Yew, Lee Kuan

1969        Commonwealth Studies, Smuts Memorial Lectureship in

Yip, George Stephen

1998        Management Studies, Beckwith Professorship of    (previously Adjunct Professor in the Anderson School, U.C.L.A. Resigned 31 Dec. 2000.)

Yoffe, Abraham

1958-68     Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Assistant Director of Research in    (Reader in Physics, 1968)
1968        Physics, Readership in    (retired 1987)

Yonge, Philip

1737          R Caput Senatus    T    M. 1752-58; F. Trin., 1734; MA 1735; DD 1750; Orator 1746-52; VC 1752-54
1740        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)
1746-52     Orator/Public Orator
1752, 1753  Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    JE
1757          DD Caput Senatus    JE    M. 1752-58; F. Trin., 1734; MA 1735; DD 1750; Orator 1746-52; VC 1752-54

Yorke, Charles, Hon.

1757        University Counsel
1768        Representative in Parliament    (Lord Chancellor, 1770)

Yorke, Philip

1724        University Counsel    Sir
1749        High Steward    Baron Hardwicke
1764        High Steward    Earl of Hardwicke
1806        High Steward    Earl of Hardwicke

Yottyn, John

1458        Proctor    Junior

Young, Alexander

1707          NR Caput Senatus    CHR    F. 1690; BD 1703

Young, Annemarie Eugenie

1995-99     Senior Commissioning Editors: University Press    (Editorial Manager, 1999)
1999-       Editorial Managers: University Press    (Education)

Young, Brenda May

1993-98     General Board: Administrative Assistants

Young, Brian Austin

1968-74     Anatomy, Lectureship in

Young, Christopher John

1995-99     German, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 2000)
2000-       German, Lectureship in

Young, Frank George, Sir

1949        Biochemistry, Professorship of (Sir William Dunn)

Young, George

1920        Spanish or Portuguese Literature, Norman Maccoll Lectureship in

Young, George Alastair

1987-90     Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1990)
1990-98     Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Methodological Statistics, 1998)
1998        Methodological Statistics, Readership in

Young, George Malcolm

1949        Literature, Leslie Stephen Lectureship in

Young, John

1553        Vice-Chancellor    D.D., [Master of]    PemH    [1554]
1555        Divinity, Regius Professorship of
1568        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    PemH

Young, John Bernard

1976-83     Engineering, Senior Assistant in Research in    (University Lecturer, 1983)
1983-93     Engineering, Lectureship in    (Reader in Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, 1993)
1993        Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Readership in    (Hopkinson and Imperial Chemical Industries Professor of Applied Thermodynamics, 1998)
1998        Applied Thermodynamics, Hopkinson and Imperial Chemical Industries Professorship of

Young, John Michael

1968-73     Pharmacology, Demonstratorship in    (Senior Assistant in Research, 1973)
1973-75     Pharmacology, Senior Assistant in Research in    (University Lecturer, 1975)
1975-       Pharmacology, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Young, John Zachary

1953        Michael Perkins Lectureship    'Form discrimination and memory in octopus'

Young, Michael

1966-79     Assistant Technical Officer: Geography, Department of
1979-80-    Technical Officer: Geography, Department of

Young, Michael Dunlop

1960-63     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

Young, Michael Willis

1970-74     Social Anthropology, Assistant Lectureship in

Young, Peter Colin

1971-75     Engineering, Lectureship in

Young, Robert Maxwell

1964-69     History of Science, Assistant Lectureship in
1971-74     History of Medicine, Assistant Director of Research in

Young, Stephen John

1984-94     Engineering, Lectureship in    (Reader in Information Engineering, 1994)
1994        Information Engineering, Professorship of
1994        Information Engineering, Readership in    (Professor, 1995)

Young, Thomas

1800        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    forename surmised

Young, William Ian Hector Smythe

Russian, Probationary Faculty/Faculty Assistant Lectureship in
1949-50     Slavonic Studies, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1950)
1950-62     Slavonic Studies, Lectureship in

Younger, Robert William

1947-74     Superintendent: Botanic Garden
1953-71     Technical Officer: Botanic Garden    (Senior Technical Officer in Botany, 1971)
1971-74     Senior Technical Officer: Botany Department

Younghusband, Francis Edward, Sir

1905        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    'Our true relationship with India'

Youngman, Carole

1988-89     Computer Officer: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Yuan, Boping

1995-97     Oriental Studies, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1997)
1997-       Chinese Studies, Lectureship in
1997-       Oriental Studies, Lectureship in

Yule, George Udny

1912-31     Statistics, Lectureship in    (A&F) (Reader, 1931)
1931        Statistics, Readership in