Udrea, Florin

1998-       Engineering, Lectureship in

Ulijaszek, Stanley

1986-91     Biological Anthropology, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1991)
1991-97     Biological Anthropology, Lectureship in

Ullmann, Walter

1949-57     History, Lectureship in    (Reader in Medieval Ecclesiastical Institutions, 1957)
1957        Medieval Ecclesiastical Institutions, Readership in    (elected Professor of Medieval Ecclesiastical History 1965)
1965-72     Medieval Ecclesiastical History, Professorship of
1972        Medieval History, Professorship of

Ungphakorn, Puey

1976-77     Kingsley Martin Memorial Lectureship

[University was allowed only one M.P. during the Protectorate]

1654        Representative in Parliament

Unwin, Dennis Martin

1966-81     Assistant Technical Officer: Zoology, Department of    (Technical Officer, 1981)
1981-82-    Technical Officer: Zoology, Department of

Unwin, Morley

1734        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)    Q    forename surmised

Upstill, Colin

1985-87     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Urena, A. Gonzalez-

1995        BBV Foundation Visiting Professorship    (Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Complutensian University of Madrid; assigned to Department of Chemistry)

Urey, Harold Clayton

1957        Physics, Scott Lectureship in

Urmston, Gilbert

1484        Proctor

Urmston, James

[1530]      Esquire Bedell    M.A.; Bedell of Divinity

Urquhart, Brian

1985        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    'The United Nations and international law'

Urquhart, George

1836        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)

Urquhart, John Andrew

1969-72     University Library, Assistant in Research in the
1969-72     Assistant in Research: University Library

Ursell, Fritz

1950-61     Mathematics, Lectureship in

Uscinski, Barry Joseph

1971-76     Physics, Demonstratorship in
1978        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior
1990-95     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Ustinov, Peter Alexander

1989        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    'Communication'

Uttley, Paul

1986-89     Associate Director: University Press

Uttyng, William

1452        Proctor    Senior
1467        Vice-Chancellor    M.A.