Oakeley, Richard

1740        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    forename surmised
1752        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Oakeshott, Michael Joseph

1930-33     History, Probationary Faculty/Faculty Assistant Lectureship in
1933-49     History, Lectureship in

Oakeshott, Simon

1970-74     Anatomy, Demonstratorship in

Oakley, Anthony James

1978-82     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1982)
1982-99     Law, Lectureship in

Oakley, Michael Raymond Alan

1970-71     Assistant Technical Officer: Engineering Faculty and Laboratory

Oates, Hazel Ruth

1986-87-    Computer Officer: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Oates, Joan Louise

1989-95     Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology, Lectureship in

Oates, John Claud Trewinard

1952        Bibliography, Sandars Readership in
1965        Bibliography, Sandars Readership in
1972        Historical Bibliography, Readership in    (retired 1979)
1975-79     Deputy Librarian: University Library    (Acting Librarian, 1979-80)
1979        Librarian (Bibliothecarius): University Library    M.A.; Fellow of    DAR    Acting Librarian

Oates, John Kenyon

1976-87     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Oatley, Charles William

1945-54     Engineering, Lectureship in    (Reader, 1954)
1954        Engineering, Readership in    (elected Professor of Electrical Engineering 1960)
1960        Electrical Engineering, Professorship of

Obolensky, Dimitri, Prince

1945-47     Slavonic Language, Probationary Faculty/Faculty Assistant Lectureship in
1947-49     Slavonic, Lectureship in

O'Brien, Gregory

1986-89     Psychiatry, Clinical Lectureship    (University Lecturer, 1989)
1989-92     Psychiatry, Lectureship in

O'Brien, John Kieran

1980-82     University Assistant Physician: Veterinary Clinical Studies, Department of

O'Brien, John Michael

1989-93     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Ockley, Simon

1711        Arabic, Sir Thomas Adams' Professorship of

O'Connor, Walter John

1942-47     Pharmacology, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1947)
1947-50     Pharmacology, Lectureship in

Oddy, Philip

1703        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    forename surmised

Odell, Bert Stanley

1973-78     Fire Officer: Estate Management and Building Service

Odell, Brian Geoffrey

1967-72     Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Demonstratorship in

Odell, David Michael

1969-81     Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory    (Computer Officer, 1981)
1981-82-    Computer Officer in General Board Institution

Odgers, Frederick James

1950-54     Criminal Science/Criminology, Assistant Director of Research in    (University Lecturer, 1954)
1954-65     Law, Lectureship in

O'Donald, Peter

1970-71-    Genetics, Lectureship in

O'Donohoe, Michael Robert

1977-78-    Computer Officer in General Board Institution

O'Dwyer, Lynette Mary Murphy-

1989-90-    Assistant to the Secretaries: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Ody, Nicholas John

1984-85-    Computer Officer in General Board Institution

Office instituted

1818        Pro-Proctor

Offley, William

1719          R Caput Senatus    K    F. 1714; MA 1718 (MD 1725)

O'Flynn, Bernadette Mary

1972-79     Administrative Assistant: Assistant Staff Office
1979-91     Assistant Registrary
1979-91     Assistant Registrary: Assistant Staff Office
1991-       Personnel Officer: Assistant Staff Office
1991-99     Personnel Officer

Ogden, Samuel

1764        Geology, Woodwardian Professorship of

Ogg, Thomas Winchester

1976-96     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Ogilvie, Alan David

1997-98     Psychiatry, Clinical Lectureship

Ogilvie, Bridget, Dame

2001        High Steward

Ogilvie, John Franklin

1964-66     Physical Chemistry, Assistant in Research in

Ogilvie, Sheilagh Catheren

1989-92     Economics and Politics, Assistant Lectureship in        (University Lecturer, 1992)
1992-       Economics and Politics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Economic History, 1999)
1999        Economic History, Readership in

Ogle, Mark

1729        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    forename surmised
1740        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

O'Herlihy, Callaghan St John

1965-67     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

O'Higgins, Paul

1961-66     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1966)
1966-79     Law, Lectureship in    (Reader in Labour Law, 1979)
1979        Labour Law, Readership in    (resigned 1984)

Ohlin, Bertil

1936        Economics, Alfred Marshall Lectureship in

O'Kane, Charles Joseph

1993-       Genetics, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Okazaki, Tomomi

1987-88-    Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Japanese: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

O'Keefe, Roger Michael

2000-       Law, Assistant Lectureship in

Okes, Richard

1851        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    K
1853          DD Caput Senatus    K    M. 1850-88; DD 1848; VC 1851
1856          DD Caput Senatus    K    M. 1850-88; DD 1848; VC 1851

Okes, William

1816        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Okey, Thomas

1919        Italian, Serena Professorship of

Olczac, Stephen Andrezej

1979-81     Medicine, Clinical Lectureship

Oldershaw, Geoffrey Arthur

1959-60     Physical Chemistry, Assistant in Research in

Oldham, Henry Yule

1893-98     Geography, Lectureship in    (1)
1898-1908   Geography, Readership in
1908        Geography, Lectureship in    (2)

Oldham, Howard

1979-82     Manager: ADC Theatre

Oldham, Michelle Patricia Carol

1988-91     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1991)
1991-       Law, Lectureship in

Oldham, William

1769        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Olds, Ronald John

1963-64     Pathology, Demonstratorship in
1964-80     Pathology, Lectureship in

O'Leary, Denis Anthony

1994-96     Psychiatry, Clinical Lectureship

Oley, Barnabas

1635        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Oliphant, Marcus Laurence

1935-37     Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Olive, David Ian

1965-66     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1966)
1966-71     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Lectureship in

Oliver, Alexander Duncan

1995-97     Philosophy, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1998)
1998-       Philosophy, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Oliver, David Thomas

1926-28     Law, Lectureship in

Oliver, Edward

1697        Proctor (new cycle)    CC    Junior
1765        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)    EM

Oliver, Nicholas

1992-97     Management Studies, Lectureship in    (Reader, 1997)
1997        Management Studies, Readership in    (Professor of Management, 2000)
2000        Management, Professorship of

Oliver, Peter Raymond, Rt Hon.

1989        Commissary    Lord Oliver

Oliver, Philip

1974-79     Genetics, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1979)
1979-80-    Genetics, Lectureship in

Oliviera, David Benjamin Graeme

1995 (only) Medicine, Lectureship in

Olley, John Albert

1978-84     Architecture, Lectureship in

Ollivant, Alfred

1826          R Caput Senatus    T    F. 1823; MA 1824 (RPD 1843-49)
1843-49     Divinity, Regius Professorship of

Olsen, Noel David Lyche

1979-82     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Olson, Eric

1995-       Philosophy, Lectureship in

O'Malley, Raymond Morgan

1961-76     Education, Lectureship in

Oman, John Wood

1913        Philosophy of Religion, Stanton Lectureship in    (to 1921)
1913-16     Philosophy of Religion, Lectureship in
1919        Philosophy of Religion, Lectureship in    (re-appointed)
1928        Philosophy of Religion, Stanton Lectureship in

Omotani, Brian Katsumi

1978-79-    Computer Officer in General Board Institution

Onley, Charles

1762        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    forename surmised

Onslow, Muriel, Hon. Mrs

1926-27-    Biochemistry, Lectureship in

Oppenheim, Lassa Francis Lawrence

1908        International Law, Whewell Professorship of

Oppenheimer, Clive Matthew Martin

1994-97     Geography, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1997)
1997-       Geography, Lectureship in

Oppenheimer, Harry

1967        Commonwealth Studies, Smuts Memorial Lectureship in

O'Rahilly, Stephen

1996        Metabolic Medicine, Professorship of    (Wellcome Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Science in the Department of Medicine)

Oram, Richard

1750          R Caput Senatus    CC    F. 1746-59; MA 1749
1751        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)    forename surmised

Orawan, Egon

1947        Physics of Metals, Readership in    (resigned 1950)

Orchard, Andrew Philip McDowell

1991-       Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Lectureship in
1999        Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, Readership in    (resigned 2000)

Orchard, Michael James

1973-79     Geology, Assistant to Professor of/Assistant in Research in

Ord, Bernhard

1929-34     Music, Probationary Faculty/Faculty Assistant Lectureship in
1930        University Organist
1936-58     Music, Lectureship in

Organ, Allan John

1978-99     Engineering, Lectureship in

Orgel, Leslie Eleazer

1955-63     Theoretical Chemistry, Assistant Director of Research in    (Reader in Chemistry, 1963-64)
1963        Chemistry, Readership in    (resigned 1964)

Ormston, Roger, Sir

1504        High Steward    (deceased)

O'Rourke, Michael

1989-90-    Computer Officer: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Orr, Robert Kemsley

1947-56     Music, Lectureship in
1965        Music, Professorship of

Orriss, Peter

1974-       Superintendent: Botanic Garden
1974-75-    Technical Officer: Botany Department

Orsini, Francesca

1995-99     Oriental Studies, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 2000)
2000-       Oriental Studies, Lectureship in

Ortega, Julio

1995        Latin-American Studies, Simón Bolívar Professorship of    (Professor of Hispanic Studies, Brown University. (Spanish and Portuguese))

Orton, Charles William Previté-

1929-30-    History, Lectureship in
1937        Medieval History, Professorship of    (retired 1942)

Osbaldiston, George William

1963-67     Veterinary Clinical Studies, Demonstratorship in

Osborn, Edward

1955-57     Economics and Politics, Assistant in Research in

Osborn, Hugh

1971-72     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1972)
1972-92     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Theoretical Physics, 1992)
1992        Theoretical Physics, Readership in

Osborn, William Thompson

1947-50     Statistical Research, Assistant in Research in

Osborne, Edward

1750        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    forename surmised
1752        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    forename surmised

Osborne, Richard John

1990-95     Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapeutics, Lectureship in

O'Shaughnessy, Kevin Michael

2000-       Medicine, Lectureship in

O'Shaughnessy, Nicholas Jackson

1989-2000   Engineering, Lectureship in

Ostaby, John

1510 c.     Chaplain    Fellow of    PEM

Ostler, Alan

1956-58     Estate Management, Assistant in Research in

O'Sullivan, Finola

1999-       Senior Commissioning Editors: University Press

O'Sullivan, Janet Anne

1995-       Law, Assistant Lectureship in

Oswald, Nigel Tatham Allan

1987-88-    Director of Studies in General Practice: Clinical Medicine, School of
1993-       General Practice, Lectureship in

Ottaway, Christopher William

1949-49     Zoology, Lectureship in

Otter, Harold Stanton

1966-79     Assistant Secretary: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)    (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1979)
1979-82     Senior Assistant Secretary: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Ottewill, Ronald Harry

1955-59     Colloid Science, Senior Assistant in Research in    (Assistant Director of Research, 1959)
1959-63     Colloid Science, Assistant Director of Research in

Ottley, John

1470 c.     Chaplain
1472        Proctor    Junior

Otway, Charles

1699          LLD Caput Senatus    JN    F. 1677-1721; LLD 1688
1710          LLD Caput Senatus    JN    F. 1677-1721; LLD 1688
1713          LLD Caput Senatus    JN    F. 1677-1721; LLD 1688
1717          LLD Caput Senatus    JN    F. 1677-1721; LLD 1688

Ouditt, Reno Ramsawack

1982-90     Associate Director: University Press

Outhwaite, Richard Brian

1974-       History, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Outram, Edmund

1793        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    JN    forename surmised
1795        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior
1798        Orator/Public Orator

Outram, William

1655        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Ouwehand, Willem Hendrik

1989-90-    Haematology, Lectureship in    (Transfusion Medicine)

Overall, John

1596        Divinity, Regius Professorship of

Overman, Larry Eugene

1994        Chemistry, Alexander Todd Visiting Professorship of    (Professor of Chemistry, University of California at Irvine)

Overton, Mark

1974-79     Geography, Assistant Lectureship in

Overton, Thomas

1835        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    JN    forename surmised

Overy, Richard James

1976-79     History, Assistant Lectureship in

Ovey, Cameron Darrell

1953-58     Geography, Lectureship in

Owen, Alan Robert George

1950-69     Genetics, Lectureship in

Owen, Andrew

1654          LLD Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1634-65; LLD 1652
1656          LLD Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1634-65; LLD 1652
1657          LLD Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1634-65; LLD 1652
1659          LLD Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1634-65; LLD 1652
1661          LLD Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1634-65; LLD 1652
1664          LLD Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1634-65; LLD 1652

Owen, Arthur Ernest Bion

1975-90     Senior Under-Librarian: University Library

Owen, Dorothy Mary

1978-87     Keeper of the Archives (from 1978 the Keeper and Assistant Keeper of the Archives were transferred to the staff of the University Library)
1978-87     Under-Librarian: University Library    (Keeper of the University Archives)
1987-88     Bibliography, Sandars Readership in

Owen, Gwilym Ellis Lane

1973        Ancient Philosophy, Laurence Professorship of    (died 1982)

Owen, John Bryn

1962-71     Agriculture, Lectureship in    (Agricultural Science and Applied Biology)

Owen, Laurence Nightingale

1967-82     Animal Pathology, Assistant Director of Research in    (Clinical Veterinary Medicine, on retirement)

Owen, Richard, Sir

1859        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    'On the classifaction and geographical distribution of the Mammalia'

Owen, Robert F.

1981-82     Research Officer: Applied Economics, Department of

Owen, Timothy Richard Evan

1966-67-    Technical Officer: Geodesy and Geophysics Department

Owens, Glyn Munro Meredith-

1950-53     Persian, Assistant Lectureship in

Owens, Susan Elizabeth

1981-86     Geography, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1986)
1986-2000   Geography, Lectureship in    (Reader in Environment and Policy, 2000)
2000        Environment and Policy, Readership in

Owst, Gerald Robert

1938        Education, Professorship of (1938)

Oxburgh, Ernest Ronald

1978        Mineralogy and Petrology, Professorship of    (retired 1991)

Oxenbridge, Andrew

1562        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Oxenden, George

1692        Vice-Chancellor    LL.D.    TH
1695        Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH    Regius Professor of Law

Oxenden, John

1684        Civil Law, Regius Professor of

Ozanne (Furness), Audrey Evelyn

1956-61     Anglo-Saxon, Assistant Lectureship in