Nacey, Michael Anthony

1995-99     Assistant Treasurer

Nadal, Raphael M.

1972        Spanish or Portuguese Literature, Norman Maccoll Lectureship in

Nairne, Alexander

1922        Divinity, Regius Professorship of

Namier, Lewis Bernstein, Sir

1959        Literature, Leslie Stephen Lectureship in

Napier, Brian William

1975-79     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1979)
1979-89     Law, Lectureship in
1982-84     Deputy University Advocate    Ph.D.
1984-86     University Advocate    Ph.D.

Napolitano, Valentina

1997-       Graduate Staff: Latin-American Studies Centre

Narasimha, Roddam

1989        Nehru, Jawaharlal, Visiting Professorship    (Engineering)

Nash, Anthony Aubrey

1984-94     Pathology, Lectureship in

Nash, Peter

1974-76     Engineering, Senior Assistant in Research in

Nasmith, James

1771        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Natali, Alfredo Gabriele

1990-91-    Medieval and Modern Languages, Lector, Italian: Medieval and Modern Languages, Special Board for (Lectors)

Natares [Natures], Edmund

1506        Proctor    Senior
1517        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    ClaH
1520        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    ClaH    again
1525, 1526  Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    ClaH    again

Nathanielsz, Peter William

1966-69     Physiology, Senior Demonstrator    (University Lecturer, 1969)
1969-78     Physiology, Lectureship in

Naugrette, Jean-Pierre

1977-78     Medieval and Modern Languages, Lector, French: Medieval and Modern Languages, Special Board for (Lectors)

Naunton, Robert, Sir

1594        Orator/Public Orator
1601        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior
1621        Representative in Parliament    Public Orator, 1594
1624        Representative in Parliament    Public Orator, 1594, again
1625        Representative in Parliament    Public Orator, 1594, again

Navaratnam, Visvanatnan

1966-69     Anatomy, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1969)
1969-2000   Anatomy, Lectureship in

Navarro, José Maria de

1926-29     English, Lectureship in    (from 1929 in Archaeology and Anthropology)
1929-56     Archaeology and Anthropology, Lectureship in    (previously in the English Faculty) (listed on retirement as 'Anglo-Saxon')

Naylor, Christopher?

1621        Mathematical Lecturer    SID    forename surmised

Naylor, Edward Woodall

1926-32     Music, Lectureship in

Naylor, Granville Rex Etchell

1946-51     Pathology, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1951)
1951-80     Pathology, Lectureship in    (or to 1963?)

Naylor, John

1683        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)
1684        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Naylor, John Charles

2000-       Director: University Press    (Technical Development)

Naylor, Martin Joseph

1790        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)
1792        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)
1797        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Neal, Bernard George

1949-53     Engineering, Demonstrator    (University Lecturer, 1953)
1953-54     Engineering, Lectureship in

Neal, Michael James

1965-69     Pharmacology, Demonstratorship in

Neal, Timothy Rufus

1996-99     Senior Commissioning Editors: University Press    (Manager, Digital Business Coordination, 1999)
1999-       Other Managers: University Press    (Digital Business Coordination)

Neale, Graham

1981-94     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Neale, William Wray

1966-88     Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Nedderman, Ronald Midgley

1960-65     Chemical Engineering, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1965)
1965-99     Chemical Engineering, Lectureship in

Needham (née Spärck-Jones), Karen Ida Boalth

1988-94     Computer Laboratory, Assistant Director of Research in the    (Reader in Computers and Information, 1994)

Needham, Noël Joseph Terence Montgomery

1928-33     Biochemistry, Demonstratorship in    (Reader in Biochemistry, 1933)
1933        Biochemistry, Sir William Dunn Readership in

Needham, Robert

1672          R Caput Senatus    Q    F. 1669-78; MA 1671

Needham, Roger Michael

1963-64     Mathematical Laboratory, Senior Assistant in Research in the    (Assistant Director of Research, 1964)
1964-73     Mathematical Laboratory, Assistant Director of Research at    (Reader in Computer Systems, 1973)
1973        Computer Systems, Readership in    (elected Professor of Computer Systems 1981)
1981        Computer Systems, Professorship of    (retired 31 Dec. 1998)
1996:01-1998:12 Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Needham, William

1683        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Needs, Richard James

1983-88     Physics, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1988)
1988-99     Physics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Theoretical and Computational Physics, 1999)
1999        Theoretical and Computational Physics, Readership in

Neely, Andrew David

1994-       Engineering, Lectureship in

Nehru, Braj Kumar, His Excellency

1974-75     Kingsley Martin Memorial Lectureship

Neil, Robert Alexander

1883        Sanskrit, Lectureship in
1886-89     Indian Civil Service Studies, University Teacher (Lecturer), Sanskrit: Indian Civil Service Studies, Board of    (University Lecturer in Sanskrit, 1883)
1892-1901   Indian Civil Service Studies, University Teacher (Lecturer), Sanskrit: Indian Civil Service Studies, Board of

Neild, Robert Ralph

1956-58     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in
1971        Economics, Professorship of (1965)    (retired 1984)

Neill, Stephen Charles

1939        Christian Theology, Hulsean Lectureship in
1945-47     Divinity, Lectureship in
1946        Christian Theology, Hulsean Lectureship in

Nekovar, Jan

1995-       Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Lectureship in

Nelson, John

1986-87     Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Nesme, Axel-Antoine

1985-86     Medieval and Modern Languages, Lector, French: Medieval and Modern Languages, Special Board for (Lectors)

Nethersole, Francis, Sir

1611        Orator/Public Orator

Neugebauer, O.

1939        Rouse Ball Lecturer

Nevanlinna, R.

1951        Rouse Ball Lecturer

Nevile, Thomas

1580        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior
1588        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    M

Neville, Francis Henry

1887        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Neville, George, Hon.

1818        Vice-Chancellor    M.A.    M

Neville, John

1748        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)

Neville, Latimer, Hon.

1859, 1860  Vice-Chancellor    M.A.    M

Neville, William

1728        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    CHR    forename surmised

New, Denis Alan Trevor

1967-96     Physiology, Lectureship in

Newall, Hugh Frank

1886-87     Experimental Physics, Assistant Demonstrator    (Professor of Astrophysics, 1909)
1887-90     Experimental Physics, Demonstrator    (Professor of Astrophysics, 1909)
1891-       Newall Observer: Observatories    (Director of the Solar Physics Laboratory, 1913-28)
1909        Astrophysics, Professorship of

Newbery, David Michael Garrood

1966-71     Economics and Politics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1971)
1971-86     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Economics, 1986)
1986        Economics, Readership in    (Professor of Applied Economics 1988)
1988        Applied Economics, Professorship of

Newbery, Humphrey

1677          R Caput Senatus    K    F. 1669; MA 1674

Newbold, Linda Marian

1985-86-    Assistant Secretary: Education, Department of
1992-98     General Board: Administrative Assistants    (Assistant Registrary, 1998)
1998-       Assistant Registrary

Newbolt, William Charles Edmund

1900        Pastoral Theology, Lecturer in

Newbon, Richard

1750        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)
1751        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)

Newbould, Anne

1996-       Registry: Administrative Assistants/Administrative Officers

Newbould, Charles Arthur

1978-80     Assistant to the Secretaries: Schools Examination Syndicate    (Assistant Secretary, 1980)
1980-86     Assistant Secretary: Schools Examination Syndicate    (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1986)
1986-87-    Senior Assistant Secretary: Schools Examination Syndicate

Newbury, Richard

1990-91-    Senior Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory

Newcome, Daniel

1704        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior
1705        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    EM    forename surmised

Newcome, Henry

1757        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    forename surmised
1760        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Newcome, John

1713        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    JN    forename surmised
1727-65     Divinity, Lady Margaret's Professorship of
1735          DD Caput Senatus    JN    M. 1735-65; DD 1725; LMP 1727-65
1736          DD Caput Senatus    JN    M. 1735-65; DD 1725; LMP 1727-65
1740          DD Caput Senatus    JN    M. 1735-65; DD 1725; LMP 1727-65
1742          DD Caput Senatus    JN    M. 1735-65; DD 1725; LMP 1727-65
1743          DD Caput Senatus    JN    M. 1735-65; DD 1725; LMP 1727-65
1751          DD Caput Senatus    JN    M. 1735-65; DD 1725; LMP 1727-65
1755          DD Caput Senatus    JN    M. 1735-65; DD 1725; LMP 1727-65

Newcome, Robert

1610        Commissary    LL.D.

Newell, John Philip

1978-80     Surgery, Clinical Lectureship
1981-82-    Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Newhouse, Thomas

1715        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    CAI    forename surmised

Newland, David Edward

1976        Engineering, Professorship of (1875)

Newlands, George McLeod

1973-86     Divinity, Lectureship in

Newman, Barry George

1955-58     Engineering, Lectureship in

Newman, Leslie Frank

1928-30     Methods of Agricultural Analysis, Demonstratorship in
1929        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Newman, Maxwell Herman Alexander

1926-27     Mathematics, Probationary Faculty/Faculty Assistant Lectureship in
1927-45     Mathematics, Lectureship in

Newman, Robert

1639        Mathematical Lecturer    K    forename surmised

Newman, Sarah Kingsley

1987        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Newport, John Ernest

1970        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Newsom, Samuel William Babington

1976-94     Pathology, Associate Lectureship in

Newsome, David Hay

1962-66     Divinity, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1966)
1966-70     Divinity, Lectureship in

Newton, Alfred

1866        Zoology (and Comparative Anatomy), Professorship of (1866)

Newton, Alison Anne

1959-64     Biochemistry, Demonstratorship in
1964-87     Biochemistry, Lectureship in

Newton, Benjamin

1753        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)
1755        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)

Newton, Fogge

1610        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    K

Newton, Francis

1562        Vice-Chancellor    B.D. [D.D. 1563]; Fellow of    T

Newton, Isaac, Sir

1669        Mathematics, Lucasian Professorship of    with royal leave not to take holy orders
1689        Representative in Parliament    Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
1701:12:30  Representative in Parliament    Lucasian Professor of Mathematics; again

Newton, John Millard

1964-69     English, Assistant Lectureship in

Newton, Lancelot

1718        Barnaby Lecturer    (jnr) (Mathematics)    forename surmised; or Grove, [William?]
1720        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    JN    forename surmised
1725        Registrary

Newton, Thomas

1791        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)

Nex, Christopher Michael Martin

1972-81     Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory    (Computer Officer, 1981)
1981-82-    Computer Officer in General Board Institution

Ng, Chaan Soong Andrew

1998-       Radiology, Lectureship in

Ng, Mau Sang

1993-94     Chinese Studies, Lectureship in

Nicholas de Botlesham

1363        Proctor    Junior

Nicholas de Hameworth

1335-36     Proctor    Senior

Nicholas de Kenton

1445        Chancellor

Nicholas de Swaffham

1418        Vice-Chancellor    Carmelite

Nicholas, George Frederick

1835        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Nicholas, Tressilian Charles

1919        Geology, Assistant to Professor of/Assistant in Research in
1919-26     Geology, Additional Demonstrator    (University Lecturer in Geology, 1926)
1926-36     Geology, Lectureship in

Nicholl, Jestyn Hume

1884-85     Mechanism, Demonstratorship in

Nicholls, David Gwyn

1985        Christian Theology, Hulsean Lectureship in

Nicholls, Derek Clifford

1974-99     Land Economy, Lectureship in

Nicholls, James Thomas

1996-       Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Nicholls, Richard Vaughan

1975-83     Senior Keeper: Fitzwilliam Museum

Nicholls, Trudy Denise Morton

1968-70     Engineering, Assistant in (Experimental) Research in

Nicholls, William

1722        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)

Nichols, Christopher

1767        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)

Nichols, George

1509        University Counsel

Nichols, Nicholas

1728        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    CL    forename surmised

Nichols, Roy Franklin

1948        American History and Institutions, (Pitt) Professorship of

Nichols, Sarah Katherine Bowes

1996-2000   Other Managers: University Press    (Marketing Services)

Nicholson, D. P.

1997-       Iberian Branch: Sales and Marketing Director: University Press

Nicholson, Ernest Wilson

1967-79     Divinity, Lectureship in

Nicholson, Harold

1961-67     Engineering, Lectureship in

Nicholson, Harry Helstrip

1930-50     Agricultural Chemistry, Lectureship in
1950        Soil Science, Readership in    (retired 1959)

Nicholson, Jennifer

1973-73     University Library, Assistant in Research in the
1973-73     Assistant in Research: University Library

Nicholson, Joseph Shield

1904        Agriculture, History and Economics of, Gilbey Lectureship in

Nicholson, Michael

1949-51     Agriculture, Demonstratorship in

Nicholson, Reynold Alleyne

1902        Persian, Lectureship in    (elected Sir Thomas Adams Professor of Arabic 1926)
1902-04     Indian Civil Service Studies, University Teacher (Lecturer), Persian: Indian Civil Service Studies, Board of    (University Lecturer in Persian)
1926        Arabic, Sir Thomas Adams' Professorship of

Nicholson, Robin Buchanan

1960-64     Metallurgy, Demonstratorship in
1964-66     Metallurgy, Lectureship in

Nicholson, Sydney Hugo

1934        Pastoral Theology, Lecturer in

Nickels, Timothy Bruce

1998-       Engineering, Lectureship in

Nicol, Alexander Douglas Ian

1954-60     Assistant Secretary: Careers Service
1972        Secretary General of the Faculties

Nicol, Davidson

1975        Commonwealth Studies, Smuts Memorial Lectureship in

Nicoll, Gordon Ramsay

1961-68     Engineering, Lectureship in

Nicolson, Harold George, Hon.

1937        Literature, Leslie Stephen Lectureship in
1937        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    'The meaning of prestige'

Nicolson, John Thomas

1889-92     Mechanism, Demonstratorship in

Nielsen, Knut Schmidt-

1970        Vertebrate Zoology, Hans Gadow Memorial Lectureship

Nikayin, Fazlolah

1972-77     Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Persian: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

Nikiforakis, Nikolaos

1996-       Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Nind, Robert Arthur

1972-78     Secretary: Physical Sciences, School of

Nind, William

1851        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Nineham, Dennis Eric

1964        Divinity, Regius Professorship of    (resigned 1969)

Niranjan, Mahesan

1990-98     Engineering, Lectureship in

Nisbet, Euan George

1978-81     Mineralogy and Petrology, Demonstratorship in

Nisbet, Hugh Barr

1982        Modern Languages, Professorship of

Nixon, Howard Millar

1967        Bibliography, Sandars Readership in

Nixon, Janice Margaret

1967-72     Human Ecology, Assistant in Research in

Nixon, William Charles

1959-62     Engineering, Assistant Director of Research in    (University Lecturer, 1962)
1962-89     Engineering, Lectureship in
1992        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

No appointment

1921        Literature, Leslie Stephen Lectureship in
1931        Rouse Ball Lecturer
1943        Literature, Leslie Stephen Lectureship in

No election

1946        American History and Institutions, (Pitt) Professorship of

Nobbs, Charles David

1996-       Director: University Press    (UK Distribution)

Noble, Ralph Athelstane

1949-57     Psychiatry, Associate Lectureship in

Noblett, William Andrew

1974-79     Assistant Library Officer: University Library
1979-82     Assistant Under-Librarian: University Library
1982-83-    Under-Librarian: University Library

Nock, Arthur Darby

1926-30     Classics, Lectureship in

Nockolds, Stephen Robert

1937-45     Mineralogy and Petrology, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1945)
1945-57     Mineralogy and Petrology, Lectureship in    (Reader in Geochemistry, 1957)
1957        Geochemistry, Readership in    (resigned 1972)

Noel, John

1733        University Counsel

Noel, John Langton

1989-90-    Assistant to the Secretaries: Schools Examination Syndicate

Nolan, Francis Joseph David

1978-83     Linguistics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1983)
1983-98     Linguistics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Phonetics, 1998)
1998        Phonetics, Readership in

Nolan, Peter Hugh

1979-83     Economics and Politics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1983)
1983-97     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in    (Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management, 1997)
1997        Chinese Management, Sinyi Professorship of

Nolan, Richard Charles

1995-97     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1998)
1998-       Law, Lectureship in

Nordenfalk, Carl

1972        Fine Art, Slade Professorship of

Norgate, Robert

1584        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    CC

Norman, Arthur Charles

1980-99     Computer Laboratory, Lecturer in the

Norman, David Bruce

1992-       Curator: Geology, Sedgwick Memorial Museum of

Norman, Edward Robert

1965-68     History, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1968)
1968-88     History, Lectureship in

Norman, Kenneth

1968-82     Superintendent: Physiological Laboratory

Norman, Kenneth Roy

1955-78     Prakrit, Lectureship in    (Reader in Indian Studies, 1978)
1978        Indian Studies, Readership in    (appointed Professor of Indian Studies 1990)
1990        Indian Studies, Professorship of    (retired 1992)

Norres, Richard

1514        Proctor    Senior

Norris, Elizabeth Anne

1987-88-    Assistant to the Secretaries: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Norris, James Ritchie

1986-90     Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1990)
1990-99     Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Stochastic Analysis, 1999)
1999        Stochastic Analysis, Readershiup in

Norris, John Pilkington

1884        Pastoral Theology, Lecturer in

Norris, Paul Graham

1996-       Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Norrish, Ronald George Wreyford

1926-30     Chemistry, Demonstratorship in, Demonstrator    (University Lecturer, 1930)
1930-37     Physical Chemistry, Humphrey Owen Jones Lectureship in    (Professor, 1937)
1937        Physical Chemistry, Professorship of

North, David Colin

1995-2000   Deputy Director: Central Biomedical Services

North, Douglass Cecil

1981        American History and Institutions, (Pitt) Professorship of

North, John, Hon.

1672:10:30  Greek, Regius Professorship of

Northam, John Richard

1953-57     English, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1957)
1957-72     English, Lectureship in
1976-77     Poetry or Drama, Judith E. Wilson Lectureship in

Northam, William Frederick

1976-85     Secretary: Zoology, Department of    (Keeper, Fitzwilliam Museum, 1985)
1985-86-    Keeper: Fitzwilliam Museum

Northcote, Donald Henry

1948-53     Biochemistry, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1953)
1953-65     Biochemistry, Lectureship in    (Reader in Plant Biochemistry, 1965)
1965        Plant Biochemistry, Readership in    (elected Professor of Plant Biochemistry 1972)
1966        Plant Physiology, F. F. Blackman Memorial Lectureship in
1972        Plant Biochemistry, Professorship of    (retired 1989)

Northcott, Douglas Geoffrey

1949-51     Mathematics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1951)
1951-52     Mathematics, Lectureship in

Northeast, Christine Heather

1988-89-    Computer Officer in General Board Institution

Northwood, Thomas

1485        Chancellor

Norton, Frederick John

1962        Bibliography, Sandars Readership in
1970        Bibliography, Readership in    (retired 1972)

Norton, John

1625        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Norton, Simon Phillips

1983-84-    Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Senior Assistant in Research in

Norton, William

1716        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    K    forename surmised; or Ellis, [Jeremiah]

Nourallah, Mahmoud Riad

1978-82     Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Arabic: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

Nourse, Peter [1]

1687        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)
1689          R Caput Senatus    JN    F. 1686-1703; MA 1686 (BD 1693; DD 1698)

Nourse, Peter [2]

1741        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)

Noy/e, William

1631        University Counsel    (d. 1634)

Noyes, Samuel

1700        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Nunns, Elaine

1995-       Registry: Computer Officer

Nutbourne, Anthony William

1968-70     Engineering, Assistant Director of Research in    (University Lecturer, 1970)
1970-88     Engineering, Lectureship in

Nuti, Domenico Mario

1971-73     Economics and Politics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1973)
1973-79     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

Nuttall, George Henry Falkiner

1900-06     Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine, Lectureship in    (appointed Reader in Hygiene, 1906)
1906        Biology, Quick Professorship of
1906        Hygiene, Readership in

Nutting, Jack

1949-54     Metallurgy, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1954)
1954-60     Metallurgy, Lectureship in

Nycolson, James

1508        Proctor    Senior

Nye, John Frederick

1949-51     Mineralogy and Petrology, Demonstratorship in