Eachard, John

1679        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    CTH
1695        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.    CTH    again

Eade, Robert

1643          MD Caput Senatus    CAI    F. 1633-42; MD 1642

Eaden, Barry Elliott

1974-77     Assistant Under-Librarian: University Library
1977-78-    Under-Librarian: University Library

Eagleson, Geoffrey Kennedy

1971-80     Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Lectureship in

Earl, Helena Margaret

1996-       Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapeutics, Lectureship in

Earnshaw, Samuel

1838        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)

Earp, John William

1954        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Eason, Thomas Alexander

1989-90-    Assistant to the Secretaries: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Easterbrook, William Thomas

1955        American History and Institutions, (Pitt) Professorship of
1955-56     Economics, Alfred Marshall Lectureship in

Easterling, Henry John

1970-75     Classics, Assistant Lectureship in
1983-86     Senior Assistant Registrary    (Draftsman)
1986-99     Principal Assistant Registrary    (Draftsman, retired)

Easterling, Patricia Elizabeth

1968-69     Classics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1969)
1969-87     Classics, Lectureship in    (Regius Professor, 1994)
1994        Greek, Regius Professorship of    (previously Professor of Greek, University College, London)

Eastham, Leonard Ernest Sydney

1927-32     Advanced and Economic Entomology, Lectureship in

Easton, Douglas Frederick

1995-99     Community Medicine, Lectureship in    (Reader in Genetic Epidemiology, 1999)
1999        Genetic Epidemiology, Readership in

Eaton, Alan Charles

1982-85     Surgery, Clinical Lectureship

Eaton, William Clement

1968        American History and Institutions, (Pitt) Professorship of

Eatwell, John Leonard

1975-77     Economics and Politics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1977)
1977-78-    Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

Ebden, James Collett

1821        Proctor (new cycle)
1824          NR Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1817-28; MA 1819; Proctor 1821; previously F.Cai.
1825          NR Caput Senatus    TH    F. 1817-28; MA 1819; Proctor 1821; previously F.Cai.
1825        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    forename surmised

Ebden, John

1550        Proctor    Junior

Ebsworth, Evelyn Algernon Valentine

1959-64     Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Demonstratorship in
1964-67     Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Lectureship in

Eccardt, Rupert William George Moss-

1993-96     Registry: Computer Officer

Eccleshare, Colin Forster

1973-77     Director: University Press    (Director of Group Projects)

Eccleston, John

1506        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    JE
1514, 1515  Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    JE    again

Echenique, Marcial

1970-80     Architecture, Lectureship in    (Reader in Architecture and Urban Studies, 1980)
1980        Architecture and Urban Studies, Readership in    (Professor of Land Use and Transport Studies, 1993)
1993        Land Use and Transport Studies, Professorship of

Echlin, Patrick

1963-71     Botany, Senior Assistant in Research in    (Assistant Director of Research, 1971)
1971-82     Botany, Assistant Director of Research in    (University Lecturer, 1982)
1982-99     Botany, Lectureship in    ('Plant Sciences' on retirement)
1993        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Eckmann, Beno

1986        Rouse Ball Lecturer

Eddington, Arthur Stanley, Sir

1913        Astronomy (and Experimental Philosophy), Plumian Professorship of    (died 1944)
1914-44     Director: Observatories    (Plumian Professor, 1913; Knighted, 1930; died 1944)

Ede, William Moore

1906        Pastoral Theology, Lecturer in

Eden, Charles

1638        Commissary    M.A.; Fellow of    TH    (d. 1647/8)
1645        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Eden, Mary Ann Mackay

1967-71     Investigative Medicine, Assistant in Research in

Eden, Richard John

1957-64     Mathematics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Theoretical Physics, 1964)
1964        Theoretical Physics, Readership in    (elected Professor of Energy Studies 1982)
1982        Energy Studies, Professorship of    (retired 1989)

Eden, Thomas

1626        Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH
1628        Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH    again
1640:04:13  Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH    again
1640:11:03  Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH    again

Edge, William Leonard

1930-32     Mathematics, Probationary Faculty/Faculty Assistant Lectureship in

Edgley, Stephen Alan

1986-89     Anatomy, Demonstratorship in    (University Assistant Lecturer, 1989)
1989-91     Anatomy, Assistant Lectureship in    (previously Demonstrator, University Lecturer, 1991)
1991-       Anatomy, Lectureship in

Edimna, Thomas

1502        Proctor    Senior

Edington, Jeffrey William

1967-70     Metallurgy, Senior Assistant in Research in    (Assistant Director of Research, 1970)
1970-76     Metallurgy (and Materials Science), Assistant Director of Research in

Edleston, Joseph

1842        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)    T    forename surmised
1843          R Caput Senatus    T    F. & Bursar, 1840-63; MA 1841 (Proctor 1854; LLD 1863)
1854        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Edmonds (née Gray), Jennifer Mary

1970-74     Botany, Demonstratorship in

Edmonds, David Vernon

1972-75     Metallurgy (and Materials Science), Assistant Director of Research in

Edmonds, John Maxwell

1926-40     Classics, Lectureship in

Edmonds, S. M.

1974-75-    Chairman of Women's Board: Careers Service

Edmunds, John

1522        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    PET
1527, 1528  Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    PET    again
1540        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    PET    again
1542        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    PET    again
1543        Vice-Chancellor    D.D.; Master of    PET    again

Edmundson, William

1702          R Caput Senatus    JN    F. 1698-1736; MA 1699 (DD 1714)
1703        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    forename surmised

Edwards, Anthony Vaughan

1963-66     Veterinary Physiology, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1966)
1966-89     Physiology, Lectureship in    (Reader in Neuroendocrine Physiology, 1989)
1989        Neuroendocrine Physiology, Readership in

Edwards, Anthony William Fairbank

1969-78     Human Ecology, Assistant Director of Research in    (Reader in Mathematical Biology, 1978)
1978        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior
1978        Mathematical Biology, Readership in    (Professor of Biometry, 2000)
2000        Biometry, Professorship of

Edwards, Corwin D.

1953        American History and Institutions, (Pitt) Professorship of

Edwards, David Arthur Wright

1946-48     Anatomy, Demonstratorship in

Edwards, David Lawrence

1966        Christian Theology, Hulsean Lectureship in

Edwards, David Robert Adrian Lloyd-

1990-91     Dental Officer: University Health Services

Edwards, Edward

1791        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)    CC    forename surmised

Edwards, Gay Margaret

1972-76     Graduate Assistant/Information Officer: Careers Service

Edwards, Jeremy Simon Stracey

1979-84     Economics and Politics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1984)
1984-96     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Economics, 1996)
1996        Economics, Readership in

Edwards, Kenneth John Richard

1966-84     Genetics, Lectureship in    (Secretary General, 1984)
1984        Secretary General of the Faculties

Edwards, Malcolm Stuart

1999-       Assistant Registrary

Edwards, Owen Morris

1976-77-    Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Edwards, Paul Anthony Wright

1984-       Pathology, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Edwards, Peter Philip

1979-83     Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Demonstratorship in
1983-91     Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Lectureship in

Edwards, Robert Geoffrey

1968        Physiology, Readership in    (elected Professor of Human Reproduction 1985)
1985        Human Reproduction, Professorship of    (retired 1989)

Edwards, Samuel Frederick, Sir

1972        Physics, John Humphrey Plummer Professorship of    (elected Cavendish Professor, 1984)
1984        Physics, Cavendish Professorship of
1992:10-1995:09 Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Edwards, Trevor Patrick

1979-84     Assistant to the Secretaries: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)    (Assistant Secretary, 1984)
1984-85-    Assistant Secretary: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Edwards, William Henry

1848        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Edwards, William, or, conceivably, Godolphin

1719        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    forename surmised

Edwardson, John Michael

1984-2000   Pharmacology, Lectureship in    (Reader in Molecular Pharmacology, 2000)
2000        Molecular Pharmacology, Readership in

Efstathiou, George Petros

1984-87     Astronomy, Senior Assistant in Research in    (Assistant Director of Research, 1987)
1987-89     Astronomy, Assistant Director of Research in
1997        Astrophysics, Professorship of    (previously Savilian Professor of Astronomy, University of Oxford)

Efstathiou, Helena Jane

1988-89     Computer Laboratory, Lecturer in the

Efstathiou, Stathi

1993-       Pathology, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Egerton, Thomas, Sir

1586        University Counsel    (d. 1617)

Eggan, Fred

1971        Social Anthropology, Frazer Lectureship in

Eggleston, Harold Gordon

1953-58     Mathematics, Lectureship in

Eggleton, Peter Philip

1973-97     Astronomy, Assistant Director of Research in    (University Lecturer, 1997)
1997-99     Astronomy, Lectureship in    (Reader in Stellar Evolution, 1999)
1999        Stellar Evolution, Readership in

Eichholz, Alfred

1896        Physiology, Additional Demonstrator

Eickhoff, Keith Guy

1955-55     Engineering, Senior Assistant in Research in

Eimer, Martin

1997-       Experimental Psychology, Lectureship in

Einstein, Albert

1932        Rouse Ball Lecturer

Eisenman, Peter David

1962-63     Architecture, Assistant Lectureship in

Eiteman, Nobuko Ishii

1978-83     Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Japanese: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

Ekins, John

1683        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Elcombe, Patrick Alexander

1970-71     Assistant Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory    (Technical Officer, 1971)
1971-80     Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory

Elder, John William

1969-69     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Elderfield, Henry

1982-89     Earth Sciences, Assistant Director of Research in    (Reader in Geochemistry, 1989)
1989        Geochemistry, Readership in    (Professor of Ocean Geochemistry and Palaeochemistry, 1999)
1999        Ocean Geochemistry and Palaeochemistry, Professorship of

Election suspended

1940        Bibliography, Sandars Readership in
1941        Christian Theology, Hulsean Lectureship in

Elgar, William Henry

1947-63     Estate Management, Lectureship in

Elias, Patrick

1975-79     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1979)
1979-84     Law, Lectureship in

Eliot, Lawrence

1752        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)    forename surmised
1760          NR Caput Senatus    M    F. 1749; MA 1751; Taxor 1752 (Proctor 1761)
1761        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Elkerton, Raymund William

1954-56     Estate Management, Assistant Lectureship in

Ellar, David John

1968-72     Biochemistry, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1972)
1972-93     Biochemistry, Lectureship in    (Reader in Microbial Biochemistry, 1993)
1993        Microbial Biochemistry, Readership in    (Professor, 1999)
1999        Microbial Biochemistry, Professorship of

Elles, Gertrude Lilian

1926-36     Geology, Lectureship in
1936        Geology, Readership in    (retired 1938)

Ellicott, Charles John

1860        Hulsean Professor

Ellington, Charles Porter

1979-84     Zoology, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1984)
1984-97     Zoology, Lectureship in    (Reader in Animal Mechanics, 1997)
1997        Animal Mechanics, Readership in    (Professor, 1999)
1999        Animal Mechanics, Professorship of

Elliott, Claude Aurelius

1926-33     History, Lectureship in

Elliott, John Graham

1984-85-    Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory

Elliott, John Huxtable

1957-62     History, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1962)
1962-67     History, Lectureship in
1982-83     History, George Macaulay Trevelyan Lectureship in

Elliott, Mark Christopher

2000-       Law, Assistant Lectureship in

Elliott, Stephen Richard

1979-84     Physical Chemistry, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1984)
1984-94     Physical Chemistry, University Lectureship in    (Reader in Solid-State Chemical Physics, 1994)
1994        Solid-State Chemical Physics, Readership in    (Professor of Chemical Physics, 1999)
1999        Chemical Physics, Professorship of

Elliott, Stuart Dunsmore

1937-39     Pathology, Demonstratorship in
1954-66     Animal Pathology, Assistant Director of Research in    (Assistant Director of Research in Pathology, 1966)
1966-74     Pathology, Assistant Director of Research in

Elliott, William Sidney

1966-66     Engineering, Assistant Director of Research in

Ellis, Charles

1691        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)

Ellis, Charles Drummond

1924-26     Experimental Physics, Assistant Demonstrator    (University Lecturer in Physics, 1926)
1926-36     Physics, Lectureship in

Ellis, Edward

1586        University Counsel

Ellis, George Francis Rayner

1968-70     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1970)
1970-74     Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Lectureship in

Ellis, Harold

1988-89-    University Clinical Anatomist: Clinical Medicine, School of

Ellis, Jeremiah

1716        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    K    forename surmised; or Norton, [William]

Ellis, John

1799        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    K    forename surmised
1801        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    forename surmised

Ellis, Peter David Maitland

1977-78-    Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Ellis, Richard Salisbury

1993        Astronomy (and Experimental Philosophy), Plumian Professorship of    (previously Professor of Astronomy, University of Durham. Resigned as from 31 Dec. 1999)
1994-99     Director: Astronomy, Institute of

Ellis, Thomas

1778        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    JN    forename surmised

Ellis, William

1597        University Counsel

Ellis, William George Pharoe

1895-98     Botany, Demonstratorship in, Junior

Ellison, George Thomas Henry

1997-2000   Biological Anthropology, Assistant Lectureship in

Ellison, Thomas

1785        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)

Elliston, William

1763        Vice-Chancellor    M.A.    SID
1766          DD Caput Senatus    SID    M. 1760-1807; DD 1764; VC 1763, 1786; prev. Joh
1786:11:18  Vice-Chancellor    M.A.    SID    again
1788          DD Caput Senatus    SID    M. 1760-1807; DD 1764; VC 1763, 1786; prev. Joh

Ellman, Maud

1989-90-    English, Lectureship in

Ellman, Michael John

1975-76     Senior Research Officer: Applied Economics, Department of

Ellory, John Clive

1975-85     Physiology, Lectureship in

Ellys, Anthony

1720        Barnaby Lecturer    (Mathematics)    CL    forename surmised

Ellys, John, Sir

1695          NR Caput Senatus    CAI    F. 1659-1703; MA 1655 (M. 1702-03; VC 1704)
1704          MD Caput Senatus    CAI    MD 1704; VC 1704
1704        Vice-Chancellor    M.D.    CAI

Elsmore, Bruce

1955-65     Physics, Senior Assistant in Research in    (Senior Technical Officer, 1965)
1965-81     Senior Technical Officer: Cavendish Laboratory    (Assistant Director of Research, 1981)
1981-89     Physics, Assistant Director of Research in

Elton, Edward

1595        Mathematical Lecturer

Elton, Geoffrey Rudolph, Sir

1949-53     History, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1953)
1953-63     History, Lectureship in    (Reader in Tudor Studies, 1963)
1963        Tudor Studies, Readership in    (elected Professor of English Constitutional History 1967)
1967        English Constitutional History, Professorship of    (elected to the Regius Professorship of Modern History, 1983)
1983        Modern History, Regius Professorship of

Eltringham, Stewart Keith

1973-96     Applied Biology, Lectureship in

Elvin, John Mark Dutton

1964-67     Modern Chinese History, Assistant Lectureship in

Emeléus, Harry Julius

1945-46     Inorganic Chemistry, Readership in    (appointed Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 1946)
1946-70     Inorganic Chemistry, Professorship of

Emerton, John Adney

1955-62     Divinity, Lectureship in
1968        Hebrew, Regius Professorship of

Emery, Carl Thomas

1974-77     Law, Assistant Lectureship in

Emery, Christopher James Frederick Hamilton-

1997-       Other Managers: University Press    (Publishing Division Production Manager)
2000-       Associate Director: University Press

Emery, William

1853          R Caput Senatus    CC    F. 1847-65; MA 1850; Dean 1853 (etc) (BD 1858; Proctor 1861)
1853        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)
1861        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Emmet, Dorothy Mary

1950        Philosophy of Religion, Stanton Lectureship in

Emmines, John Peter

1996        Esquire Bedell    PET    vice Tee

Empson, Richard, Sir

1504        High Steward

Encinas, Francis

1549        Greek, Regius Professorship of

Engerman, Stanley Lewis

1998        American History and Institutions, (Pitt) Professorship of    (John H. Munro Professor of Economics, and of History, University of Rochester; assigned to the Faculty of Economics and Politics)

England, Richard William

1993-       Earth Sciences, Senior Assistant in Research in

Engledow, Frank Leonard, Sir

1926-30     Agriculture and Forestry, Lectureship in    (elected Drapers' Professor of Agriculture, 1930)
1930        Agriculture, Drapers' Professorship of

English, Terence Alexander Hawthorne, [Sir]

1976-95     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Ennis, Martin William

1995-97     Music, Assistant Lectureship in
1997-       Music, Lectureship in

Epinay, Pierre André Lalive d'

1978        Legal Science, Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professorship of

Epstein, David Bernard Alper

1962-64     Mathematics, Assistant Lectureship in

Erdös, Paul

1957        Rouse Ball Lecturer
1978-79     Mordell Lectureship [in Pure Mathematics]

Ergin, T.

1965-67     Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors), Turkish: Oriental Languages, Faculty of (Lectors)

Erhard, Karl Hans Ludwig

1956-57     Physical Chemistry, Assistant in Research in

Erickson, Charlotte

1982        American History, Paul Mellon Professorship of    (retired 1990)

Ernest, Gary

1985-87     Manager: ADC Theatre

Errington, Lindsay Margaret

1988        Fine Art, Slade Professorship of

Esch (Harding), Edith Marie

1975-90     Applied Linguistics, Assistant Director of Research in    (Director of the Language Centre, 1990)
1990-99     Director: Language Centre

Eschenmöser, Albert

1981        Chemistry, Alexander Todd Visiting Professorship of    (4-24 May)

Escovar, Ramón

1982        Latin-American Studies, Simón Bolívar Professorship of    (Economics and Politics)

Esdaile, Arundell James Kennedy

1926        Bibliography, Sandars Readership in

Estrange, John Laurence L'

1962-66     Agriculture, Demonstratorship in

Etherton, Michael

1968-71     Technical Officer: Computer Laboratory (earlier, Mathematical Laboratory)

Eusden, Laurence

1669        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Logic)

Evans, Abraham

1771        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Philosophy)

Evans, Alice Margaret

1966-81     Agricultural Science and Applied Biology, Lectureship in

Evans, Arthur Humble

1900        Esquire Bedell    M.A.    CL    vice Gill, deceased

Evans, Arthur John, Sir

1931        Social Anthropology, Frazer Lectureship in

Evans, Cyril Wilson

1977-83     Secretary: Anatomy Department

Evans, David Bernard

1976-96     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Evans, David John

1966-79     Assistant Registrary: Assistant Staff Office
1966-79     Assistant Registrary    (retired)

Evans, David Wainwright

1976-88     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Evans, Edith, Dame

1969-70     Poetry or Drama, Judith E. Wilson Lectureship in

Evans, Esaiah Thomas Rees

1954-82     Veterinary Clinical Studies, Lectureship in

Evans, George Clifford

1937-46     Plant Physiology, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1946)
1946-77     Plant Physiology, Lectureship in    (Reader in Experimental Ecology, 1977-79)
1977-79     Experimental Ecology, Readership in    (resigned 1979)

Evans, Gerard David

1969-73     Economics and Politics, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1973)
1973-98     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

Evans, Gillian Rosemary

1980-84     History, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1984)
1984-85-    History, Lectureship in

Evans, Gwyn Barcham Aneuryn

1968-81     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

Evans, Helen Margaret

1986-88     Computer Officer in General Board Institution

Evans, Ifor Leslie

1926-34     Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

Evans, John

1733        Proctor (new cycle)    Senior

Evans, John Harrison

1837        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Evans, Judith Ray

1989-90-    Assistant to the Secretaries: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Evans, Julian Graham

2000-       General Board: Administrative Assistants

Evans, Mark

1999-       Registry: Computer Officer

Evans, Martin Charles

1969-72     Land Economy, Assistant in Research in

Evans, Martin John

1978-91     Genetics, Lectureship in    (Reader in Mammalian Genetics, 1991)
1991        Mammalian Genetics, Readership in    (Professor, 1994)
1994        Mammalian Genetics, Professorship of    (resigned 1999)

Evans, Michael John

1990-       Education, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Evans, Philip Andrew

1988-93     Biochemistry, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1993)
1993-2000   Biochemistry, Lectureship in

Evans, Richard Evan

1949-63     Agriculture, Lectureship in

Evans, Richard George

1981-83     Junior Assistant Secretary: Board of Extra-Mural Studies
1981-83     Junior Assistant Secretary: Continuing Education, Board for    (Assistant Secretary, 1983)
1983-       Assistant Secretary: Board of Extra-Mural Studies
1983-84-    Assistant Secretary: Continuing Education, Board for

Evans, Richard John [1]

1983-       Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Lectureship in    (Senior Lecturer, 2000)

Evans, Richard John [2]

1998        Modern History, Professorship of    (previously Professor of History at Birkbeck College, London)

Evans, Robert Andrew

1980-88     Economics and Politics, Assistant in Research in    (University Lecturer, 1988)
1988-89-    Economics and Politics, Lectureship in

Evans, Robert Crispin

1933-45     Mineralogy and Petrology, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1945)
1945-77     Mineralogy and Petrology, Lectureship in

Evans, Robert Henry

1975-85     Computer Officer: Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Evans, Robert Wilson

1818          NR Caput Senatus    T    F. 1813; MA 1814; Tutor 1814-36 (Select Preacher 1830, 1833; BD 1842)

Evans, Stanley

1959-63     Polar Research, Senior Assistant in Research in    (Assistant Director of Research, 1963)
1963-71     Polar Research, Assistant Director of Research in    (University Lecturer in Engineering, 1971)
1971-72-    Engineering, Lectureship in

Evans, Thomas

1705          MD Caput Senatus    K    F. 1690; MD 1701
1709          MD Caput Senatus    K    F. 1690; MD 1701
1710          MD Caput Senatus    K    F. 1690; MD 1701

Evans, Ulick Richardson

1933-44     Metallurgy (and Materials Science), Assistant Director of Research in
1945        Science of Metallic Corrosion, Readership in    (retired 1954)

Evennett, Henry Outram

1930-32     History, Probationary Faculty/Faculty Assistant Lectureship in
1932-64     History, Lectureship in

Everard, William

1732        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    (Rhetoric)    forename surmised
1738          NR Caput Senatus    Q    F. 1730-46; BD 1737; Taxor 1732

Evered, Derek Frank

1955-56     Agriculture, Demonstratorship in

Everett, Barbara Maud

1963-64     English, Assistant Lectureship in
1964-65     English, Lectureship in

Everett, William George

1976-92     Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Everhart, Thomas Eugene

1998 (only) Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Everitt, Barry John

1974-79     Anatomy, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1979)
1979-91     Anatomy, Lectureship in    (Reader in Neuroscience, 1991)
1991        Neuroscience, Readership in    (Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience, 1997)
1997        Behavioural Neuroscience, Professorship of

Every, Simon

1690          R Caput Senatus    CHR    F. 1687-1704; MA 1687 (Proctor 1699)
1699        Proctor (new cycle)    Junior

Evetts, Jan Edgar

1966-71     Metallurgy, Demonstratorship in    (University Lecturer, 1971)
1971-93     Metallurgy and Materials Science, Lectureship in    (Reader in Device Materials, 1993)
1993        Device Materials, Readership in    (Professor, 1998)

Ewan, Pamela Wilson

1989-90-    Clinical Medicine, Associate Lectureship in

Ewing, Alfred Cyril

1931-53     Moral Science, Lectureship in
1953-54     Moral Science, Lectureship in    (3) (Reader in Philosophy, 1954)
1954        Philosophy, Readership in    (retired 1966)

Ewing, James Alfred, Sir

1890        Mechanism and Applied Mechanics = Mechanical Sciences, Professorship of
1904        Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer    'The structure of metals'

Ewing, Keith David

1983-86     Law, Assistant Lectureship in    (University Lecturer, 1986)
1986-89     Law, Lectureship in

Exton, Thomas, Sir

1679:03:06  Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH
1679:10:17  Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH    again
1681        Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH    again
1685        Representative in Parliament    LL.D.; Master of    TH    again

Eyre, Henry

1656          NR Caput Senatus    JN    F. 1647; MA 1645; Taxor 1649 (MD 1658)