Sir Robert Rede's Lecturers (and Mathematical Lecturers)

(1) The Rede Lectures take their origin from an endowment left to the University by Sir Robert Rede, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 1506-19, a member of Buckingham College and later a Fellow of the King's Hall. With this endowment Sir Robert's executors bought an annuity of 20 marks (£13 6s 8d) from the abbot of convent of Waltham Holy Cross. The annuity was to be paid to the Master and Fellows of Jesus College who bound themselves to pay £4 annually to each of three persons who were to lecture on Humanity, Logic and Philosophy. Probably this represents the establishment of a fixed stipend for the 'ordinary' lecturers already in existence. They were to lecture to all the university without fees -- and in mid-term were to pray publicly for the soul of Sir Robert and of his wife, for whom the university also performed annual exequies. The lecturers, being normally elected on 11 June, St Barnabas' Day, were commonly known as the 'Barnaby Lecturers'. Appointed at the same time, but from an earlier date, were lecturers in mathematics who, for convenience, are listed here also. The names of early lecturers survive only randomly, but there are more to be found than here appear, but it is apparent that they often held office for more than one year.

(2) By the mid-nineteenth century the lectures had fallen into desuetude and a new Statute was drafted, and approved by the Queen in Council on 6 April 1858, whereby a single reader/lecturer was appointed annually to give a single lecture. Appointment is by the Vice-Chancellor.

Further details, as to titles, current posts, etc., of the Rede Lecturers after 1858 can be found in the Historical Register and its supplements.


 Barnaby Lecturer

1668            Quadring, Gabriel     (Mathematics)
1669            Salter, Richard     (Mathematics)
1670            Manlove, Rowland     (Mathematics)
1671            Lee, Henry     (Mathematics)
1672            Doncon, Edward     (Mathematics)
1673            Manning, Richard     (Mathematics)
1674            Richer, John     (Mathematics)
1675            Brearly, James     (Mathematics)
1676            Babington, Matthew     (Mathematics)
1677            Clarke, James     (Mathematics)
1678            Radcliffe, John     (Mathematics)
1679            Sandford, Humphrey     (Mathematics)
1680            Gouge, Nicholas     (Mathematics)
1681            Huchin, John     (Mathematics)
1682            Jenkin, Henry     (Mathematics)
1683            Russell, John     (Mathematics)
1684            Muston, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1685            Jenkin, Robert     (Mathematics)
1686            Tyrwhitt, Marmaduke     (Mathematics)
1687            Pate, Robert     (Mathematics)
1688            Clarke, Edward     (Mathematics)
1689            Hamburg, Nathaniel     (Mathematics)
1690            Powell, Robert     (Mathematics)
1691            Barwell, Matthew     (Mathematics)
1692            Fownes, William     (Mathematics)
1693            Bayon, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1694            Mason, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1695            Boys, Samuel     (Mathematics)
1696            Harrison, --     (late election) (Mathematics)
1697            Hughes, Owen     (Mathematics)
1698            Hayes, John     (Mathematics)
1699            Gael, Eldred     (Mathematics)
1700            Parlett, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1701            Foulkes (Fowkes), John     (Mathematics)
1702            Windsor, Dixie, Hon.     (Mathematics)
1703            Edmundson, William     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1704            Williams, Griffith     (Mathematics)
1705            Cropley, Harbord     (Mathematics)     CAI     forename surmised
1706            Bristow, Timothy     (Mathematics)
1707            Bridges, William     (Mathematics)     EM     forename surmised
1708            Jeffrey, John     (Mathematics)     CTH     forename surmised
1709            Whitfeild, John     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1711            Harvey, Francis     (Mathematics)     M     forename surmised
1712            Frank, ?Thomas     (Mathematics)     forename surmised; B.A.
1713            Campion, John     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1714            Lucas, John     (Mathematics)     JE     forename surmised
1715            Newhouse, Thomas     (Mathematics)     CAI     forename surmised
1716            Ellis, Jeremiah     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised; or Norton, [William]
1716            Norton, William     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised; or Ellis, [Jeremiah]
1717            Bentley, Thomas     (Mathematics)     forename surmised; or Witton, [John]
1717            Witton, John     (Mathematics)     forename surmised; or Bentley, [Thomas]
1718            Grove, William?     (jnr) (Mathematics)     forename surmised; or Newton, [Lancelot]
1718            Newton, Lancelot     (jnr) (Mathematics)     forename surmised; or Grove, [William?]
1719            Edwards, William, or, conceivably, Godolphin     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1720            Ellys, Anthony     (Mathematics)     CL     forename surmised
1721            Walker, John [1]     (secundus) (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1722            Nicholls, William     (Mathematics)
1723            Wingfield, John     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1724            Crownfield, Henry     (Mathematics)     Q     forename surmised
1725            Jones, Henry?     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1726            Cuthbert, Richard     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1727            Betts, James     (Mathematics)     PET     forename surmised
1728            Nichols, Nicholas     (Mathematics)     CL     forename surmised
1729            Heath, John     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1730            Scarfe, Hickle     (Mathematics)     PEM     forename surmised
1731            Hallsall, William     (Mathematics)     JE     forename surmised
1732            Johnson, Thomas? [2]     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1733            Hubbard, Henry     (Mathematics)
1734            Smith, John [5]     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1735            Jackson, Richard     (Mathematics)
1736            Thomas, Hugh     (Mathematics)
1737            Browne, James     (Mathematics)
1738            Moss, Charles     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1739            Mayes, Christopher     (Mathematics)
1740            Oakeley, Richard     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1741            Nourse, Peter [2]     (Mathematics)
1742            Bennett, Philip     (Mathematics)
1743            Maule, John     (Mathematics)
1744            Whisson, Stephen     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1745            Powel, William Samuel     (Mathematics)
1746            Berridge, John     (Mathematics)
1747            Goodrich, Robert     (Mathematics)
1748            Hanmer, William     (Mathematics)
1749            Backhouse, James     (Mathematics)
1750            Libanus, Piers     (Mathematics)
1751            May, Samuel     (Mathematics)
1752            Bally, George     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1753            Newton, Benjamin     (Mathematics)
1754            Crosley, John     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1755            Michell, John     (Mathematics)
1756            Carlos, James     (Mathematics)
1757            Yates, Lowther     (Mathematics)
1758            Postlethwaite, Thomas     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1759            Wall, Adam     (Mathematics)
1760            Mapletoft, Francis     (Mathematics)
1761            Gould, Theodore Vincent     (Mathematics)
1762            Barclay, John?     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1763            Jebb, John     (Mathematics)
1764            Ashcroft, Thomas     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1765            Watson, Richard [1]     (Mathematics)     T
1766            Cory (Coery), James     (Mathematics)
1767            Chamberlayne, George     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1768            Gardner, Philip     (Mathematics)     CTH     forename surmised
1769            Preston, Thomas [2]     (Mathematics)
1770            Paley, William     (Mathematics)
1771            Pindar, Robert     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1772            Charlesworth, John     (Mathematics)     T     forename surmised
1773            Hodgson, Robert     (Mathematics)     M     forename surmised
1774            Kipling, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1775            Bridges, Edward Tymewell     (Mathematics)
1776            Starkie, Thomas [1]     (Mathematics)
1777            Brundish, John Jelliand     (Mathematics)
1778            Mounsey, George     (Mathematics)     JE     forename surmised
1779            Seale, John Barlow     (Mathematics)
1780            Browning, Frederick     (Mathematics)
1781            Cautley, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1782            Holmes, Benjamin     (Mathematics)
1783            Farish, William     (Mathematics)
1784            Waterhouse, Joshua     (Mathematics)
1785            Ellison, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1786            Jones, Thomas [2]     (Mathematics)     T     forename surmised
1787            Jones, Thomas [2]     (Mathematics)     T     forename surmised
1788            Parke, Benjamin     (Mathematics)
1789            Wollaston, Francis John Hyde     (Mathematics)
1790            Sumpter, Thomas     (Mathematics)
1791            Murfitt, Matthew     (Mathematics)
1792            Holme, John     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1793            Outram, Edmund     (Mathematics)     JN     forename surmised
1794            Wood, Joshua     (Mathematics)
1795            Chevallier, Clement     (Mathematics); perhaps Non-Regent in the Caput 1806     PEM     forename surmised
1796            Shield, Thomas     (Mathematics)     JN     forename surmised; or Sheild
1797            Plumptre, James     (Mathematics)     CL     forename surmised
1798            Hucks, Joseph     (Mathematics)     CTH     forename surmised
1799            Ellis, John     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1800            Young, Thomas     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1801            Walker, John [2]     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1802            Maul, John     (Mathematics)     CHR     forename surmised
1803            Hart, Thomas     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1804            Hudson, John     (Mathematics)
1805            Speare, James     (Mathematics)     CL     forename surmised
1806            Sowerby, Thomas     (Mathematics)     Q     forename surmised
1807            Woodhouse, Robert     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1808            Payne, Edward René     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1809            Brown, John [2]     (Mathematics)
1810            Bradburne, Thomas     (Mathematics)     CHR     forename surmised
1811            Wood, John [2]     (Mathematics)     PEM     forename surmised
1812            Beevor, Thomas     (Mathematics)     Q
1813            Thackeray, Martin     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1814            Jefferson, Robert     (Mathematics)     SID     forename surmised
1815            Bland, Miles     (Mathematics)     JN     forename surmised
1816            Cook, James Tobias     (Mathematics)     CHR     forename surmised
1817            Markby, William Henry     (Mathematics)     CC     forename surmised
1818            Vince, Samuel Berney     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1819            Proctor, Joseph     (Mathematics)
1820            Robinson, Hastings     (Mathematics)     JN     forename surmised
1821            Bell, Beaupré Philip     (Mathematics)
1822            Dampier, John Lucius     (Mathematics)     K
1823            Carr, Samuel [2]     (Mathematics)     Q     forename surmised
1824            Lodge, John     (Mathematics)     M     forename surmised
1825            Studholme, Joseph     (Mathematics)     forename surmised
1826            Hind, John     (Mathematics)     SID     forename surmised
1827            Packe, James     (B.A.) (Mathematics)
1828            Bayne, William Joseph     (Mathematics)     T     forename surmised
1829            Harris, Joseph Hemington     (Mathematics)     CL
1830            Cape, Joseph     (Mathematics)
1831            Henslow, John Stevens     (Mathematics);     Prof.
1832            Martin, Francis     (Mathematics)     T     forename surmised
1833            Garnons, William Lewes Pugh     (Mathematics)     SID     forename surmised
1834            Jones, Harry Longueville     (Mathematics)     M     forename surmised
1835            Gaskin, Thomas     (Mathematics)     JE     forename surmised
1836            Thackeray, George [jnr]     (Mathematics)
1837            Mills, John 'snr'     (Mathematics)     PEM     forename surmised
1838            Baldwin, John     (Mathematics)
1839            Williamson, William     (Mathematics)     CL     forename surmised
1840            Stokes, William Haughton     (Mathematics)     CAI     forename surmised
1841            Bacon, Robert William     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1842            Ansted, David Thomas     (Mathematics)     JE     forename surmised
1843            Smith, Barnard     (Mathematics)     PET     forename surmised
1844            Bates, William     (Mathematics)     CHR     forename surmised
1845            Theed, Edward Reed     (Mathematics)
1846            Stokes, George Gabriel, Sir     (Mathematics)
1847            Harper, Francis Whaley     (Mathematics)     JN
1848            Atkinson, Edward     (Mathematics)
1849            Hutt, William Wayman     (Mathematics)     CAI
1850            Barrett, Richard     (Mathematics)
1851            Luard, Henry Richards     (Mathematics)     T
1852            Porter, William     (Mathematics)
1853            Wilkinson, Edward Walker     (Mathematics)     CHR     forename surmised
1854            Brocklebank, Thomas     (Mathematics)     K     forename surmised
1855            Shilleto, Richard     (Mathematics)     T     forename surmised
1856            Bloomfield, Edwin Newson     (Mathematics)     CL     forename surmised

 Mathematical Lecturer

1545            Barker, William     JN     forename surmised
1546            Holinshed, Ottiwell     forename surmised
1547            Holinshed, Ottiwell     forename surmised
1548            Lever, Thomas, or perhaps Ralph     forename surmised
1549            Cooke, John     forename surmised
1550            Pilkington, James, John or Leonard?     forename surmised
1551            Tayler, Edward, Laurence or William?     forename surmised
1552            Gwyn, John     forename surmised
1555            Barley (Barclay, Berkeley), Henry     forename surmised
1556            Abythell, Nicholas     forename surmised
1557            Curteys, Richard     forename surmised
1558            Lee, Roger     forename surmised
1559            Coldewell, ?John     forename surmised
1560            Smythe, Richard or Sabine, or conceivably George     d. Aug. of that year     forename surmised
1561            Shacklocke, Richard     forename surmised
1568            Browne, Lancelot
1569            Browne, Lancelot
1573            Swale, Richard     forename surmised
1574            Dunning, Robert     forename surmised
1575            Swale, Richard     forename surmised
1576            Swale, Richard     forename surmised
1577            Hickman, Henry     and Swale, [Richard]     forename surmised
1577            Swale, Richard     and Hickman, [Henry]     forename surmised
1578            Hickman, Henry     forename surmised
1579            Hickman, Henry     forename surmised
1581            Hood, Thomas     forename surmised
1582            Barbon [?Braban/Brabant/Braborne, Richard]
1583            Barbon [?Braban/Brabant/Braborne, Richard]
1588            Jessop, Joseph
1590            Green, Oliver     (paid £2/13/4 extra for purchase of instruments)
1591            Brewer, Richard     T     forename surmised
1592            Fairfax, George
1593            Alabaster, William     (paid £14/13/4 extra between them for purchase of instruments)     forename surmised; and Gooch (Goche), Barnabas?
1593            Gooch (Goche), Barnabas     (paid £14/13/4 extra between them for purchase of instruments)     forename surmised; and Alabaster, [William]
1595            Elton, Edward
1596            Buddle, George     forename surmised
1597            Wells, Anthony, John or, probably, Robert     forename surmised
1598            Greaves, Paul     CHR     forename surmised; or just conceivably Thomas
1603            Turner, Thomas
1604            Bradishe, William
1605            Gooch (Goche), Henry
1606            Walsall, Godwin
1607            Greene, James
1608            Stopne, Benjamin
1610            Rawley, William     forename surmised
1614            Padgett, Nathaniel
1615            Beale, William
1616            Carr, Thomas [1]
1617            Garnons, John     forename surmised
1618            Plaiis (Pleys or Place), John
1619            Porter, Edmund
1621            Naylor, Christopher?     SID     forename surmised
1622            Shirley, Thomas     forename surmised
1623            Wood, Thomas
1625            Lewen, William     forename surmised
1631            Salisbury, John     forename surmised
1632            Stanninough, James     forename surmised
1633            Masterson, Henry     forename surmised
1635            Randolph, Thomas ??     forename surmised
1636            Rant, John     forename surmised
1639            Newman, Robert     K     forename surmised
1640            Barton, Francis     forename surmised
1641            Cudworth, Ralph     forename surmised
1642            Paske, William     forename surmised
1643            Culverwell, Nathaniel, or possibly Richard     forename surmised
1648            Rowles, Nathaniel     forename surmised
1649            Vernon, Humphrey     forename surmised
1650            Milles, Daniel     forename surmised
1651            Frost, John, or perhaps Thomas     forename surmised
1652            Robotham, Charles
1656            Twin (Twyne), William     forename surmised
1657            Foxcroft, Ezechiel     forename surmised
1658            Leigh, William     CHR     forename surmised

 Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer

1668            Birkbeck, William     (Rhetoric)
1668            Smithson, Charles     (Philosophy)
1668            Wroe, Richard     (Logic)
1669            Cressener, Drue     (Philosophy)
1669            Eusden, Laurence     (Logic)
1669            Perne, John     (Rhetoric)
1670            Crouch, Caesar     (Rhetoric)
1670            Hancock, Robert     (Logic)
1670            Smith, Charles [1]     (Philosophy)
1671            Baldwin, William     (Rhetoric)
1671            Johnson, Benjamin     (Philosophy)
1671            Peters, William     (Logic)
1672            Calamy, Benjamin     (Rhetoric)
1672            Fairmedow, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1672            Sanderson, Ralph     (Logic)
1673            Briggs, William     (Logic)
1673            Goodall, Edward     (Philosophy)
1673            Shipp, Joseph     (Rhetoric)
1674            Lane, Richard [2]     (Logic)
1674            Lord, John     (Philosophy)
1674            Wickins, John [1]     (Rhetoric)     T
1675            Browne, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1675            Leach, Richard     (Logic)
1675            Tyrrell, James     (Rhetoric)
1676            Ingelo, Nathaniel     (Rhetoric)
1676            Mason, John     (Logic)
1676            Reresby, Yarbury     (Philosophy)
1677            Barrington, Richard     (Logic)
1677            Stanton, Ralph     (Philosophy)
1677            Turner, John [1]     (Rhetoric)     CHR
1678            Scott, William     (Logic)
1678            Smithies, Ferdinando     (Rhetoric)
1678            Turner, Philip     (Philosophy)
1679            Cory, John [1]     (Philosophy)
1679            Sayon, Simon     (Logic)
1679            Thornburgh, Giles     (Rhetoric)
1680            Bland, Ambrose     (Rhetoric)
1680            Lynfield, James     (Philosophy)
1680            Smith, John [9]     (Logic)     JN
1681            Barnard, James     (Logic)
1681            Herne, Robert     (Philosophy)
1681            Iliffe, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1682            Bentham, Joseph     (Rhetoric)
1682            Burgate, John     (Philosophy)
1682            Finch, Edward [2], Hon.     (Logic)
1683            Bynns, Richard     (Rhetoric)
1683            Naylor, John     (Philosophy)
1683            Walls, John     (Logic)
1684            Beaumont, Charles     (Philosophy)
1684            Cony, Peregrine     (Logic)
1684            Smith, Jonathan     (Rhetoric)
1685            Holdsworth, Judas     (Rhetoric)
1685            Horsnell, John     (Logic)
1685            Walker, Thomas [1]     (Philosophy)     SID
1686            Alleyn, John     (Logic)
1686            Morris, William     (Philosophy)
1686            Sheppard, George     (Rhetoric)
1687            Holdsworth, Judas     (Philosophy)
1687            Nourse, Peter [1]     (Rhetoric)
1687            Sagg, William     (Logic)
1688            Bancks, William     (Philosophy)
1688            Bedford, Francis     (Rhetoric)
1688            Bullock, William     (Logic)
1689            Bernard, Barnham     (Philosophy)
1689            Jaggard, John     (Logic)
1689            Mott, Edmund     (Rhetoric)
1690            Coar, Richard     (Philosophy)
1690            Gardiner, Thomas [2]     (Logic)
1690            Heron, Arthur     (Rhetoric)
1691            Ellis, Charles     (Logic)
1691            Hussey, William     (Rhetoric)
1691            King, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1692            Long, John     (Logic)
1692            Peareth, John     (Rhetoric)
1692            Stephens, Richard     (Philosophy)
1693            Duckfeild, Daniel     (Rhetoric)
1693            Holcomb, Samuel     (Logic)
1693            Lightfoot, Robert     (Philosophy)
1694            Harris, John     (Rhetoric)
1694            Leng, John     (Logic)
1694            Turner, John [2]     (Philosophy)     K
1695            Blithe, John     (Logic)
1695            Johnson, Thomas [1]     (Philosophy)
1695            Stokes, Richard     (Rhetoric)
1696            Dyde, William     (Logic)
1696            Robbins, --     (late election) (Rhetoric)     JN
1696            Searle, John     (Philosophy)
1697            May, George     (Philosophy)
1697            Rosewell, William     (Rhetoric)
1697            Savage, William     (Logic)
1698            Brabourn, James     (Logic)
1698            Parham, Nicholas     (Rhetoric)
1698            Sydall, Elias     (Philosophy)
1699            Grove, Robert     (Logic)
1699            Hughes, Owen     (Rhetoric)
1699            Trigg, George     (Philosophy)
1700            Gale, Roger     (Rhetoric)
1700            Sherwill, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1700            Waller, John     (Logic)
1701            Cressey, Richard     (Rhetoric)
1701            Davies, Richard     (Logic)
1701            Mountagu, Jonas     (Philosophy)
1702            Flack, Richard     (Philosophy)
1702            Gardiner, James     (Logic)
1702            Sherwill, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1703            Hewet, Thomas     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1703            Oddy, Philip     (Logic)     forename surmised
1703            Thackham, William     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1704            Allin, Richard     (Philosophy)
1704            Penny, Nicholas     (Rhetoric)
1704            Westbrooke, Durban     (Logic)
1705            Chester, Peter     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1705            Green, Thomas [3]     (Logic)     CL     forename surmised
1705            Newcome, Daniel     (Rhetoric)     EM     forename surmised
1706            Addenbrooke, John     (Logic)
1706            Davies, John [1]     (Philosophy)
1706            Roberts, Charles     (Rhetoric)
1707            Audley, John     (Logic)     PET     forename surmised
1707            Bulwer, Edward     (Rhetoric)     CAI     forename surmised
1707            Chamberlain, William     (Philosophy)     T     forename surmised
1708            Ashburner, Thomas     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1708            Burrel, William     (Philosophy)     CHR     forename surmised
1708            Jones, Thomas [1]     (Rhetoric)     K     forename surmised
1709            Ashburner, Thomas     (Logic)     forename surmised
1709            Mawson, Matthias     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1709            Wardell, Christopher     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1710            Field, Thomas [1]     (Logic)     forename surmised
1710            Moore, John [1]     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1710            Paske, George     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1711            Dean, John     (Logic)     CC     forename surmised
1711            Jeffery, James     (Philosophy)     PEM     forename surmised
1711            Wilson, Benjamin     (Rhetoric)     K     forename surmised
1712            Langwith, Benjamin     (Logic)     forename surmised
1712            Mapletoft, John     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1712            Paul, George     (Philosophy)
1713            Newcome, John     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1714            Chadderton, Thomas     (Philosophy)     SID     forename surmised; or conceivably William
1714            Johnson, Robert     (Rhetoric)     T     forename surmised
1714            Metcalf, Thomas [2]     (Logic)     CHR     forename surmised
1715            Birkett, George     (Logic)     PET     forename surmised
1715            Law, William     (Rhetoric)     EM     forename surmised
1715            Wootton, Henry     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1716            Barley, East     (Rhetoric)     CHR     forename surmised; or Sitwell, [Thomas]
1716            Godly, William     Simpson CAI; (Philosophy)     SID     forename surmised; or Simpson, [Robert]
1716            King, John [1]     (Logic)     PEM ?     forename surmised; or Tremayne, [Charles]
1716            Simpson, Robert     Simpson CAI; (Philosophy)     SID     forename surmised; or Godly, [William]
1716            Sitwell, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     CHR     forename surmised; or Barley, [East]
1716            Tremayne, Charles     (Logic)     PEM ?     forename surmised; or King, [John]
1717            Addenbrooke, John     (Logic) (Grace Book does not say which of the two was elected)     forename surmised; or Jordan, [John]
1717            Jordan, John     (Logic) (Grace Book does not say which of the two was elected)     forename surmised; or Addenbrooke, [John]
1717            Parham, Nicholas     (jnr) (Philosophy)     forename surmised; or Selth, [William]
1717            Selth, William     (jnr) (Philosophy)     forename surmised; or Parham, [Nicholas]
1717            Toller, Richard     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised; or Whitaker, [Thomas]
1717            Whitaker, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised; or Toller, [Richard]
1718            Bedford, Timothy     (Logic)     forename surmised; or Thomlinson, [William Henry]
1718            Cory, John [2]     (Philosophy)     forename surmised; or Doughty, [Gregory]
1718            Doughty, Gregory     (Philosophy)     forename surmised; or Cory, [John]
1718            King, John [1]     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised; or Wall, [Gilman]
1718            Thomlinson, William Henry     (Logic)     forename surmised; or Bedford, [Timothy]
1718            Wall, Gilman     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised; or King, [John]
1719            Birkett, George     (Logic)     forename surmised
1719            Hadderton, Samuel     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1719            Palmer, Robert     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1720            Foche, Henry     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1720            Newton, Lancelot     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1720            Sturges, Charles     (Logic)     Q     forename surmised
1721            Holme, Henry     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1721            Kemeys, Edward     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1721            Stanley, Francis     (Logic)     forename surmised
1722            Missenden, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1722            Peak, John     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1722            Wells, Edward     (Logic)     forename surmised
1723            Aylmer, Thomas     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1723            Jortin, John     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1723            Williamson, Gervase     (Logic)     forename surmised
1724            Bell, John [2]     (Logic)     SID     forename surmised
1724            Clarke, William? [2]     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1724            Foulkes, Edward     (Philosophy)     M     forename surmised; or Robert
1725            Bradshaw, John     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1725            Fuller, Robert     (Logic)     forename surmised; or conceivably Richard
1725            Mundy, William     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1726            Burton, Thomas; but perhaps Daniel     (Logic)     forename surmised; or possibly Michael
1726            Post, Walter     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1726            Taylor, Herbert     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised; or perhaps John
1727            Clifton, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     K     forename surmised
1727            Foster, Vere     (Logic)     JN     forename surmised
1727            Holmes, Gervase     (Philosophy)     EM     forename surmised
1728            Morgan, William     (jnr) (Rhetoric)     T     forename surmised
1728            Munnings, Daniel     (Philosophy)     CAI     forename surmised
1728            Neville, William     (Logic)     CHR     forename surmised
1729            Archer, Miles     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1729            Ogle, Mark     (Logic)     forename surmised
1729            Skottowe, Charles     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1730            Ferrar, John     (Philosophy)     CL     forename surmised
1730            Hough, Thomas     (Logic)     T     forename surmised
1730            Law, Edmund [2]     (Rhetoric)     CHR     forename surmised
1731            Parr, Robert     (Philosophy)     K     forename surmised
1731            Skottowe, Charles     (Logic)     CC     forename surmised
1731            Taylor, John [2]     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1732            Dring, Edmund     (Logic)     forename surmised
1732            Everard, William     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1732            Tilson, Henry     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1733            Cannon, Charles     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1733            Perne, Andrew [3]     (Rhetoric)
1733            Rowe, Thomas     (Logic)     forename surmised
1734            Foord, William     (Logic)     SID     forename surmised
1734            Harness, Richard     (Rhetoric)     M     forename surmised
1734            Unwin, Morley     (Philosophy)     Q     forename surmised
1735            Bunbury, William     (Rhetoric)
1735            Hubbard, Henry     (Philosophy)
1735            Perne, Andrew [3]     (Logic)
1736            Chapman, John     (Logic)
1736            Garnett, John     (Philosophy)
1736            Tunstall, James     (Rhetoric)
1737            Barker, Robert     (Logic)
1737            Cavendish, James     (Philosophy)
1737            Hubbard, Henry     (Rhetoric)
1738            Alvis, Andrew     (Logic)
1738            Heaton, Henry     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1738            Robinson, Thomas [1]     (Philosophy)
1739            Dixon, Pierce     (Philosophy)
1739            Gilbert, William     (Logic)
1739            Ramsden, Freshville     (Rhetoric)
1740            Pyle, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1740            Stisted, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1740            Yonge, Philip     (Logic)
1741            Betham, Edward     (Philosophy)
1741            Bringhurst, John     (Logic)
1741            Clerk, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1742            Allenson, Edward     (Philosophy)
1742            Mortlock, Roger     (Rhetoric)
1742            Whitmell, William     (Logic)
1743            Austin, Daniel     (Rhetoric)
1743            Clerke, John     (Philosophy)
1743            Stebbing, Henry     (Logic)     forename surmised
1744            Bennett, Philip     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1744            May, John [2]     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1744            Withers, William     (Logic)     forename surmised
1745            Richards, William     (Rhetoric)
1745            Thorp, Joseph     (Philosophy)
1745            Wood, John [1]     (Logic)
1746            Bickham, James     (Philosophy)
1746            Harrison, Thomas [3]     (Logic)     T
1746            Wharton, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1747            Close, Henry     (Philosophy)
1747            May, John [2]     (Rhetoric)
1747            Ross, John     (Logic)
1748            Neville, John     (Logic)
1748            Ross, John     (Philosophy)
1748            Talbot, William     (Rhetoric)
1749            Barnardiston, John     (Logic)
1749            Plumptre, Robert     (Rhetoric)
1749            Sturgeon, Roger     (Philosophy)
1750            Lipyeatt, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1750            Newbon, Richard     (Rhetoric)
1750            Osborne, Edward     (Logic)     forename surmised
1751            Newbon, Richard     (Rhetoric)
1751            Oram, Richard     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1751            Wray, Thomas     (Logic)     forename surmised
1752            Basket, Kingsman     (Logic)
1752            Eliot, Lawrence     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1752            Osborne, Edward     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1753            Backhouse, James     (Logic)
1753            Mason, William     (Philosophy)
1753            Wigley, Joshua     (Rhetoric)
1754            Allen, Philip     (Philosophy)     forename surmised; or William?
1754            Durance, William     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1754            Herring, John?     (Logic)     forename surmised
1755            Byrch, William Dejovas     (Philosophy)
1755            Crewe, Samuel     (Rhetoric)
1755            Newton, Benjamin     (Logic)
1756            Beadon, Edwards     (Rhetoric)
1756            Griffith, Guyon     (Logic)
1756            Vaughan, Edward     (Philosophy)
1757            Frank, John Hillersden     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1757            Newcome, Henry     (Logic)     forename surmised
1757            Stockdale, Robert [1]     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1758            Longmire, Daniel     (Philosophy)
1758            Smith, Charles [2]     (Rhetoric)
1758            Tookey, Watson     (Logic)
1759            Hodgshon, Malachi     (Logic)     forename surmised
1759            Metcalfe, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1759            Yates, Lowther     (Rhetoric)
1760            Cott, John     (Philosophy)
1760            Lobb, William     (Logic)
1760            Preston, William     (Rhetoric)
1761            Abbot, John     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1761            Bailey, Laurence     (Logic)
1761            Derisley, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1762            Blakeway, Edward     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1762            Hooke, John     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1762            Onley, Charles     (Logic)     forename surmised
1763            Carr, Samuel [1]     (Logic)     forename surmised
1763            Lloyd, William     (Rhetoric)
1763            Watson, Richard [1]     (Philosophy)     T
1764            Bones, James?     (Logic)     forename surmised
1764            Jebb, John     (Rhetoric)
1764            Purkis, William     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1765            Oliver, Edward     (Philosophy)     EM
1765            Pigott, John     (Rhetoric)
1765            Tyrwhitt, Robert     (Logic)
1766            Askew, John     (Philosophy)
1766            Fairclough, William     (Logic)
1766            Thorpe, Robert     (Rhetoric)
1767            Baker, Richard     (Philosophy)
1767            Browne, Nicholas     (Logic)     CHR     forename surmised
1767            Nichols, Christopher     (Rhetoric)
1768            Blackall, Samuel [1]     (Logic)     EM     forename surmised
1768            Hicks, William     (jnr) (Rhetoric)     CAI     forename surmised
1768            Stevens, Thomas Wood     (Philosophy)     T     forename surmised
1769            Ferris, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1769            Paddon, William     (Rhetoric)     K     forename surmised
1769            Wyatt, William     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1770            Dawes, Francis     (Philosophy)
1770            Graham, Robert, Sir     (Rhetoric)     T     forename surmised
1770            Prescot, Charles     (Logic)     CTH     forename surmised
1771            Evans, Abraham     (Philosophy)
1771            Marris, Robert     (Logic)     Q     forename surmised
1771            Pritchett, Richard     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1772            Baldwin, Nicholas R.     (Philosophy)
1772            Heslop, Luke     (Logic)
1772            Law, John     (Rhetoric)
1773            Arnald, William     (Philosophy)
1773            Boyce, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1773            Whish, Martin     (Logic)
1774            Heslop, Luke     (Rhetoric)
1774            Parkinson, Thomas     (Logic)     CHR     forename surmised
1774            Pinnock, Thomas     (Philosophy)     T     forename surmised
1775            Colston, Henry     (Logic)
1775            Hey, Samuel     (Rhetoric)
1775            Kipling, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1776            Akehurst, Pell     (Philosophy)
1776            Carlyon, Thomas     (Logic)
1776            Gregory, Richard     (Rhetoric)
1777            Jordan, Thomas     (Logic)
1777            Kipling, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1777            Starkie, Thomas [1]     (Philosophy)
1778            Ellis, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1778            Homer, Henry     (Henry jnr is Emma., Henry snr, no Coll?) (Philosophy)     CHR     forename surmised
1778            Poynter, Henry     (post Standly) (Logic)     K     forename surmised
1779            Brundish, John Jelliand     (Rhetoric)
1779            Clarke, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1779            Porter, John     (Logic)
1780            Parke, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1780            Wallace (Marple), Job     (Philosophy)
1780            Whitmore, George     (Logic)     forename surmised
1781            Hicks, James     (Logic)
1781            Metcalfe, John     (Rhetoric)
1781            Pretyman, George     (Philosophy)
1782            Mounsey, George     (Philosophy)
1782            Relhan, Robert     (Logic)
1782            Taylor, William     (Rhetoric)
1783            Cautley, Thomas     (Rhetoric)
1783            Milner, Isaac     (Philosophy)
1783            Pretyman, John     (Logic)
1784            Lawrence, William     (Rhetoric)
1784            Plampin, John     (Logic)     forename surmised
1784            Veasey, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1785            Carlyle, Joseph Dacre     (Rhetoric)
1785            Farish, William     (Logic)
1785            Green, John [3]     (Philosophy)
1786            Atkinson, William     (Logic)     CTH     forename surmised
1786            Cory, Robert Towerson     (Philosophy)     EM     forename surmised
1786            Holme, John     (Rhetoric)
1787            Fleet, Christopher     (Logic)     forename surmised
1787            Pearson, Edward     (Rhetoric)     SID     forename surmised
1787            Wood, James     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1788            Porter, Henry (Harry)     (Logic)
1788            Wade, Hugo     (Rhetoric)
1788            Whiter, Walter     (Philosophy)
1789            Atkinson, William     (Philosophy)
1789            Lane, Newton Charles     (Rhetoric)     CHR     forename surmised
1789            Riley, Richard     (Logic)     JN     forename surmised
1790            Bywater, William     (Rhetoric)     M     forename surmised
1790            Naylor, Martin Joseph     (Philosophy)
1790            Stockdale, Robert [2]     (Logic)
1791            Dade, Charles Robert     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1791            Edwards, Edward     (Logic)     CC     forename surmised
1791            Newton, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1792            Bywater, William     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1792            Naylor, Martin Joseph     (Rhetoric)
1792            Roberts, John [1]     (Logic)     forename surmised
1793            Browne, Thomas [2]     (Philosophy)     CHR     forename surmised
1793            Castley, Thomas     (Logic)     forename surmised
1793            Stace, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1794            Bridge, Bewick     (Logic)     forename surmised
1794            Frampton, Algernon     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1794            Key, Thomas     (Philosophy)     K     forename surmised
1795            Browne, Thomas [2]     (Logic)
1795            Farish, Charles     (Rhetoric)
1795            Hole, Robert     (Philosophy)     T     forename surmised
1796            Bridge, Bewick     (Logic)     PET     forename surmised
1796            Goodwin, Francis     (Rhetoric)     CTH     forename surmised
1796            Hibbert, John     (Philosophy)     K     forename surmised
1797            Allsopp, Thomas     (Philosophy)     EM     forename surmised
1797            Cross, William     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1797            Rudd, Thomas John     (Rhetoric)     T     forename surmised
1798            Butler, George     (Logic)     SID     forename surmised
1798            Chapman, Benedict     (Philosophy)     CAI     forename surmised
1798            Palmer, John [2]     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1799            Bourdillon, Thomas     (Philosophy)     TH     forename surmised
1799            Holme, William     (Rhetoric)     EM     forename surmised
1799            Plumptre, James     (Logic)     CL     forename surmised
1800            Barnes, George     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1800            Gimingham, William     (Logic)     forename surmised
1800            Hendry, Nicholas Langley     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1801            Bourdillon, Thomas     (Logic)     forename surmised
1801            Ellis, John     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1801            Hornbuckle, Thomas Waldron     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1802            Aspland, Isaac     (Philosophy)     PEM     forename surmised
1802            Dealtry (Dealtary), William     (Rhetoric)     CTH     forename surmised
1802            D'Oyly, George     (Logic)     Dr
1803            Bridge, Bewick     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1803            Dobson, John     (Logic)     forename surmised
1803            Hornbuckle, Thomas Waldron     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1804            Hibgame, Edward     (Philosophy)
1804            Maul, John     (Rhetoric)     CHR     forename surmised
1804            Twining, Daniel     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1805            Lowe, Samuel     (Logic)     M     forename surmised
1805            Tatham, Ralph     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1805            Wilson, James     (Rhetoric)     K     forename surmised
1806            Cumming, James     (Rhetoric)     T     forename surmised
1806            Hibgame, Edward     (Logic)
1806            Renouard, George Cecil     (Philosophy)     SID     forename surmised
1807            D'Oyly, George     (Philosophy)
1807            Williams, John [3]     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1807            Wood, John [2]     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1808            Burrell, Charles William     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1808            Hosking, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1808            Whaley, Joseph Gibson     (Logic)     forename surmised
1809            Bickersteth, Henry     (Logic)
1809            Finch, Charles Edward     ('Edwin' in Masters) (Philosophy)     CC     forename surmised
1809            Slade, James     (Rhetoric)     EM     forename surmised
1810            Buddicom, Robert Pedder     (Rhetoric)     Q     forename surmised
1810            Hewitt, John Short     (Logic)     CL     forename surmised
1810            Simons, Edward     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1811            Hollingworth, John Banks     (Rhetoric)     PET     forename surmised
1811            Tilbrooke, Samuel     (Philosophy)     PET     forename surmised
1811            Wilkinson, Joshua     (Logic)     CC     forename surmised
1812            Allnutt, Thomas     (Philosophy)     CHR     forename surmised
1812            Kaye, John     (Logic)     CHR     forename surmised
1812            Thompson, John?     (Rhetoric)     CHR     forename surmised
1813            Aspland, Isaac     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1813            Macfarlan, George     (Philosophy)     T     forename surmised
1813            Markby, William Henry     (Rhetoric)     CC     forename surmised
1814            Buckland, Josiah Rowles     (Logic)     SID
1814            Dickes, Thomas     (Philosophy)
1814            Speare, James     (Rhetoric)
1815            Cornforth, William     (Rhetoric)     M     forename surmised
1815            Haggitt, George John     (Philosophy)     CHR     forename surmised
1815            Pearce, Harry     (listed as conduct of King's in C.U.C.) (Logic)     K     forename surmised
1816            Hibgame, Edward     (Rhetoric)     JE     forename surmised
1816            Rogers, Thomas     (Philosophy)     SID     forename surmised
1816            Sharpe, William?     (Logic)     T     forename surmised
1817            Bland, Miles     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1817            Duffield, Richard     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1817            Smyth, William [3]     (Logic)     PET     forename surmised
1818            Jefferson, Robert     (Rhetoric)     SID     forename surmised
1818            Michell, Bennett     (Philosophy)     EM     forename surmised
1818            Rose, Henry     (Logic)     CL     forename surmised
1819            Cripps, John Marten     (Logic)     JN     forename surmised
1819            Holland, Henry Eveleigh     (Rhetoric)     EM     forename surmised
1819            Peacock, George     (Philosophy)
1820            Beevor, Thomas     (Philosophy)     Q     forename surmised
1820            French, William     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1820            Pote, Edward     (Rhetoric)     K     forename surmised
1821            Hamilton, Henry Parr     (Rhetoric)
1821            Hudson, Joseph     (Philosophy)
1821            Stevenson, George     (Logic)
1822            Hallewell, John     (Philosophy)     CHR     forename surmised
1822            Thirlwall, Connop     (Logic)     T     forename surmised
1822            Watson, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1823            Greenwood, William     (Rhetoric)     CC     forename surmised
1823            Hallewell, John     (Logic)     CHR     forename surmised
1823            Higman, John Philips     (Philosophy)     T     forename surmised
1824            Bushby, Edward     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1824            Greene, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     CC     forename surmised
1824            Kirby, Henry     (Logic)     CL     forename surmised
1825            Ebden, James Collett     (Logic)     forename surmised
1825            Henslow, John Stevens     (Philosophy)     forename surmised
1825            Hildyard, William     (Rhetoric)     forename surmised
1826            Burrell, Charles William     (Rhetoric)     CTH     forename surmised
1826            Corrie, George Elwes     (Logic)
1826            Walker, William Henry     (Philosophy)     Q     forename surmised
1827            Shelford, William Heard     (Philosophy)
1827            Thorp, Thomas     (Logic)
1827            Waddington, George     (Rhetoric)
1828            Adams, Samuel     (Logic)     SID     forename surmised
1828            Hind, John     (Philosophy)     SID     forename surmised
1828            King, Joshua     (Rhetoric)     Q     forename surmised
1829            Currie, Charles     (Rhetoric)     PEM     forename surmised
1829            Hildyard, William     (Philosophy)     TH     forename surmised
1829            Maturin, Charles Henry     (Logic)
1830            Clinton, Henry     (Rhetoric)
1830            Croft, John     (Philosophy)
1830            Gibson, John     (Logic)
1831            Carrighan, George Greystock     (Rhetoric)
1831            Packe, James     (Logic)
1831            Wood, Richard     (Philosophy)
1832            Baines, Edward     (Rhetoric)
1832            Croft, John     (Logic)
1832            Turner, William Hamilton     (Philosophy)
1833            Burdakin, James     (Logic)     CL     forename surmised
1833            Goodwin, James     (Rhetoric)     CC     forename surmised
1833            Keeling, William     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1834            Arlett, Henry     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1834            Fennell, Samuel?     (Rhetoric)     Q     forename surmised
1834            Phillips, George     (Philosophy)     Q     forename surmised
1835            Fendall, James     (Logic)     JE     forename surmised
1835            Kuhff, Henry     (Philosophy)     CTH     forename surmised
1835            Overton, Thomas     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1836            Dalton, James Edward     (Rhetoric)
1836            Simpson, James Dalziel     (Philosophy)
1836            Urquhart, George     (Logic)
1837            Browne, Edward Harold     (Philosophy)     EM     forename surmised
1837            Cookson, Henry Wilkinson     (Logic)     PET     forename surmised
1837            Philpott, Henry     (Rhetoric)
1838            Earnshaw, Samuel     (Philosophy)
1838            Heaviside, James William Lucas     (Logic)
1838            Phelps, Robert     (Rhetoric)
1839            Buston, Roger     (Logic)     EM     forename surmised
1839            Fendall, James     (Philosophy)     JE     forename surmised
1839            Ray, George     (Rhetoric)     PET     forename surmised
1840            Bateson, William Henry     (Logic)     JN     forename surmised
1840            Howlett, John Henry     (Rhetoric)     JN     forename surmised
1840            Pulling, James     (Philosophy)     CC     forename surmised
1841            Beatson, Benjamin Wrigglesworth     (Logic)     PEM     forename surmised
1841            Mandell, William     (Philosophy)     Q     forename surmised
1841            Sheppard, Francis     (Rhetoric)     CL     forename surmised
1842            Birkett, Robert     (Rhetoric)     EM     forename surmised
1842            Buston, Roger     (Logic)     EM     forename surmised
1842            Edleston, Joseph     (Philosophy)     T     forename surmised
1843            Colenso, John William     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1843            Hose, Frederick     (Logic)     Q     forename surmised
1843            Mathison, William Collings     (Rhetoric)     T     forename surmised
1844            Bateson, William Henry     (Philosophy)     JN     forename surmised
1844            Marsh, Henry Augustus     (Logic)     T     forename surmised
1844            Woolley, Joseph     (Rhetoric)     EM     forename surmised
1845            Harper, Francis Whaley     (Rhetoric)
1845            Smith, Barnard     (Logic)
1845            Smith, Strother Ancrum     (Philosophy)
1846            Munro, Hugh Andrew Johnstone     (Philosophy)     T
1846            Reyner, George Fearns     (Logic)     JN     forename surmised
1846            Wood, William Spicer     (Rhetoric)     JN
1847            Parr, William Henry     (Logic)     CTH
1847            Rickards, James     (Philosophy)     SID
1847            Theed, Edward Reed     (Rhetoric)
1848            Birkett, Robert     (Philosophy)     EM
1848            Cory, Alexander Turner     (Rhetoric)     PEM
1848            Rickards, James     (Sic) (Logic)
1849            Andrews, Robert     (Philosophy)     Q     forename surmised
1849            Brown, William     (Logic)     JN
1849            Wollaston, Frederick Luard     (Rhetoric)     PET     forename surmised; or Francis Hayles?
1850            Latham, Henry     (Philosophy)
1850            Smith, John [2]     (Rhetoric)     CHR
1850            Swainson, Charles Anthony     (Logic)     CHR
1851            Birkett, John Parker     (Logic)     JE
1851            Drake, Charles Style     (Rhetoric)     JE
1851            Perowne, John James Stewart     (Philosophy)     CC
1852            Bumpsted, James Jefferys     (Rhetoric)     K
1852            Field, Thomas [2]     (Philosophy)
1852            Latham, Henry     (Logic)
1853            Adams, John Couch     (Philosophy)     PEM
1853            Emery, William     (Logic)
1853            Perowne, John James Stewart     (Rhetoric)     CC
1854            Latham, Henry     (Logic)
1854            Marsh, William     (Rhetoric)
1854            Roberts, John [2]     (Philosophy)     M     forename surmised
1855            Cheetham, Samuel     (Logic)     CHR     forename surmised
1855            Tozer, John     (Rhetoric)     CAI     Dr
1855            Westmorland, Arthur     (Philosophy)     JE     forename surmised
1856            Bumpsted, James Jefferys     (Rhetoric)     K     forename surmised
1856            Hughes, Robert Edgar     (Logic)     M
1856            Mayor, Joseph Bickersteth     (Philosophy)     JN
1859            Owen, Richard, Sir     'On the classifaction and geographical distribution of the Mammalia'
1860            Phillips, John     'Life on the earth, its origin and succession'
1861            Willis, Robert     'The social and architectural history of Trinity College'
1862            Sabine, Edward, Major General Sir     'The cosmical features of terrestrial magnetism'
1863            Ansted, David Thomas     'The correlation of the natural history sciences'
1864            Airy, George Biddell, Sir     'The late observations of total eclipses of the sun, and the inferences from them'
1865            Tyndall, John     'On radiation'
1866            Thomson, William, Sir     'The dissipation of energy'
1867            Ruskin, John     'The relation of national ethics to national art'
1868            Müller, Max     ''The stratification of language'
1869            Huggins, William, Sir     'On the results of spectrum analysis of the heavenly bodies'
1870            Miller, William Allen     'On some chemical processes of forming organic compounds, with illustrations from the coal tar colours'
1871            Locker, Joseph Norman, Sir     'Recent solar discoveries'
1872            Freeman, Edward Augustus     'The unity of history'
1873            Tait, Peter Guthrie     'Thermo-electricity'
1874            Baker, Samuel White, Sir     'Slavery'
1875            Maine, Henry James Sumner, Sir     'The effects of observation of India upon modern European thought'
1876            Birch, Samuel     'The monumental history of ancient Egypt'
1877            Thomson, Charles Wyvill, Sir     'On some of the results of the expedition of H.M.S. Challenger'
1878            Maxwell, James Clerk     'On the telephone'
1879            Dallinger, William Henry     'The origin of life, illustrated by the life histories of the least and lowest organisms in nature'
1880            Humphry, George Murray, Sir     'Man, prehistoric, present, future'
1881            Muir, William, Sir     'The early Caliphate'
1882            Arnold, Matthew     'Literature and science'
1883            Huxley, Thomas Henry     'The origin of the existing forms of animal life: construction or evolution?'
1884            Galton, Francis, Sir     'The measurement of human faculty'
1885            Romanes, George John [1]     'Mind and motion'
1886            Lubbock, John, Sir     'On the forms of seedlings and the causes to which they are due'
1887            Seeley, John Robert, Sir     'Greater Britain in the Georgian and in the Victorian era'
1888            Abel, Frederick Augustus, Sir     'Applications of science to the protection of human life'
1889            Stokes, George Gabriel, Sir     'On some effects of the action of light on ponderable matter'
1890            Jebb, Richard Claverhouse, Sir     'Erasmus'
1891            Lyall, Alfred Comyn, Sir     'Natural religion in India'
1892            Bonney, Thomas George     'The microscope's contributions to the earth's physical history'
1893            Foster, Michael, Sir     'Weariness'
1894            Clark, John Willis     'The position, arrangement, and fittings of libraries during the middle ages and the renaissance (with special notes on the system of chaining books)'
1895            Creighton, Mandell     'The early renaissance in England'
1896            Thomson, Joseph John, Sir     'Röntgen rays'
1897            Rücker, Arthur William, Sir     'Recent researches on terrestrial magnetism'
1898            Irving, Henry, Sir     'The theatre in its relation to the state'
1899            Cornu, Professor A.     'La théorie des ondes lumineuses: son influence sur la physique moderne'
1900            Harrison, Frederic     'Byzantine history in the early middle age'
1901            Maitland, Frederic William     'The renaissance and English law'
1902            Reynolds, Osborne     'On an inversion of ideas as to the structure of the universe'
1903            Prothero, George Walter     'Napoleon III and the Second Empire'
1904            Ewing, James Alfred, Sir     'The structure of metals'
1905            Younghusband, Francis Edward, Sir     'Our true relationship with India'
1906            Ramsey, William Mitchell, Sir     'The wars between Moslem and Christian for the possession of Asia Minor'
1907            Webb, Aston, Sir     'The art of achitecture, and the training required to practise it'
1908            Satow, Ernest Mason, Sir     'An Austrian diplomatist in the fifties'
1909            Geikie, Archibald, Sir     'Darwin as geologist'
1910            Firth, Charles Harding     'The parallel between the English and American Civil Wars'
1911            Parsons, C.A., Hon.     'Steam turbines'
1912            Murray, George Gilbert Aimé     'The chorus in Greek tragedy'
1913            Curzon, George Nathaniel     'Modern parliamentary eloquence'     Earl Curzon of Kedleston
1914            Moore, Norman     'St Bartholomew's Hospital in peace and war'
1915            Kenyon, Frederic George, Sir     'Ideals and characteristics of English culture'
1916            Browne, George Forrest     'The ancient cross-shafts of Bewcastle and Ruthwell'
1917            Glazebrook, Richard Tetley     'Science and industry'
1918            Mountbatten, Louis Alexander, Rt Hon.     'The Royal Navy, 1815-1915'
1919            Moulton, Rt Hon. Lord     'Science and war'
1920            Meston of Agra     'India at the crossways'     and Dunottar, Rt Hon. Lord
1921            Shaw, William Napier, Sir     'The air and its ways'
1922            Inge, William Ralph, Very Rev.     'The Victorian age'
1923            Lorentz, Hendrick Antoon     'Clerk Maxwell's electromagnetic theory'
1924            Henson, Herbert Hensley, Rt Rev.     'Byron'
1925            Walpole, Hugh     'Some notes on the evolution of the English novel'
1926            Hind, Arthur Mayger     'Claude Lorrain and modern art'
1927            Stamp, Josiah, Sir     'On stimulus in the economic life'
1928            Sadler, Michael Ernest, Sir     'Thomas Day: an English disciple of Rousseau'
1929            Buchan, John     'The irrational in history'
1930            Jeans, James Hopwood, Sir     'The mysterious universe'
1931            Gordon, George Stuart     'Robert Bridges'
1932            Peers, Edgar Allison     'St John of the Cross'
1933            Sherrington, Charles Scott, Sir     'Brain and its mechanism'
1934            Macmillan, Rt Hon. Lord     'Two ways of thinking'
1935            Hall, Daniel, Sir     'The pace of progress'
1936            Hardwicke, Cedric Webster, Sir     'The drama to-morrow'
1937            Nicolson, Harold George, Hon.     'The meaning of prestige'
1938            Laidlaw, Patrick Playfair, Sir     'Virus diseases and viruses'
1939            Mellanby, Edward, Sir     'Some social and economic implications of the recent advances in medical science'
1940            Daniel, Augustus Moore, Sir     'Some approaches to judgment in painting'
1941            Forster, Edward Morgan     'Virginia Woolf'
1942            MacLeish, Archibald, Dr     'American opinion of the war'
1943            Beerbohm, Max, Sir     'Lytton Strachey's writings'
1944            Livingstone, Richard, Sir     'Plato and modern education'
1945            Birkett, Norman, Sir     'National Parks and the countryside'
1946            Appleton, Edward Victor, Sir     'Terrestrial magnetism and the ionosphere'
1947            Henderson, Hubert Douglas, Sir     'The uses and abuses of economic planning'
1948            Moberly, Walter Hamilton, Sir     'Universities and the state'
1949            Barnes, Ernest William, Rt Rev.     'Religion and turmoil'
1950            Bridges, Edward E., Sir     'Portrait of a profession: the Civil Service tradition'
1951            Bowra, Cecil Maurice     'Inspiration and poetry'
1952            Brain, Walter Russell     'The contribution of medicine to our idea of the mind'
1953            Gardner, Arthur Duncan     'The proper study of mankind'
1954            Coulson, Charles Alfred     'Science and religion: a changing relationship'
1955            Cecil, David, Lord     'Walter Pater: a scholar artist'
1956            Betjeman, John, Sir     'The English town in the last 100 years'
1957            Cremer, Robert Wyndham Ketton-     'Matthew Prior'
1958            Darwin, Charles Galton, Sir     'The problems of world population'
1959            Snow, Charles Percy, Sir     'The two cultures and the scientific revolution,
1960            Wind, Edgar     'Classicism'
1961            Radcliffe, Rt Hon. Lord     'Censors'
1962            Hall, Robert, Sir     'Planning'
1963            Logan, Douglas William, Sir     'Universities -- the years of challenge'
1964            Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone     'The oldest Irish tradition -- a window on the early Iron Age'
1965            Beer, Gavin de, Sir     'Genetics and prehistory'
1966            Taylor, Harold McCarter     'Why should we study the Anglo-Saxons?'
1967            Wheare, Kenneth, Sir     'The university in the news'
1968            Devlin, Patrick Arthur     Lord Devlin; 'The House of Lords and the Naval Prize Bill 1911'
1969            Blackett, Patrick Maynard Stuart     Rt Hon. Lord Blackett; 'The gap widens'
1970            Clark, Kenneth     'The artist grows old'     Lord Clark of Saltwood
1971            Butterfield, Herbert, Sir     'The discontinuities between the generations in History: their effect on the transmission of political experience'
1972            ---     None delivered
1973            Dunham, Kingsley, Sir     'Non-renewable resources -- a dilemma'
1974            Perry, Walker Laing Macdonald     'Higher education for adults: where more means better'
1975            Cooke, Alfred Alistair     'The American in England: from Emerson to S. J. Perelman'
1976            Cross, Rupert, Sir     'The golden thread of English Criminal Law: the burden of proof'
1977            Southern, Richard, Sir     'The historical experience'
1978            Gowing, Margaret     'Reflections on atomic energy history'
1979            Philip, H.R.H. the Prince     'Philosophy, politics and administration'
1980            Williams, Shirley, Rt Hon.     'Technology, employment, and change'
1981            Dainton, Frederick Sydney, Sir     'British universities: purposes, problems, and pressures'
1982            Hoyle, Fred, Sir     'Facts and dogmas in cosmology and elsewhere'
1983            Piper, David Towry, Sir     'The increase of learning and other great objects'
1984            Sinclair, Clive, Sir     'A time for change'
1985            Urquhart, Brian     'The United Nations and international law'
1986            Attenborough, David, Sir     'Islands'
1987            Thompson, John, Sir     'A reconsideration of the ideas underlying the international system'
1988            Jenkins, Roy     Lord Jenkins of Hillhead; 'An Oxford view of Cambridge'
1989            Ustinov, Peter Alexander     'Communication'
1990            Anne, H.R.H. the Princess Royal     'Punishment'