Administrative Institutions


 ADC Theatre


1975-76         Hartill, Roger Minton
1976-79         Seed, Ralph Logan
1979-82         Oldham, Howard
1985-87         Ernest, Gary

 Assistant Staff Office

 Administrative Assistant

Re-named as Administrative Officers from October 1999.

1972-79         O'Flynn, Bernadette Mary
1979-           Doherty, Evelyn Leah Kathryn
1980-95         Dyson, Keith Oliver
1988-91         Murray, Alison Scott
1991-94         Woodhouse, Jennifer     (Assistant Registrary, 1994)
1994-           Pilbeam, Peter Geoffrey
1995-2000       Pandey, Susan
1997-           Davison, Penny

 Assistant Registrary

1966-79         Evans, David John
1979-91         O'Flynn, Bernadette Mary

 Job Analyst

1975-78         Carr, Elaine Margaret
1975-79         Sperling, Alan Charles Llewelyn
1978-79         Doherty, Evelyn Leah Kathryn
1980-84         Croft, Robert Anthony
1984-88         Dann, Lorraine Lesley     (Administrative Assistant, Financial Board, 1988)
1988-91         Woodhouse, Jennifer     (Administrative Assistant, 1991)
1991-94         Pilbeam, Peter Geoffrey     (Administrative Assistant, 1994)

 Personnel Officer

1971-77         Bogg, Roger Thomas
1977-91         Revell, Eric Maitland
1991-           O'Flynn, Bernadette Mary


 Board of Extra-Mural Studies

 Secretary and Director

1967-77         Andrew, John Malcolm Young     see Continuing Education
1977-80         Wayper, Charles Leslie     see Continuing Education
1980-           Allen, Michael John     see Continuing Education

 Deputy Secretary

1979-80         Allen, Michael John     see Continuing Education


1946-77         Wayper, Charles Leslie     (Secretary and Director, 1977)     see Continuing Education
1946-78         Clifford, Montagu Howard     see Continuing Education
1946-78         Lee, Christopher     see Continuing Education
1946-81         Griffiths, Colin Pitchford     see Continuing Education
1946-82         Mitchell, James Rowell     see Continuing Education
1946-82         Munby, Lionel Maxwell     see Continuing Education
1949-82         James, Leslie     see Continuing Education
1984-           Prins, Gwythian Isaac Thomas     see Continuing Education

 Assistant Tutor

1979-84         Towner, Erica Grace     see Continuing Education
1981-           Friend, Nicholas Anthony     see Continuing Education

 Assistant Secretary

1955-83         Ramsbottom, Frank Vivian Hulley     see Continuing Education
1970-79         Allen, Michael John     see Continuing Education
1974-78         Yeomans, Christine Mary     see Continuing Education
1979-           Rawlings, Susan Elizabeth     see Continuing Education
1980-           Horrox, Martin David     see Continuing Education
1983-           Evans, Richard George     see Continuing Education

 Junior Assistant Secretary

1976-78         Leverson, Jacqueline     see Continuing Education
1981-83         Evans, Richard George     see Continuing Education
1983-           Buck, David John     see Continuing Education
1984-           Mason, Richard Vernon     see Continuing Education

 Catering Manager

1982-           Hawkey, Simon     see Continuing Education


 Careers Service

(formerly Appointments Board)


1933-39         Spens, Will
1939-44         Thirkill, Henry
1944-45         Vellacott, Paul Cairn
1945-54         Shaw, Thomas Knox-
1954-62         Thomson, G. P.
1962-71         Lee, Frank, Sir
1971-72         Grave, Walter Wyatt     Acting Chairman
1972-73-        Camps, William Anthony

 Chairman of Women's Board

1930-39         Strachey, O.
1939-42         Wodehouse, H. M.
1942-54         Curtis, Myra, Dame
1954-68         Cartwright, Mary Lucy, Dame
1968-74         Murray, Alice Rosemary, Dame
1974-75-        Edmonds, S. M.


1899-1902       Archbold, William Arthur Jobson
1902-32         Roberts, Herbert Ainslie
1932-53         Guy, Oswald Vernon     (on war sevice 1940-?45)
1940-?45        Maycock, Alan Lawson     Acting Secretary
1953-68         Davies, Jack Gale Wilmot
1968-69-        Kirkman, William Patrick

 Secretary to Women's Board

1930-39         Campbell, Sybil
1939-46         Woodcock, Gwen     (formerly Farquhar)
1946-66         Baxter, Kathleen Mary Carver
1966-83         Holgate, Joan Frances

 Assistant Secretary

1909-31         Goodchild, Ralph Shilleto
1920-27         Morshead, Owen Frederick     [Sir]
1927-28         Sells, Charles Claude Vincent Rodolph
1928-32         Guy, Oswald Vernon
1928-62         Grutten, Winchcombe Norman Carpenter van     (on war service, ? 1939-45) (Senior Assistant Secretary)
1931-64         Maycock, Alan Lawson     (Education)
1945-74         Sinker, Philip Tennant
1954-60         Nicol, Alexander Douglas Ian
1958-76         Wylie, Kenneth Neil     (Senior Assistant Secretary from 1962)
1960-61-        Coope, John Nicholas
1962-68         Humphrey, William Gerald
1964-78         Besley, Ian Evelyn Napier
1968-69-        Winter, David Frank Thomas
1972-76         Devereux, Michael Pryce
1972-88         Lloyd, Mary Gwendoline
1974-75-        Raban, Antony John
1976-79         Howard, Gwendolen Alice
1977-78-        Fawcitt, Alan John
1978-83         Gammell, John Frederick
1979-80-        Curry, Gerald Anthony
1980-81-        Gavin, Michael Sean
1983-84-        Dinham, Angela Catherine
1983-84-        Smith, Ruth Elizabeth
1988-89-        Walsham, Alison Jane     (half-time)

 Assistant to the Secretaries

1927-28         Grutten, Winchcombe Norman Carpenter van
1980-81-        Syme, Anne Wilson

 Graduate Assistant/Information Officer

1966-66         Wolfe, Jennifer Ann
1966-72         Lloyd, Mary Gwendoline     (Assistant Secretary, 1972)
1972-76         Edwards, Gay Margaret
1976-80         Syme, Anne Wilson     (Assistant to the Secretaries, 1980)

 Chief Clerk

1904-54         Canning, C. V.

 Continuing Education, Board for

(previously Extra-Mural Board)

 Secretary and Director

1967-77         Andrew, John Malcolm Young
1977-80         Wayper, Charles Leslie
1980-90         Allen, Michael John

 Deputy Secretary

1979-80         Allen, Michael John

 Assistant Secretary

1955-83         Ramsbottom, Frank Vivian Hulley
1970-79         Allen, Michael John
1974-78         Yeomans, Christine Mary
1979-80-        Rawlings, Susan Elizabeth
1980-89         Horrox, Martin David
1983-84-        Evans, Richard George
1987-88-        Mason, Richard Vernon

 Junior Assistant Secretary

1976-78         Leverson, Jacqueline
1981-83         Evans, Richard George     (Assistant Secretary, 1983)
1983-87         Buck, David John
1984-87         Mason, Richard Vernon     (Assistant Secretary, 1987)
1986-87-        Pritchett, Cyril Braddon


1946-77         Wayper, Charles Leslie
1946-78         Clifford, Montagu Howard
1946-78         Lee, Christopher
1946-81         Griffiths, Colin Pitchford
1946-82         Mitchell, James Rowell
1946-82         Munby, Lionel Maxwell
1949-82         James, Leslie
1984-85-        Prins, Gwythian Isaac Thomas
1988-89-        Stanford, John Kenneth

 Assistant Tutor

1979-84         Towner, Erica Grace
1981-86         Friend, Nicholas Anthony

 Catering Manager

1982-88         Hawkey, Simon


 Estate Management and Building Service

Originating from the position of Estate Management in the School of Agriculture in the 1920s, the Service was separated from teaching became purely administrative in 1945. For further details see D. J. Todd-Jones, 'The University's Estate Management and Building Service: its history and development', Cambridge, 25 (1989) pp. 76-82


The holders of this post are also Administrative Officers.

1949-61         Dean, Noël
1961-75         Mills, Ernest Frederick
1975-87         McElroy, Vernon William
1988-98         Jones, David John Todd-
1998-99-        Adamson, David Martin

 Deputy Director

1974-76         Burrell, Peter Gurdon     (Technical)
1974-89         Fairhurst, Jack     (Administration)
1978-88         Jones, David John Todd-
1988-89-        Brooke, Brian Gordon     (Technical)

 Assistant Director

1974-78         Jones, David John Todd-     (Deputy Director, 1978)
1974-88         Brooke, Brian Gordon     (Chief Engineer) (Deputy Director, 1988)
1977-87         Heap, Alan Crossley
1978-89         Whitehead, Gordon Douglas     (Buildings)
1989-90-        Dane, Lindsay Charles     (Administration)
1989-90-        Dowling, Martin John     (Engineering Service)
1989-90-        Laughton, Michael Neil     (Major Projects and Quantities)
1989-90-        Reader, David     (Buildings)

 Senior Advisory Officer

1962-77         Poingdestre, William Leonard
1965-77         Heap, Alan Crossley     (Assistant Director, 1977)
1967-82         Rhodes, Ephraim Dennis     (Chief Architect)
1971-76         Whitehouse, Stanley Francis Stuart
1972-82         Houghton, John Benjamin     (Chief Building Surveyor)
1977-78         Whitehead, Gordon Douglas     (Assistant Director, 1978)
1977-78-        King, John [2]
1977-84         Gurney, Thomas Henry
1978-79-        Godfrey, Thomas William
1982-88         Shelton, Roderick     (Buildings; latterly Senior Buildings Officer)
1984-85-        Ramsay, Richard     (Senior Engineer)
1988-89         Reader, David     (Assistant Director, 1989)
1989-90-        Pettit, Adrian Harwood     (Architecture)
1989-90-        Rhodes, Richard Harvey

 Advisory Officer

1957-77         Gurney, Thomas Henry     (Senior Advisory Officer, 1977)
1963-78         Godfrey, Thomas William     (Senior Advisory Officer, 1978)
1965-77         King, John [2]     (Senior Advisory Officer, 1977)
1965-79         Crocker, Noel John Fraser
1973-88         Reader, David     (Senior Advisory Officer, 1988)
1974-80         Carter, Andrew Laurence Paul
1974-82         Calinescu, Barbu Armand
1974-84         Page, Kenneth Peter
1974-85         Street, Paul Anthony
1977-78-        Rhodes, Richard Harvey
1978-79-        Rooke, Robin     (University Fire Officer)
1978-80         Cannell, Arthur     (Contracts Manager)
1978-87         Podmore, Bryan Edward
1979-81         Taylor, Alan John
1979-88         Smith, Anthony
1980-89         Rhodes, Richard Harvey     (Senior Advisory Officer, 1989)
1981-82-        Johnston, Brian Thomas     (Quantity Surveyor)
1981-82-        Laughton, John Malcolm     (Mechanical Design Engineer)
1981-84         Ramsay, Richard     (Senior Advisory Officer, 1984)
1983-89         Woods, John Morrison
1984-88         Iley, Pamela Walker
1986-87-        Leeds, Paul Anthony
1986-89         Pettit, Adrian Harwood     (Senior Advisory Officer, 1989)
1988-89-        Speed, Deborah Ann
1988-89-        Williams, David Frederick
1989-90-        Stockwell, Peter
1989-90-        Woodward, Richard Barrington
1990-91-        Howard, Rachel Mary
1990-91-        Withers, Brian John

 Fire Officer

(later of rank of Advisory Officer)

1973-78         Odell, Bert Stanley



 Superintendent of Physical Education

1953-84         Malcolm, Allan Ronald
1983-84-        Lemons, Anthony David

 Physical Education Officer

1998-           Day, Karen Anne


 Kettle's Yard

Presented to the University, with his collections by H. S. [Jim] Ede in 1966. For a brief account see Rowena Smith, 'The story of Kettle's Yard: a home for art', Cambridge, 47 (New Year 2001) pp. 35-39. See also H. S. Ede, A Way of Life (Cambridge, 1984).


(Assistant Curator to 1976)

1973-77         Clough, Eric Richard Paul
1977-83         Lewison, Jeremy Rodney Pines
1984-89         Gresty, Hilary Marion Bell
1989-90-        Harding, Anna

 Assistant to the Curator

1978-81         Tooby, Michael Bowen
1981-83         Compton, Ann Margaret
1983-84         Gresty, Hilary Marion Bell


 Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)


1862/3-1866     Gray, Charles     MA, Fellow of     T     (Hon. Sec.)
1866-1869       Markby, Thomas     (died)     T
1870:03:16-1892    Browne, George Forrest     MA, Fellow of     CTH
1892-1910:11:02    Keynes, John Neville     Fellow of     PEM
1910:11:02-1921    Flather, James Henry     ex-Principal of     Cavendish College
1921:10:01-1945    Williams, Walter Nalder     Fellow of     SE
1945-61         Brereton, Joseph Lloyd     SE
1961:09:30-1972    Wyatt, Thomas Sykes     Fellow of     SID
1972-83         Wild, Frank
1983-93         Reddaway, John Lewis

 Deputy Secretary

The title of 'Deputy' is first mentioned in 1961, but has been used for earlier officers here, who were known as Assistant Secretaries, to distinguish them from the holders of the junior post listed below.

1881:03:05      Keynes, John Neville     Fellow of     PEM
1892:01:28      Flather, James Henry     ex-Principal of     Cavendish College
1893:03         Archbold, William Arthur Jobson
1910:11:30      Cross, M.A.
1910:11:30      Pearce, Edmund Courtenay     (Vice-Chancellor 1921-23)
1914:11:11      Williams, Walter Nalder
1919:03:05      Carey, J.R.
1919:11:26      Sewell, A.H.N.     (re-appointed 1 Oct. 1921)
1925:05:27      Roach, James Osbert     SID
1945            Wyatt, Thomas Sykes     SID
1945-79         Hardy, Albert Victor     (called 'Deputy' from 1961)
1979-82         Garbutt, Donald
1982-83-        Smith, Sidney Tyrell

 Principal Assistant Secretary

1980-81-        Sharp, John Michael
1981-82-        Symonds, John [2]     (Secretary of the Southern Universities Joint Board)
1985-86-        McLone, Ronald Redman     (Secretary to the Council for Examination Development)
1988            Hargreaves, Peter
1989-90-        Burke, Frederick
1989-90-        Gleave, David Richard

 Senior Assistant Secretary

1970-79         Garbutt, Donald     (Deputy Secretary, 1979)
1978-81         Symonds, John [2]     (Principal Assistant Secretary, 1981)
1979-80-        Cannon, John Raymond
1979-80-        Tuffnell, Robert
1979-82         Otter, Harold Stanton
1979-82         Reynolds, George Edward Frank
1979-84         Stokes, James
1982-89         Howarth, Raymond Bernard
1986-89         Gleave, David Richard     (Principal Assistant Secretary, 1989)
1987-88-        Murray, Kenneth George
1987-89         Burke, Frederick     (Principal Assistant Secretary, 1989)
1988-89-        Margrie, Jean Wilson
1988-89-        Paul, David John
1989-90-        Blunden, Stephen Lawrence
1989-90-        Mills, Elizabeth Mary
1990-91-        Webber, Jane Alison

 Assistant Secretary

1961-69         Garbutt, Donald
1966-79         Otter, Harold Stanton     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1979)
1967-79         Cannon, John Raymond     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1979)
1969-79         Reynolds, George Edward Frank     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1979)
1970-79         Tuffnell, Robert     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1979)
1971-77         Hudson, Henry Craik
1971-77         Twinn, Maurice Charles
1971-79         Stokes, James     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1979)
1971-82         Andrew, Mary Lilian
1971-82         Laidlaw, Philip Cranston
1971-83         Beck, Herbert Richard
1976-85         Brearley, Alan Edward
1978-80         Sharp, John Michael     (Principal Assistant Secrtary, 1980)
1978-82         Howarth, Raymond Bernard     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1982)
1978-82         Smith, Sidney Tyrell     (Deputy Secretary, 1982)
1978-83         Hardaker, Kenneth
1978-84         Gilkes, Rosslyn Kaye     (Deputy Secretary of the Southern Universities Joint Board)
1979-83         Bradbury, Richard John
1981-82-        Sawford, William Alan
1981-84         Butler, Clifford Henry Edward
1981-88         Lambert, Geoffrey Michael
1984-85-        Edwards, Trevor Patrick
1984-86         Gleave, David Richard     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1986)
1985-87         Burke, Frederick     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1987)
1985-87         Murray, Kenneth George
1986-87-        Sadler, John Charles
1986-88         Paul, David John     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1988)
1986-89         Aspinall (née Tait), Patricia Barbara Langton
1987-88-        Massey, Alfred John
1987-88-        Stout, George Wilfred
1987-90         Webber, Jane Alison     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1990)
1988-89         Blunden, Stephen Lawrence     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1989)
1988-89-        Bennett, David William
1988-89-        Handley, Stuart Adams
1988-90         Bethell, George Stephen
1989-89         Mills, Elizabeth Mary     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1989)
1989-90-        Andrews, Stephen James
1989-90-        Bright, Robert Edward
1989-90-        Danson, William David John
1989-90-        Foulkes, John Leslie
1989-90-        Jones, James Edward
1989-90-        Lacey, Gregory Nigel
1989-90-        Price, Richard William Hamlon
1990-90         Jessen, Maria
1990-91-        Cayley, Christine, Lady
1990-91-        Jackson, Michael Joseph
1990-91-        Milanovic, Michael
1990-91-        Tomlinson, Arthur David

 Assistant to the Secretaries

1970-78         Sharp, John Michael     (Assistant Secretary, 1978)
1975-76         Drake, Stewart John Sutton
1975-78         Hardaker, Kenneth     (Assistant Secretary, 1978)
1975-78         Howarth, Raymond Bernard     (Assistant Secretary, 1978)
1975-78         Smith, Sidney Tyrell     (Assistant Secretary, 1978)
1975-79         Bradbury, Richard John     (Assistant Secretary, 1979)
1976-81         Butler, Clifford Henry Edward     (Assistant Secretary, 1981)
1976-81         Lambert, Geoffrey Michael     (Assistant Secretary, 1981)
1977-81         Sawford, William Alan     (Assistant Secretary, 1981)
1978-78         Crane, Charles Douglas
1979-80         Cousins, Frances Margaret
1979-84         Edwards, Trevor Patrick     (Assistant Secretary, 1984)
1980-80         Dowling, Mark
1980-84         Gleave, David Richard     (Assistant Secretary, 1984)
1980-85         Burke, Frederick     (Assistant Secretary, 1985)
1981-82-        Purkiss, Brenda Anne
1981-87         Webber, Jane Alison     (Assistant Secretary, 1987)
1981-88         Mills, Elizabeth Mary
1982-83         Gilloughley, Marguerite Ellen
1982-83-        Foulkes, John Leslie
1982-83-        Handley, Stuart Adams
1982-87         Stout, George Wilfred
1983-85         Murray, Kenneth George     (Assistant Secretary, 1985)
1983-88         Bethell, George Stephen     (Assistant Secretary, 1988)
1983-88         Blunden, Stephen Lawrence     (Assistant Secretary, 1988)
1983-90         Tomlinson, Arthur David     (Assistant Secretary, 1990)
1984-85-        Bennett, David William
1984-85-        Ladds, Robin
1984-88         Davies, Joanna C.
1984-88         Lacey, Gregory Nigel
1985-86-        Massey, Alfred John
1986-86         Powell, Melanie Jane Henderson
1986-87-        Bojan, Janet Edwards
1986-87-        Flood, John Michael Edward
1986-87-        Thompson, Susan Carolyn
1986-88         May, Hilary Clare
1986-89         Danson, William David John     (Assistant Secretary, 1989)
1987-88         Buckley, Alison
1987-88         Farthing, Michael
1987-88         Russell, Cathryn Mary
1987-88-        Beedle, Paul Julian Gerard
1987-88-        Cox, John Ian
1987-88-        Dainty, Elizabeth Jane
1987-88-        Daniels, Raymond John Douglas
1987-88-        Dawson, Peter D.
1987-88-        Hodgkinson, Alison Lorraine
1987-88-        McKane, Judith Anne
1987-88-        Miller, Martin Kevin
1987-88-        Norris, Elizabeth Anne
1987-88-        Rogers, David Leonard
1987-88-        Thomson, Peter Alan
1987-88-        Walker, John Rowland
1987-89         Andrews, Stephen James     (Assistant Secretary, 1989)
1987-89         Bright, Robert Edward     (Assistant Secretary, 1989)
1987-89         Price, Richard William Hamlon
1988-88         Wells, Kenneth S.
1988-89-        Burrows, Peter
1988-90         Thomas, Susannah Judith
1989-90         Bennett, Samantha
1989-90         Cayley, Christine, Lady
1989-90         Gowers, John Michael
1989-90         Jones, Shelley Gregory-
1989-90         Milanovic, Michael
1989-90         Watkins, Julia Ann
1989-90-        Barrett, David John
1989-90-        Bazin, Anthea
1989-90-        Burke, Rosemary
1989-90-        Crighton, Johanna Veronica
1989-90-        Custerson, Paul Richard
1989-90-        Dowling, Mark
1989-90-        Eason, Thomas Alexander
1989-90-        Evans, Judith Ray
1989-90-        Francis, Glenda Marian
1989-90-        Grimshaw, Gillian Margaret
1989-90-        Heppell, Brian
1989-90-        Hudson, Beryl Evelyn
1989-90-        Merchant, Carole Elizabeth
1989-90-        O'Dwyer, Lynette Mary Murphy-
1989-90-        Patrick, Helen
1989-90-        Phillips, Roland Peter
1989-90-        Read, Alan Dennis
1989-90-        Spratt, Mary Eileen
1989-90-        Weatherhead, Vivienne Frances
1989-90-        Williams, Kimberley Susan
1989-90-        Wilmer, Mary Hazel
1990-91-        Robertson, Jack McDrove

 Examinations Officer

1972-78         Crane, Charles Douglas     (Assistant Secretary, 1978)

 Computer Officer

1974-82         Sisam, John
1975-85         Evans, Robert Henry
1977-88         Copeman, Geoffrey Graham
1982-84         Clack, Robert Neil Garfield
1983-85         Black, Geoffrey
1983-85         Little, John Kenneth
1984-85         Golder, Mark
1984-85-        Geach, Michael David
1984-86         Paul, David John     (Assistant Secretary, 1986)
1985-87         Farthing, Michael     (Assistant to the Secretaries, 1987)
1986-86         Geddis, Amelia Isla
1986-87         Peacock, Brian David
1986-87-        Croft, Martin Page
1986-87-        Johnson, Christopher
1986-87-        Oates, Hazel Ruth
1986-87-        Sanders, David
1986-90         Jones, Richard Patrick
1986-98         Simpson (McNicholl), Susan
1987-88-        Franklin, Derek George
1987-89         Hodges, Timothy Richard
1988-89         Youngman, Carole
1988-89-        Hughes, Davina Margaret
1989-90-        Coles, Glynn
1989-90-        O'Rourke, Michael
1989-90-        Putnam, Richard


 Schools Examination Syndicate



 Principal Assistant Secretary

1984-85-        Fraser, Betty Gordon

 Senior Assistant Secretary

1978-85         Shoesmith, David John     (Director of the Test Development and Research Unit) (transferred to UCLES, 1985)
1984-88         Hurst, Kenneth John
1986-87-        Newbould, Charles Arthur

 Assistant Secretary

1970-84         Fraser, Betty Gordon     (Principal Assistant Secretary, 1984)
1978-84         Hurst, Kenneth John     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1984)
1978-85         Wilkins, Philip Stephen
1980-85         Hamilton, John Sutherland
1980-86         Newbould, Charles Arthur     (Senior Assistant Secretary, 1986)
1987-88-        Steele, Christine Mavora
1988-89-        Beer, John Ronald

 Assistant to the Secretaries

1978-80         Hamilton, John Sutherland     (Assistant Secretary, 1980)
1978-80         Newbould, Charles Arthur     (Assistant Secretary, 1980)
1978-81         Smith (née Acres), Patricia Rosemary Prevett
1978-85         Massey, Alfred John     (transferred to UCLES, 1985)
1981-85         Aspinall (née Tait), Patricia Barbara Langton     (transferred to UCLES, 1985)
1983-84-        Lawrence, Keith Anthony
1983-87         Steele, Christine Mavora     (Assistant Secretary, 1987)
1984-85-        Purling, Edna Molly
1988-89-        Pountain, John Roger
1989-90-        Dolman, Kathleen Elizabeth
1989-90-        Noel, John Langton


 University Centre


1969-83         Corbett, Hugh Askew

 Catering Manager

1974-95         Hall, Geoffrey Wayne
1996-           Walston, Timothy James

 Deputy Catering Manager

1974-76         Rees, Christopher John
1976-79         Ward, Richard Arthur
1979-87         Stewart, Ian James Emmerson

 University Health Services

 Senior Health Officer

1966-76         May, Leonard Heber Hawtrey


1973-82         Givan, Patricia
1979-96         Pulford, Shirley Walter John     (Head of the Councselling Service from 1982)
1982-83-        Gleed, Elizabeth Ann
1990-96         Briant, Michael George     (part-time)
1991-           King, Lucy
1996-           Phippen, Charles Mark     (Head of the Counselling Service)

 Senior Dental Officer

1969-82         Gaskell, Peter Harold Frohock
1972-90         Kelly, Patrick Andrew     (designated Head of the Dental Service from 1982)

 Dental Officer

1974-77         Lees, Gervase Henry
1977-78-        Karran, Laura Elisabeth
1990-91         Edwards, David Robert Adrian Lloyd-

 University Press

The governing body of the Press is the Press Syndicate, consisting nowadays of eighteen senior members of the University was act as overseeing trustees, and approve all titles for publication. The Chief Executive is responsible to the Syndicate and the Executive Board, comprising the heads of the principal groups (academic subdivisions), departments (Press-wide services) and branches are responsible to him.


1894            Wright, Richard Thomas
1911            Waller, Alfred Rayner
1922            Roberts, Sydney Castle
1948            Kingsford, Reginald John Lethbridge

 Deputy Chief Executive

1982-91         Allin, Philip Edgar Varnham     (University Printer, 1984)
1991-92         Wilson, Anthony Keith     (Chief Executive, 1992)
1992-99         Mynott, Roger Jeremy     (and Managing Director, Publishing)

 Chief Executive

1972-92         Cass, Geoffrey Arthur, Sir     (Secretary of the Press Syndicate, 1974-92)
1992-99         Wilson, Anthony Keith     (and Secretary of the Press Syndicate)
1999-           Mynott, Roger Jeremy     (and Secretary of the Press Syndicate)

 London Manager

1924            Ince, Bret
1929            Diver, Edward Beldam
1936            Kingsford, Reginald John Lethbridge
1948            David, Richard William

 Deputy Secretary of the Press Syndicate

1979-92         Wilson, Anthony Keith

 University Publisher

1974-87         Black, Michael Hugo

 University Printer

1916            Peace, James Bennet
1923            Lewis, Walter
1946            Crutchley, Brooke
1974-77         Phillips, Euan Hywel     (Director of the American branch, 1977)
1976-82         Myers, Harry
1982-83         Cass, Geoffrey Arthur, Sir
1984-91         Allin, Philip Edgar Varnham
1991-92         Cass, Geoffrey Arthur, Sir     (again)
1992-99         Wilson, Anthony Keith
1999-           Mynott, Roger Jeremy

 Executive Director

1994-           Ward, Sandra Jane     (Finance and Administration)
2000-           Atkinson, Nigel John     (Customer and Corporate Relations Director)
2000-           Bourne, Stephen Robert Richard     (Press Director of Central Resources and Chairman of the Printing Division Executive Board)

 Managing Director, Publishing Division

1973-82         Allin, Philip Edgar Varnham     (Deputy Chief Executive, 1982)
1982-92         Wilson, Anthony Keith     (and Deputy Secretary of the Press Syndicate, 1979-92; Deputy Chief Executive, 1991)
1992-99         Mynott, Roger Jeremy     (Chief Executive of the Press, 1999)

 Deputy Director

1983-85         Holdsworth, Michael Yorke     (Publishing Operations; Director, 1985)


1973-76         Tickell, Patrick Jocelyn     (Administration)
1973-77         Eccleshare, Colin Forster     (Director of Group Projects)
1973-81         Burbidge, Peter George     (Production Director)
1973-82         Wilson, Anthony Keith     (Publishing Operations)
1974-77         Gray, Leonard Arthur     (Works Director)
1974-88         Annand, Michael John Comyn     (Financial Director)
1977-78         Wright, Frank Henry Jephson     (Works Director)
1977-82         Winter, Alan     (Editorial Director: Science; Director of the American Branch, 1982)
1977-91         Styan, Alfred Pilditch     (Financial Director, Printing Division; Central Services Director, 1991)
1979-87         Mynott, Roger Jeremy     (Editorial Director: Humanities and Social Sciences; Director of Publishing Development, 1982-87; Press Editorial Director, 1987
1980-90         Taylor, Douglas William     (Distribution)
1981-88         Plessis, Adrian Buys du     (ELT Editorial Director; Reference Editorial Director, 1988)
1981-89         Davidson, Rosemary     (Editorial Director: Education)
1982-86         Jullien, Jennifer Diane     (Personnel, Publishing Division; Press Personnel Director, 1986)
1982-86         Mitton, Simon Anthony     (Editorial Director: Science, 1982-86; Science and Reference Publishing, 1986)
1982-87         Mynott, Roger Jeremy     (Publishing Development, and Humanities and Social Sciences Editorial Director; Press Editorial Director, 1987)
1982-90         Dunkley, Trevor John     (Production Director, Printing Division; Operations Director, 1990)
1982-96         Dunney, Alexander McArthur     (Works Director, Printing Division)
1985-90         Holdsworth, Michael Yorke     (Publishing Operations and Sales; Press Business Development Director, 1998)
1986-88         Mitton, Simon Anthony     (Editorial Director: Science and Reference Publishing; Science, Technology and Medicine, 1988)
1986-91         Jullien, Jennifer Diane     (Press Personnel Director; Director, Press Bookshop, 1991)
1987-92         Mynott, Roger Jeremy     (Press Editorial Director; Deputy Chief Executive and Md Publishing, 1992)
1988-91         Berry, James Robert     (Financial Director, Publishing Division; Press Financial Director, 1991)
1988-93         Hayes, Colin John Finley     (Editorial Director: ELT; Director of International Development, etc., 1993)
1988-93         Mitton, Simon Anthony     (Editorial Director: Science, Technology and Medicine; Director of Electronic Publishing, etc., 1993)
1988-93         Plessis, Adrian Buys du     (Editorial Director: Reference; Director of Communications, 1997)
1989-93         Forbes, Dennis Beaton     (Publishing Director, Reference and Bibles)
1989-93         Ziemacki, Richard Leonard     (Journals; Deputy Director, American Branch, 1993)
1989-95         Seddon, Stuart Anthony     (Educational Publishing; Director, African Branch, 1995)
1990-           Bateman, Raymond Terence     (Bindery Printing Division)
1990-91         Dunkley, Trevor John     (Operations; Printing Division; Managing Director, 1991)
1990-93         Crowden, Alan Edward     (Biological Sciences; Editorial Director, STM, 1993)
1990-93         Guettler, Conrad     (Publishing, Physical Sciences; Journals Director, 1993)
1990-94         Bradie, John Rankin     (UK Distribution; Press Distribution Director, 1994)
1990-98         Reckert, John Nicholas Adams     (International Sales; International Director, 1998)
1990-99         Millard, Steven Philip     (Production Director; Production Development Director, 1999)
1990-99         Statham, John David     (Site and Services)
1991-           Berry, James Robert     (Press Financial Director)
1991-           Brown, Andrew Missak Cleverley     (Humanities and Social Sciences)
1991-           Jullien, Jennifer Diane     (Press Bookshop)
1991-92         Lawless, Christine Flora     (Personnel, Publishing Division; Press Personnel Director, 1992)
1991-96         Gilfillan, Andrew Crawford     (Sales and Marketing, Education; Director, Education, 1996)
1991-97         Scarles, Christopher Ernest     (Administration, also Assistant Secretary in the Press Syndicate Office)
1991-97         Styan, Alfred Pilditch     (Central Services, Director (Financial Secretary))
1991-2000       Dunkley, Trevor John     (Managing Director, Printing Division)
1992-           Davies, William Jeffrey     (Press Syndicate Office)
1992-           Milne, Christopher David     (Information Services)
1992-95         Davison, Peter John     (Sales and Marketing, ELT; International Sales and Development Director, 1995)
1992-95         Langworth, Peter John     (Academic Sales and Marketing; International Sales Development Director, 1995)
1992-97         Carter, Penelope Anne Bowes     (Publishing Director (Humanities and Social Sciences Journals); Legal Administration Director, 1997)
1992-97         Lawless, Christine Flora     (Press Personnel Director)
1993-           Bulloch, Janet Denise     (Press Pensions and Benefits)
1993-           Guettler, Conrad     (Journals)
1993-           Mitton, Simon Anthony     (Electronic Publishing; and Science and Professional Publishing)
1993-97         Plessis, Adrian Buys du     (Press Director of Communications)
1993-98         Crowden, Alan Edward     (Editorial Director, STM; Director, Science, 1998)
1993-98         Fisher, Richard Kenneth     (Publishing Director, Social Sciences; Publishing Development Director, 1998)
1993-98         Hayes, Colin John Finley     (International Development and ELT Publishing; Press ELT and Educational Director, 1998)
1993-2000       Atkinson, Nigel John     (UK Sales)
1994-           Bradie, John Rankin     (Press Distribution)
1994-           Gray, Deborah     (University Printing Services)
1994-           McCarten, Jeanne     (Publishing Director, ELT)
1994-96         Royal, David Walter     (Pre-Press; Printing Director, 1996)
1995-           Capelin, Simon Christopher     (Publishing Director, Physical Sciences)
1995-           Langworth, Peter John     (International Sales Development)
1995-97         Hieatt, Lynn Marion     (Publishing Director, Bibles; Press Personnel Director, 1997)
1995-98         Davison, Peter John     (International Sales and Development (ELT and Education); Director, East Asia Branch, 1998)
1996-           Donovan, Peter Richard     (Editorial and Publishing Director (ELT))
1996-           Gilfillan, Andrew Crawford     (Education)
1996-           Nobbs, Charles David     (UK Distribution)
1996-           Tennison, Rosemary Ann     (Publishing Director, Education)
1996-2000       Royal, David Walter     (Printing; Business Director (Books), 2000)
1997-           Carter, Penelope Anne Bowes     (Legal Administration)
1997-           Hieatt, Lynn Marion     (Press Personnel Director)
1997-           Staff, Geoffrey Mark     (Press Design)
1997-99         Willett, Roderick George     (Works Director; Operations Director, 1999)
1997-2000       Bourne, Stephen Robert Richard     (Press Development; Director of Central Resources and Chairman, Printing Division Executive Board, 2000)
1997-2000       McKeown, Christopher Andrew     (Electronic Origination; Business Director, Journals, 2000)
1998            Fisher, Richard Kenneth     (Publishing Development, Humanities and Social Sciences)
1998-           Barling, Richard Whitaker Anthony     (Professional Publishing)
1998-           Crowden, Alan Edward     (Science)
1998-           Hayes, Colin John Finley     (Press ELT and Educational Director)
1998-           Holdsworth, Michael Yorke     (Press Business Development)
1998-           Reckert, John Nicholas Adams     (International Director)
1998-2000       Whitelaw, Alan Aird     (Marketing and Sales, Printing Division)
1999-           Godden, Steven David     (Production Planning, Printing)
1999-           Millard, Steven Philip     (Production Development)
1999-           Rose, Keith William     (Publishing Development)
1999-           Stanton, Sarah Dorothy Macduff     (Publishing, Humanities and Social Sciences)
1999-           Taylor, Kevin John     (Publishing)
1999-           Willett, Roderick George     (Operations (Printing))
2000-           McKeown, Christopher Andrew     (Business Director, Journals)
2000-           Naylor, John Charles     (Technical Development)
2000-           Royal, David Walter     (Business Director (Books)
2000-           Saunders, Roger Philip     (Planning and Analysis)

 Editorial Managers

1991-93         Fisher, Richard Kenneth     (Social Sciences; Publishing Director, 1993)
1992-96         Rose, Keith William     (Education; Publishing Development Manager, 1996)
1992-96         Tennison, Rosemary Ann     (Education; Publishing Director, 1996)
1993-95         Capelin, Simon Christopher     (STM Publishing; Publishing Director, Physical Sciences, 1995)
1998-           Harrison, Christopher     (Humanities and Social Sciences)
1998-99         Dixon, Josephine     (Humanities and Social Sciences)
1999-           McCarten, Patrick John     (Journals)
1999-           Young, Annemarie Eugenie     (Education)
2000-           Lilley, Angela     (ELT)
2000-           Swanson, Gavin James     (Science Journals)

 Associate Director

1973-77         Winter, Alan     (Editorial Director, 1977)
1973-78         Wheatley, Timothy Fossett
1973-83         Williams (Skinner), Patricia Law
1973-89         Coleman, Roger
1975-79         Mynott, Roger Jeremy     (Editorial Director, 1979)
1977-81         Forbes, Dennis Beaton     (Journals Publishing Manager, 1981)
1977-81         Plessis, Adrian Buys du     (Editorial Director, 1981)
1978-80         Bunting, Rachel Joan
1978-80         Taylor, Douglas William     (Distribution Director, 1980)
1978-84         Cowper, Robert William
1978-88         Goode, James William
1978-88         Stanton, Dennis William
1979-81         Davidson, Rosemary     (Editorial Director, 1981)
1980-87         Adamson, John Paul
1980-91         Scarles, Christopher Ernest     (Administration Director, 1991)
1980-98         McIlwrick, Alan Donald Hamish
1981-82         Mitton, Simon Anthony     (Editorial Director, 1982)
1982-83-        Clifford, Paul
1982-83-        Puckle, John Hale
1982-84         Chapman, Sarah Howorth
1982-86         Derricourt, Robin Michael     (Editorial Director, Australian Branch, 1986)
1982-87         Harris, David Nevill
1982-88         Craft, Bernard Ernest
1982-89         Crome, Geoffrey Francis
1982-89         Seddon, Stuart Anthony     (Director, Educational Publishing, 1989)
1982-90         Jullien, Jennifer Diane     (Personnel Director, 1990)
1982-90         Ouditt, Reno Ramsawack
1982-92         McKeown, Robert George
1982-96         Smith, Malcolm Reginald
1984-96         Donovan, Peter Richard     (Editorial and Publishing Director (ELT), 1996)
1984-97         Sheppard, David Francis     (Marketing Director, Printing Division)
1985-90         Bradie, John Rankin     (Distribution Director, 1990)
1986-87-        Mulvey, Roderick Sean     (Electronic Products)
1986-89         Uttley, Paul
1986-89         Ziemacki, Richard Leonard     (Journals Director, 1989)
1986-90         Millard, Steven Philip     (Production Director, 1990)
1986-90         Statham, John David     (Site and Services Director, 1990)
1987-90         Reckert, John Nicholas Adams     (International Sales Director, 1990)
1987-91         Brown, Andrew Missak Cleverley     (Associate Director, 1991)
1987-92         Langworth, Peter John     (Academic Sales, etc., Director, 1992)
1987-99         Davidson, David
1988-98         Barling, Richard Whitaker Anthony     (Director, Professional Publishing, 1998)
1989-90-        Tranah, David Andrew     (Publishing Director, Mathematical Sciences)
1989-93         Atkinson, Nigel John     (UK Sales Director, 1993)
1991-94         Ward, Sandra Jane     (Executive Director, 1994)
1998-           Harrison, David Sebastian Michael     (Sales Director Europe, and Marketing Director, ELT)
1998-           Tuttle, John Gerard     (Marketing and Sales Director, Education)
1999-2000       Saunders, Roger Philip     (Associate Financial Director, Publishing; Director, Planning and Analysis, 2000)
2000-           Emery, Christopher James Frederick Hamilton-
2000-           Rhodes, Kenneth Patrick

 Senior Commissioning Editors

1984-           Hire, Pauline Valerie
1987-99         Stanton, Sarah Dorothy Macduff     (Publishing Director, 1999)
1989-           Kuper, Jessica Sue
1992-           Davies, William Jeffrey     (also Director in the Press Syndicate Office)
1994-           Capel, Anthony William
1995-           Kavanagh, Noel
1995-98         Dixon, Josephine     (Editorial Manager, 1998)
1995-99         Young, Annemarie Eugenie     (Editorial Manager, 1999)
1996-99         Neal, Timothy Rufus     (Manager, Digital Business Coordination, 1999)
1997-           Gillard, Patrick Joseph     (ELT)
1998-           Caro, Sarah
1999-           Harris, Ella May Louise
1999-           O'Sullivan, Finola
1999-           Souster, Penelope Frances     (Humanities and Social Sciences)
2000-           Astley, Roger Stephen
2000-           Brett, Katharina     (Humanities and Social Sciences)
2000-           Gill, Aidan
2000-           Haslam, John Victor
2000-           Kelly, Fiona
2000-           Silver, Ian Peter
2000-           Walter, Elizabeth
2000-           Winnard, Andrew

 Other Managers

1981-98         Forbes, Dennis Beaton     (Journals Publishing; Publishing Director, 1989)
1988-92         Carter, Penelope Anne Bowes     (Journals Publishing; Publishing Director, 1992)
1989-96         Wright, Christopher John     (Marketing, Humanities and Social Sciences; Bibles Manager, 1996)
1992-97         Wright, James     (Information Services)
1993-95         Hieatt, Lynn Marion     (Bibles Publishing; Publishing Director, Bibles, 1995)
1993-97         Rhodes, Kenneth Patrick     UK Sales Promotions Manager and Marketing Manager, Reference Group; UK Sales Manager, 1997)
1994-99         Taylor, Kevin John     (Reference and Electronic Publishing; Director, 1999)
1995-98         Harrison, David Sebastian Michael     (Senior Marketing and Sales Manager, ELT; Associate Director, 1998)
1996-           Wright, Christopher John     (Bibles)
1996-99         Rose, Keith William     (Publishing Development; Director, 1999)
1996-2000       Nichols, Sarah Katherine Bowes     (Marketing Services)
1997-           Emery, Christopher James Frederick Hamilton-     (Publishing Division Production Manager)
1997-99         McCarten, Patrick John     (Senior Manager, Journals; Journals Editorial Manager, 1999)
1997-99         Saunders, Roger Philip     (Senior Manager, Finance; Associate Director, 1999)
1997-2000       Rhodes, Kenneth Patrick     (UK Sales; Associate Director, 2000)
1999-           Laughlin, Stephen William     (Facilities and Offices Manager and Press Health and Safety Officer)
1999-           Neal, Timothy Rufus     (Digital Business Coordination)
1999-           Soulsby, Lorraine Gratrex     (Accounting Development Manager, Finance)
2000-           Driver, Paul Anthony     (Warehouse)
2000-           Fell, Christopher Robert Melville     (Electronic Publishing, Journals)

 African Branch: Director

1995-2000       Seddon, Stuart Anthony

 Senior Editors

1976-76         Plessis, Adrian Buys du
1976-78         Lang, Charles Alfred
1977-82         Boyd, Margot Anne
1978-78         Marks, Jonathan Oliver
1979-81         Mitton, Simon Anthony     (Associate Director, 1981)
1980-81-        Derricourt, Robin Michael
1980-81-        Seddon, Stuart Anthony
1981-84         Donovan, Peter Richard     (Associate Director, 1984)
1983-87         Pellew, Robin Anthony
1984-85-        Moore, Terence William
1984-86         Ziemacki, Richard Leonard     (Associate Director, 1986)
1984-87         Brown, Andrew Missak Cleverley     (Associate Director, 1987)
1984-88         Carter, Penelope Anne Bowes
1984-88         Kirkwood, Ernest Frederick
1984-92         Davies, William Jeffrey     (Senior Commissioning Editor and Director, 1992)
1984-92         Rose, Keith William     (Editorial Manager, 1992)
1985-89         Tranah, David Andrew     (Associate Director, 1989)
1986-88         Mills, Susan Lillian Allen-
1986-92         Tennison, Rosemary Ann     (Editorial Manager, 1992)
1988-90         Crowden, Alan Edward     (Associate Director, 1990)
1988-94         McCarten, Jeanne     (Publishing Director, ELT, 1994)
1990-95         Procter, Paul Stephen
1992-94         Taylor, Kevin John     (Manager, 1994)
1992-97         McCarten, Patrick John     (Social Sciences; Senior Manager, Journals, 1997)

 (North) American Branch: Deputy Director

1993-98         Ziemacki, Richard Leonard     (and Publishing Development Director; Director of the Branch, 1998)

 (North) American Branch: Director

1977-82         Phillips, Euan Hywel
1982-93         Winter, Alan
1993-98         Colson, B.
1998-           Ziemacki, Richard Leonard

 Australian Branch: Deputy Director

1997-           Davies, A. L.

 Australian Branch: Director

1973-84         Harris, Brian Walkden
1984-99         Harris, Kim

 Brazilian Branch: Director

1997-           Costa, R. da

 Australian Branch: Editorial Director

1986-94         Derricourt, Robin Michael

 Iberian Branch: Sales and Marketing Director

1997-           Nicholson, D. P.

 Iberian Branch: Director

1997-           Peña, C. Martinez de

 Singapore (East Asia) Branch: Director

1997-           Davison, Peter John