Censor of Fitzwilliam House/Censor of Non-Collegiate Students

Fitzwilliam Hall/House in Trumpington Street, acquired by the University in 1892, served as the centre of the corporate life of the Non-Collegiate students first admitted to the University in 1869. Under the 1926 statutes the office became a University Administrative Office. In 1954 the University voted (grace 3 of 27 Nov.) to terminate the non-collegiate system. For 1954-5 W. S. Thatcher had the title and duties of Senior Tutor of Fitzwilliam House, and the Assistant Censor, W. W. Williams, agreed to act as Censor from 1 October 1955 for so long as should prove necessary. Effectively the censors acted as head of house for the non-collegiate students attached to Fitzwilliam House, and when Fitzwilliam achieved collegiate status in 1966 W. W. Grave was the first Master. References to the post were deleted from the Statutes by Grace 22 of 1 December 1965 and Order in Council dated 11 August 1966.

1869            Somerset, Ralph Benjamin
1881            Howard, Francis George
1890            Huddleston, Tristram Frederick Croft
1907            Reddaway, William Fiddian
1924            Thatcher, William Sutherland     Retired, 1954.
1955            Williams, William Washington
1959            Grave, Walter Wyatt


For an account of the office and its holders, see H. P. Stokes, The Chaplains and the Chapel of the University of Cambridge (1256-1508), Cambridge Antiquarian Society: Octavo Series, 1906. Until 1557 their duties included reponsibility for the University Cross, for the University Chapel and Schools, and for the University Library. The office was abolished in 1570 'ut papistica', but seems not to have been filled after 1558.

13??            Thurstan de Huningham
1278            Roger de Thornton
1298            Adam de Flixton
1347            William de Alderford
1450 c.         Stoyle, Thomas     Fellow of     PET     CL     D.D. 1457. Master of Clare, 1466
1470 c.         Ottley, John
1480 c.         Thomson, William     B.D.; Fellow of     Mich
1490 c.         Chapell, Robert     M.A.; Fellow of     PET
1510 c.         Ostaby, John     Fellow of     PEM
1522            Latimer, Hugh     M.A.; Fellow of     CL
1529            Heath, Nicholas     M.A.; Fellow of     CL
1532            Ridley, Nicholas     M.A.; Fellow of     PEM
1540?           Langdale, Alban     M.A.; Fellow of     JN
1554            Dale, John     M.A.; Fellow of     Q
1556            Stokes, John     M.A.; Fellow of     Q     (d. 1568)

 Development Director

Post established in 1988.

1988-96         Squire, Clifford William
1996-99         Smithson, Michael

 University Draftsman

The office was created by grace 2 of 3 August 1946, and by grace 2 of 1 March 1947 became a University Administrative Office. Under the new administrative structure introduced by grace 1 of 29 April 1961 the regulations for the Draftsman were rescinded and the Draftsman was placed in the grade of Senior Assistant Registrary.

1947            Hazlerigg, Arthur William

 University Organist

Appointment was by the Vice-Chancellor until 1937 when it was transferred to the Council of the Senate for a period not exceeding five years. The organist is responsible for the music at such University services in Great St Mary's as the Vice-Chancellor may direct.

1897            Mann, Arthur Henry
1930            Ord, Bernhard
1958            Willcocks, David Valentine
1974            Guest, George Howell
1991            Cleobury, Stephen John

 Overseas Candidates for Admission, Adviser to

Established by grace 1 of 13 November 1948. Under the new administrative structure introduced by grace 1 of 29 April 1961 the regulations for the Adviser were rescinded and the Adviser was placed in the grade of Administrative Assistant.

1949            Wilson, Norman Scarlyn

 Personnel Officer

Established under the authority of Statute D.II.2 by grace 1 of 27 October 1971. The duty of the Personnel Officer is to advise the central bodies on policy matters relating to assistant staff and to take responsibility for the administration of the terms and conditions of service of assistant staff. See also lists under Assistant Staff Office in Administrative Institutions.

1971-76         Bogg, Roger Thomas     (resigned)
1977-90         Revell, Eric Maitland     (resigned)
1991-99         O'Flynn, Bernadette Mary

 Welfare Officer

The post of Welfare Officer for University Assistants was established as a University Administrative Office by grace 2 of 1 March 1946. The title was changed by grace 1 of 14 November 1953 to 'Administrative and Welfare Officer for University Assistants'.

1946            Warner, Wilfrid John Nicholas